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Are Hunter and Ashley Biden Subliminally Trying to Take Down and Escape Creepy Controlling Dad, Joe Biden?

Y'know when you get a gut hunch? Shortly after Hunter's "Laptop From Hell" was revealed, the patriots on Twitter started tweeting the same gut hunch. Perhaps Hunter was subliminally trying to take down his father, Joe Biden. When Ashley Biden's diary, complete with disturbing memories including showering with Creepy Dad Joe came to light, the hunch become stronger. I'm told Rush Limbaugh talked about it last Friday.

I'm pretty sure our hunch is golden, especially as neither Hunter nor Ashley have taken steps to deny, refute, bluster or otherwise try to undo the damage to Joe Biden's campaign  their leaks have caused. It's almost as if they're relieved the truth has "accidentally on purpose" come out through their carelessness. " A kind of Russian roulette with the family reputation.

What if Joe made their lives such a living Hell that this is their long-sought off ramp from being groomed from childhood to be used and abused by their father?

As a former writer for PsychCentral and the Huffington Post, I find these theories fascinating.

Grooming I understand from experience within my own family. Control I understand and  barely survived. Like the Biden children, I sought and found the same off-ramp: spilling the beans. I did it stone-cold sober and on purpose. Hunter did it on crack, "accidentally."

The result is the same: The truth always sets you free but first, it pisses you off.

But there's one facet of Hunter and Ashley's behavior that eluded me: the connection between addiction and carelessness.

The popular conservative website yielded great insight. Some of the members there have battled their own addictions or watched family members struggle. Their unique points-of-view into Hunter and Ashley's "carelessness" with damning information about Joe Biden was fascinating.

Here's what they had to say:

"The laptop left at the repair guy was not an oversight of a wastrel. It is a calculated escape from an increasingly complex and exponentially more dangerous life if Joe wins. There comes a point where the drugs and debauchery aren’t enough to soothe. This is where Hunter is at now. He’s hitting the eject button . Its obvious to anyone with experience."

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"You are 50 years old with a life you hate. You’re self-medicating with drugs and debauchery/sex. There is no way out... what do you do, without being an outright traitor to your family?

He knew he was in deep...over his head in fact.

As with self-medicating there is self-sabotage (another pathology of those who are abused/abusers)....

The self-sabotage is an attempt to be considered such a screw-up that they will leave you alone, and not become involved in whatever it is the family is doing. Whatever [Hunter's] reason for finding it objectionable he wanted to get out of doing what he was doing.

Hunter’s only off-ramp was for his father to be exposed. If Joe were to win the election, Hunter’s situation was going to get exponentially worse. Higher stakes and higher risk. More drugs and debauchery will not make the prospects of the future any less unpalatable.

So...basic principles.

Problem 1: How to get out?

Answer: Dad needs to lose the election.

Problem 2: How to I facilitate losing the election without being a traitor to the family?

Answer: If I somehow [leak] the family business...without divulging it directly (thus saving face), and I let a third party expose it (Republicans/Trump), I will [only] get blamed as a screw-up (already his reputation within the family anyway).

He’s a self-medicating drug addict, not necessarily stupid.

What’s Hunter’s real exposure here? The debauchery with minors...Anthony Weiner only did 15 months....Think of it as a vacation and he’s clear of it all.

They are not going to Arkancide the last remaining son of the former VP, would they? That would be pretty brazen."

"There is a lot of evidence for sabotage. Resentment is key. Biden probably favored the son who died and Hunter can’t do anything to convince his dad that he should get more respect. He writes about not getting respect. So he sabotages the campaign and his life. Sad."

"I've noticed in my life - especially in my own battle with booze almost a decade [ago]...that there is a thing that LOOKS like sabotage, and it's even tempting to call it unconscious sabotage but it's hard to even call it something active.

It's more like ... if there is a part of your life that you are supposed to care for, love and respect (e.g. people, jobs, religion),  it's not that you destroy them by unconscious sabotage, it's more that you merely, passively, out of omission (of care), perhaps even negligently...allow them to 'not be protected'.

Certainly an alcohol or drug problem exacerbates that effect, because not you not care much about those other things to begin with, but you are also quite occupied with your habit...causing negligence everywhere.

That is, either out of ambivalence, resentment, or just 'I don't give a sh*t', you don't take steps to protect or to care for X or Y. In that way, things naturally come to chaos and/or die.

Then arguably for some of those things the negligence is ALMOST an act of commission - as you suggest - perhaps a half conscious sabotage or retribution...

There is at minimum a striking lack of care and love (not that there SHOULD be love in this [Biden] case), and at most perhaps even an 'active negligence' that smiles inside at the damage it's causing.

I can tell you this: I ALWAYS thought Biden was just a career politician with a schtick and a little politician's plagiarism problem. I now believe him to be a very complete sociopath and criminal, and when I hear him talk, I hear evil.

Hillary was perhaps more destructive from intent, but Biden [is] an even darker character. Are his kids examples of HIM, or just once innocent victims of him? Hard to know."

We pray that Ashley, Hunter, their families and Hunter's victims, can finally find the justice, freedom, deliverance and healing outside of the toxic family Joe and Jill Biden built they could never find within it.

Whatever their motivations, or lack thereof, in a roundabout way leaking the laptop and the diary were acts of "better late than never" patriotism.

Creepy Joe Biden didn't have a prayer of winning the Presidential Election but it gets even better now. Prison's too good for a traitor like him. The Biden Crime Syndicate has been exposed, including Obama and Kerry's connections. #DrainTheSwamp

This post first appeared on Lenora Thompson, Writer Of Narcissism, please read the originial post: here

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Are Hunter and Ashley Biden Subliminally Trying to Take Down and Escape Creepy Controlling Dad, Joe Biden?


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