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11 Ways to Be a More Romantic Guy

The Romantic guy will never be the last, sure we all wonder why some ugly guys just have everyone on their side, they are loved everywhere, they know the drill, they have studied 11 most effective ways to be a more romantic guy, somehow, some way.

Men always think about women. Its almost like women spice things up for them. Invite the average guy to a party and the first question he is asking is: “Guy, babes go dey?”. It sucks to be womanless. I mean even if you are single, let there be one Woman somewhere, who isn’t your mother, giving you drama. And this is why I am making this post. Special dedication to our male readers: whether you like to think of that one special girl or five special girls before you go to bed at night, this post would need to get their attention.

Don’t be deceived, there are so many ways to be a romantic guy but here are 11 ways to be a more romantic guy.

Don’t Try

I know. You want to get their attention but the first mistake you are making is making it so obvious. Ditch the pick-up lines. Pick-up lines are too mechanical and almost do not have life in them. Trust me, you can say anything and get her attention. It just depends on how you say it.
Casual compliments always work. However do not take it too far. Don’t tell her she is pretty; you would be the 100th guy telling her that and it’s not even midday yet. Compliment her on something more unobvious, like the way she tied her scarf, or how subtle her make-up is, or how creative she is at combining colors. These sort of compliments hint that you are interested in her personality.
If you are not the complimenting type, then there are millions of other ways you can get her attention. Say anything. “Hi, are you new here?”, “Hello, do you need help?”, “Hi, is your name Ada? You look like an ‘Ada’!”. Anything at all would work, it just depends on how you say it.

Don’t be in a hurry to collect a number

Most guys walk up to a nice lady and the convo goes a little like:
Uncle: Hi, my name’s Josh. What’s yours?
Aunty: Mandy!
Uncle: Okay, can I have your number?
Ahan! Oga. It’s not a quickie na! Let her become aware that you are an interesting person. Resist the urge to ask her interview questions. You are not getting to know her, she is getting to know you. Find something you both have in common and discuss it. If the meeting has to be short for any particular reason, find a very interesting topic and keep it short, so she wants to keep in touch.

Be Interesting

One of the ways to be a more romantic guy, is to be very interesting, wait first, what is really making you not interesting, no matter how or what you are, you can be very interesting in any way. The average Nigerian woman has an army of men admiring her. What makes you different? What is your selling point? Nope, your selling point is not that you are rich. True, money may attract a woman but does money keep her attention? Nope (sometimes, YES), strong personality does.
How to be interesting? Learn more: you would have to be able to know little about everything. There is no telling what she would be interested in. It would be nice to be able to have something to say about things that interest her. This is what creates chemistry.

Look good

I don’t need to say much here. Girls like guys who know how to look good.

Be Funny:

No! not like Ali Baba, but be a fun person. Don’t be all too serious and stiff. Be able to make her giggle a bit.

Be unconventional

Be the crazy type. Be able to surprise her with your actions. Say no at the times she does not expect you to. Do things she would not anticipate.

Don’t take anything personally

This is important. When relating to a woman, remember that they like to test guys, so do not let your ego be in control. Always think beforehand how you would handle situations before they happen. “What if she does not show up?” “Well, I would still have fun!”. “What if she does not pick up?”, “I would send a text!”. Don’t let her attitude work you up. This is the least weird ways to be a more romantic guy.

Appreciate her

Women looooooooove to be appreciated. A woman would move mountains for a man who appreciates her. Let her know you value the little time she gives, and she would give more.

Don’t Try to impress her too early

Trying to impress a woman too early is the best recipe for ‘single and lonely at 40’. Resist the urge to do so. She wants you to though because she would feel flattered, but is that why we are here? Impressing a woman too early makes you look unoriginal and she immediately knows you have ulterior motives. Instead, wait until she has earned it. That way, there is respect.

Don’t be Afraid to let her know she’s wrong

I’m not saying you should argue with her. No! that’s being too emotional. However, don’t be too nice so that you let her get away with dissing you. Nooooo fam, don’t do that. Let her know she is wrong. Don’t yell! Just let her know. “Cynthia, I really don’t like what you did back there!”, or if you all are already close and you want to be a bit dramatic, “I’m going home. Text you later!”.

Learn to use the friend zone

Guys hate the friend-zone with a passion. Until a girl snatched a babe all in the name of bestie. In the friend-zone, you are not a friend. You are the lion patiently waiting for the deer to be confused before you strike. When she wonders whats up with her boyfriend, or when she needs emotional support. Just be a friend to a friend and don’t use the same 11 most effective ways to be a more romantic guy to get another person’s babe. Guy, dey your lane.

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11 Ways to Be a More Romantic Guy


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