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Friday-- July 10th, 2015-- 10:00 a.m.

At this point in time, I was working at one of the mall kiosks at the mall. I had gotten the job only 2 months before by walking around the mall with one of my close friends when we had passed this kiosk whom she too used to work for. She stopped to talk to her former manager and since I had been looking for a summer job anyways, I asked him if he was hiring-- he said to show up the following day. I had the job!

So anyways, I worked there beginning of May and stayed for about 2 months. It was July 9th when I realized I just didn't want a job anymore. My next shift was the following day, on the 10th and I was scheduled to work at 3:00 p.m... though I Confused my schedule and showed up at opening time.... at 10:00 in the morning. I had showed up to work with every intention to quit wanting to at least have the common courtesy of showing up and telling my Boss instead of just pulling a no- call no- show. 

...And there he was.

My future husband was standing there and when he saw me, he said "You must be Guisselle." I thought "Am I?" I was way too mesmerized immediately. I never believed in the whole "love at first sight thing" but I swear to you it happened with me. HOW COULD I QUI T NOW? WHO IS THIS MAN? HE'S SUPER CUTE!

Turns out that my old boss and fled back to his home state and seeing as my former boss was one of Umit's employees, Umit had to come from a different city to fill in for my former boss. It was his first day residing in my home city and one day was all it took.

It's funny to us thinking about it now. He is 25 years old, and had been in the U.S. for already almost 2 years and never dated nor even wanted to. Marriage was not in his agenda. Ironically, though I wasn't old enough to consider marriage, I always swore to my family that I was never going to get married seeing as I feared commitment and just never really wanted that responsibility. 

But it just took meeting each other, and our future had already been sealed.

As I mentioned before, I confused my schedules, so he just told me that my shift was actually not until 3:00 p.m. and to return then. I drove home smiling, more excited than ever for my shift time to come. I showed up 30 minutes early because I was that eager and excited to see and talk to my new boss/ future husband.

I showed up and just remember just meeting him and introducing myself formally, and the first thing I told him during our first real conversation was "You have beautiful eyes," because he did and I couldn't stop staring into his green/blue eyes. He responded hesitantly and nervously with a stuttered "thank you, you too." We talked and laughed for 4 hours straight, though i can admit now I was a bit confused on his accent and had a hard time understanding exactly what he was saying, but that didn't matter to me. I was just so.. happy. Unusual.

He had to leave for a work thing for the weekend, but once he left on that Friday, he'd forgotten his phone charger and had texted me to just save it for him for once he returned. I gladly did. Though I know now it may have been weird to text my boss, I did anyway. Without undermining his authority, he didn't feel like my boss, he felt like a cute guy I just met and had a connection with instantly.

We texted all weekend and all I could look forward to was working with him again on Monday.He showed up while I was working with another employee (a friend), he brought chocolate.. how could I resist that? That night, he asked me on our first date.. to go to the movies and watch Minions.

He was the sweetest man I'd ever met and had treated me better than anyone I'd ever known. Being from Turkey, his customs are very different than mine as an American and I was so in shock as to just how much of a gentleman he really was. That night, I went home and I told my mom "I found the guy I am going to marry." YES AFTER 4 DAYS. She was furious with me for thinking such a thought and was confused as to why I'd even think such a thing.

1 week later, on my birthday, he invited to me his apartment and we were going to go out for dinner. As I showed up, knocked on his door and he let me in, I saw that he had set up the living area with a single table in the center, flower petals on the table, beautifully folded cloth napkins, a vase of flowers as a centerpiece, and huge balloons that read HAPPY BIRTHDAY. He pulled out my chair, and served me.. Let me tell you. It was the best Italian Pasta and Seasoned Salmon I ever had. He asked me to be his girlfriend officially on that day and everything has taken off since.

3 months later...

He proposed to me after moving into our very first home together. Without reacting, I said "YES." I can see now that it was sudden and especially with my personal morals of never wanting to get married even if I was 50, never rushing into a relationship, and every rule I had ever made for myself, when I met him, every rule was thrown out the window. He was single handedly the best person I had ever met and stunned me off my feet.

Almost a year later, here we are, living happily than ever. We own our baby Grumpee, a beautiful Chow Chow. We have learned so many things from each other but through it all, have loved each other and supported each other. Marrying Umitcan still remains the best decision I have ever made. 

I love you babe! 

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