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2018-06-24 05:54
     TRITIA DEVISHA “Sexy vampire co-host? – I was made for that job!” My name is Tritia DeViSha. Most people know me as Trish, because 99% of people I meet… Read More
David Black
2018-05-13 23:36
     DAVID BLACK “If the show folds in a year or two, I might end up being the guy working behind the counter at 7 Eleven.” I’m an artist, a musician and a f… Read More
John Patsoukas
2018-05-04 06:22
     JOHN PATSOUKAS “If you won and played well, life was great!!” I am a HR Manager for a state government department, and also a senior assistant soccer coach. A… Read More
Shaun Quade
2018-02-14 21:55
     SHAUN QUADE “You ask yourself what sort of restaurant do you want? What kind of food will we do? Who will be our customers?” I am a chef-owner of Lûm&ea&hell…Read More
Peter Seaton
2017-12-14 08:52
      PETER SEATON “I think it is really important for any artist to get to a point where you value your work enough not to give it away for free.” I am an artist… Read More
2017-10-09 01:38
     JESS GABRIELLI “I’ve learnt over the years that nothing should stop you from asking for what you want.” I am an artist and a movement practitioner, prim… Read More
Kot Monoah
2017-10-02 23:48
     KOT MONOAH “Having lived through civil war and unrest, I’ve learnt to see the difference between the rule of law and the rule of men.” I am a lawyer at… Read More
Candice Tan
2017-09-26 01:11
     CANDICE TAN “I  think that lawyers, by nature, are incredibly driven. This can be a blessing and a curse.” I am currently a Judge’s Associate at th… Read More
Karen Wong
2017-09-12 00:29
     KAREN WONG “I think of all the people I’ve helped in the last fifteen years to start a new life in Australia, and it brings me satisfaction.” ­I am… Read More
Noam Greenberger
2017-08-21 22:01
     NOAM GREENBERGER “I think that philosophically people should understand the legal system that is governing them.” I am a Practice Leader in the Disputes &… Read More
Virginia Warren
2017-08-13 22:51
     VIRGINIA WARREN “We’re a depressed lot, lawyers.”   I am a partner in a general legal practice on the Mornington Peninsula. I’m also a regist… Read More
Ian Freckelton
2017-08-10 22:53
     IAN FRECKELTON “The life of a barrister is, and should be, a passionate and accountable life.” I am a barrister, a Queen’s Counsel, working from Melbou… Read More
Donald Gordon
2017-08-03 23:17
     DONALD GORDON “I recall a very interesting case where a funeral parlour was being operated from a home.” I am a senior instructor and course leader for legal… Read More
Matthew Karakoulakis
2017-07-24 00:26
   MATTHEW KARAKOULAKIS “My wife is Brazilian, my father is Greek, and my mother is Aboriginal.” I am the principal solicitor at my firm AMK Law. I knew I wanted to be… Read More
Kara Bramham
2017-07-17 00:06
     KARA BRAMHAM “You have to prove yourself as a young lawyer. You have to show that you’re not overly emotionally involved, that you’re tough and you&rsqu&hell…Read More
Lachlan O’Brien
2017-07-10 02:02
     LACHLAN O’BRIEN “When it comes to application time, people go into a frenzy, pumping out dozens of resumes and applications.” I am a first-year lawyer a… Read More
Gary Brill
2017-05-15 04:50
     GARY BRILL “It was my lucky break: ass, not class!” Having sold my car dealership business, I am currently semi-retired, working on various property developme… Read More
Simon Spina
2017-05-08 03:51
     SIMON SPINA “You have to be fast, you don’t want to be the one causing a hold up.” I am a concrete patcher. When I left school, I wanted to do forensic… Read More
Eugene Dolgikh
2017-04-18 22:44
     EUGENE DOLGIKH “I might have actually helped to save a life through one of the safety messages I created.” I am a writer, currently working as a Communication… Read More
Prodip Roy
2017-03-15 00:38
     PRODIP ROY “If you need to, sell your blood. But never stop your child from attending school”. I am a Library Officer (Digital Collections) Copyright, Di… Read More
Sam Korban
2017-02-07 21:38
     SAM KORBAN “Your point of difference might be that you’re always available.” I am a finance broker. In high school, like most people, I had no idea… Read More
Roy Adams
2017-01-24 21:06
      ROY ADAMS “Wealth building happens outside of the 9-5” I am property investment coach. I wasn’t a very good student in high school, mostly because I ha… Read More
Terry Barnes
2017-01-16 21:41
     TERRY BARNES “And the more I looked at it, the more I saw: yes, it is a winner! It’s genius!” I run a RAMS Home Loans franchise. In year 12, I had two d… Read More
Rochelle Lindsay
2017-01-08 01:17
All photos provided by Rochelle Lindsay      ROCHELLE LINDSAY “ED would be a bloodbath night after night.” I’m a registered nurse working with aboriginal peo… Read More
Shikha Mondal
2016-12-21 21:22
     SHIKHA MONDAL “From my heart, I care for the patients; I feel a deep need to help them.” I work as a registered nurse at Epworth Hospital in Melbourne. When I… Read More
Edgar Tan
2016-12-15 20:42
     EDGAR TAN “Sometimes you are the only person with them in their dying moments.” I am a registered nurse specializing in aged care. I was always intereste… Read More
Rebecca Lanigan
2016-12-11 20:05
      REBECCA LANIGAN “I think as nurses, often we focus primarily on our jobs and patients, but it’s also important to spend time on ourselves, our self-developme… Read More
Mark Tyrrell
2016-12-07 23:21
     MARK TYRRELL “Trying to get a Holocaust survivor with dementia into a shower is a harrowing experience” I currently work as a practice nurse in a GP Clinic. I… Read More
Maeve Blake
2016-12-04 21:24
     MAEVE BLAKE “In ICU, you don’t get the luxury of feeling tired, running on autopilot.” I’m a Division 1 nurse working at the Intensive Care Unit a… Read More
Riyad Aladassi
2016-11-27 21:31
     RIYAD ALADASSI “The worst thing was the ugly feeling of impotence. When you can’t save a life.” I am an anaesthetic and recovery nurse at Epworth Privat… Read More
Rachel Smith
2016-11-20 22:13
     RACHEL SMITH “If you had told me 5 years ago I’d be a nurse, I would have said “Not a chance”. I am a paediatric oncology nurse. I grew up in the… Read More
Zoe Sabri
2016-11-14 22:00
     ZOE SABRI “It’s a great feeling knowing that I’m keeping my patients at their prime, at home and independent.” I am a registered nurse working for… Read More
Sheridan Banner
2016-11-07 21:38
     SHERIDAN BANNER “I had a woman who thanked me for three days straight for an enema I gave her to relieve constipation.” I am a registered nurse working at Sou… Read More
Evelyn Blake
2016-10-27 21:53
     EVELYN BLAKE “They don’t see perioperative nursing as glamorous as maybe critical care, or midwifery.” I’m a registered nurse, currently working a… Read More
Arina Orlova
2016-10-07 22:23
     ARINA ORLOVA “I believe positive internal energy is a source of confidence and connection with people.” I am an Esoteric Doctor. My practice is a psychic… Read More
Jim Miles
2016-08-31 00:23
     JIM MILES “Then I will walk into town naked, just like him!” Currently, I am on a sea-wreck hunting sabbatical. I was born in Geraldton, but in 1980, when I w… Read More
Ivan Earl
2016-08-17 23:30
     IVAN EARL “There is tremendous security in knowing that as long as you have trees, you will have life on this planet.” I am an arborist, a photographer and an… Read More
David Searle
2016-08-07 23:28
     DAVID SEARLE “As a born artist or a maker, you will become a bitter person if you don’t become who you are.” I co-direct the Melbourne School of Guitar… Read More
Boris Von Rechenberg
2016-08-03 02:49
     BORIS von RECHENBERG “It’s become clear to me that there is much that can be known, but not understood.” I am a transformational healer. I came to… Read More
Justine Buhrmann
2016-07-26 05:17
     JUSTINE BUHRMANN “The most successful people in recruitment are sales people who are hungry for success.” I am the Director of Gough Recruitment, special… Read More
Adele Leah
2016-07-18 22:42
All photos courtesy of Adele Leah      ADELE LEAH “I believe having the right career is part of your overall well being.” I work as a recruitment consultant f… Read More
James Crumpton
2016-07-14 04:25
     JAMES CRUMPTON “When you spend your life looking for relationships, you value and cherish the good ones” I am the director of Prime Careers, a recruitmen… Read More
Luke Collard
2016-07-12 00:12
     LUKE COLLARD “Recruitment is a rollercoaster job – what we call Champagne and Razorblades” I own a recruitment company Watson Collard with my busin… Read More
Kristine Tuazon
2016-07-07 02:42
     KRISTINE TUAZON “You have to begin with an end in mind.” I run my company Good People HR specializing in recruitment and executive search. From an early… Read More
Emily Fletcher
2016-06-29 05:38
     EMILY FLETCHER “An awareness of the need for change is the first step to actual change.” I’m on my second career as a Pilates Practitioner –… Read More
Jane Ruljancich
2016-06-02 10:14
     JANE RULJANCICH “You need to be resilient enough to stand up for what you know you’re worth” I’m a jewellery designer, maker and teacher; I r… Read More
Tina Koh
2016-05-04 02:41
     TINA KOH “The accounting course is our date night: I’m always looking forward to Wednesdays!” I am a property investor, a dental clinic manager, a stude… Read More
Sally Ruljancich
2016-04-26 23:25
     SALLY RULJANCICH “I put it a call out on Facebook, saying “Who wants lamb?” – and it was all sold out in 10 minutes.” I am an Advancement Re… Read More
Caine Tsang
2016-04-19 23:05
      CAINE TSANG “When you help a guy lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, it’s going to improve not just his life, but his kids’, too.” I am a… Read More
Max Batyrkin
2016-04-07 10:00
     MAX BATYRKIN “The lessons I’ve learned in my career are to never think you are too good for something – it is all valuable experience.” At th… Read More
Sheila Matthews
2016-03-30 01:30
     SHEILA MATTHEWS “During another strike a brick was thrown through the bus window as I was driving. I  just stepped on the gas! I didn’t dare stop.”… Read More
Patrick Donlon
2016-03-23 04:56
     PATRICK DONLON ***Disclaimer from Patrick:    As any psychology student knows, memory is unreliable. It’s probably best to take what is written here… Read More
Tania Kunze
2016-03-16 08:33
Photography by Val Bubner      TANIA KUNZE “A hard earned thing is deeper appreciated.” I am a ceramic and mixed media artist, specializing in custom design a… Read More
Sonia Gulwadi
2016-03-09 08:28
     SONIA GULWADI “My focus has gone away from how much butter, salt and cream I needed to make a dish tasty, to how many nutrients I can pack in there so it stays… Read More
Venus Brutnall
2016-03-01 21:25
VENUS BRUTNALL “This time, rather than just doing the moves, I was learning the theory of movement.” I am the Head Pilates Coordinator and Educator for Premier Sports & Spina… Read More
Adrian Butera
2016-02-24 09:52
     ADRIAN BUTERA “If I think something’s great and I believe in it, I can’t leave it. I’ve got to do it.” I am a Real Estate agent and auc… Read More
2016-02-17 00:42
     MEL HIATT “I believe there’s a real synergy of your mind, your body and your spirit. When you’re working on your body, you’re training your mind a… Read More
Rachel Fletcher
2016-02-10 08:34
     RACHEL FLETCHER “I am big on not having regrets.” I’m an events manager at a winery in Lancefield. I coordinate weddings and conferences, which inv… Read More
Scott Lambert
2016-02-03 08:28
      SCOTT LAMBERT “Sometimes you have to give in a little, to think, ‘is it worth the fight?’  Now, even at home, I ask that question… Read More
Liana Corbino
2016-01-20 10:40
     LIANA CORBINO “I feel that a house should represent the people living in it, so I try to use my expertise to create great interiors that reflect the home… Read More
Krystal Malady
2016-01-13 06:01
     KRYSTAL MALADY “If I don’t get asked at least twice a day if I can get free milk, my day isn’t complete!” I switched careers from being a flight a… Read More

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