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Ashley Biden Disturbing Memories of Creepy, Handsy Father Joe Biden. Where was Mother Jill Biden?

When Hunter's Laptop from Hell burned up the headlines last week, chock full of images and videos of pedophilia including with a close family members (niece), all I could think was, "Pedophilia and maybe incest run rampant in this horrible family. Like father, like son????".

My next thought was, "Oh sh*t. What about Biden's daughter? Was she also a victim?".

I hoped I was wrong, but it seemed unrealistic to expect Ashley Biden to be spared in private the creepy, handsy inappropriate behavior Creepy Uncle Joe blatantly displays in public.

You were probably thinking the same.

And we were right to worry.

Today, our hearts go out to Ashley Biden as her diary reveals she too experienced abuse and trauma growing up in the Biden home.

An Element of Doubt

To me, the morsel of doubt implicit in Ashley's phrasing, "Was I molested? I think so" increases her credibility a thousandfold.

She doesn't want to believe she was molested. And yet, and yet, there are too many memories. There is that nagging certainty that things were not right. Showering with her father. Weirdnesses within the family. She writes about, "Being wiped until too late in the game." Having an inappropriate interest in sexuality at a very young age. Trauma.

This is not the diary (pictured below) of a woman seeking attention. It's the diary of a woman who loves her family but, for her own mental health, is forcing herself to accept a truth she doesn't want to be true.

I believe Ashley because I relate to her. I was five when my body memories began, a horrific feeling in your skin, muscle, flesh that something was just don't know exactly what it is. It seems sexual although you're too young to even know what that is. All you can do is curl up into the fetal position and wait for the horrible sensation to pass. The washing thing. The ear-licking thing. A few years later at puberty, the clumsy, accidental-on-purpose boob grazes began...and never stopped.

Like Ashley, I didn't want to believe any of it. Like Ashley, I must. #metoo

Where Was Jill?

They say, "The wife is always the last to know." But Jill has always been very well aware of the touchy-feely, handsyness of the Biden clan. In her 2019 memoir, she spoke openly about how uncomfortable it made her feel at first but chalked it up to the trauma of Joe Biden and his sons losing Neilia and Naomi in that tragic car accident.

But that doesn't explain Joe publicly touching, molesting and smelling underage girls and women in many photographs.

Trauma, my ass! C'mon, Jill!

I think it's time we take a second look at that poor innocent sweet Dr. Jill Biden because, frankly, according to Ashley's diary, she's not the lovely woman she's trying so hard to seem. Ashley writes, "My mother [was] not emotionally available." Could it be because she knew her husband may have been engaging in inappropriate behavior with his own daughter and resented the daughter, instead of protecting her.

Jill certainly knew her husband had a predilection for underage females. The next logical thought for a loving mother would be, "Oh crap. What about Ashley? Is Ashley safe?"

Maybe we've misjudged Dr. Jill Biden. Perhaps, like Hillary Clinton, she is the worst kind of misogynist. A female misogynist who doesn't give a damn for the suffering of other women as long as Traitor Joe brings home the millions, by any means, fair or foul. Dr. Biden is smart enough to do the math and realize the Biden's wealth slightly exceeds their official income.

Last week on The View she stated, " a mother, I don’t like to see my son attacked and certainly I don’t like to see my husband attacked...The American people don’t want to hear these smears against my family."

How about some empathy for your son's victims? For your husband's victims? How about some empathy for your own daughter, Dr. Jill?

Kamala: Believe Ashley or Go for the Power?

According to USA Today, "In April 2019, Harris said she believed the women who said they felt uncomfortable after Biden touched them. 'I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,' Harris said." (Notice how she hedged?)

Is Ashley also to be believed? To be respected?

Will Kamala Harris put her #metoo sensibilities on the line and dump Joe or will she stay on the ticket with Creepy Treasonous Joe in her pathetic bid to become the first female Pres...I mean, Vice President?

C'mon, man! Don't make me laugh! We all know exactly what Kamale the Kondescending will do.

Vote 2020

There's one way we can honor Ashley Biden's suffering, express our belief in her tragic memories and extend her our empathy: by voting against Creepy Joe. Don't give him any more power over her or over the nation. He's eyeballs deep in The Swamp.

Vote Trump/Pence to continue to drain the swamp and keep bringing pedophiles and sex traffickers to justice!

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Ashley Biden Disturbing Memories of Creepy, Handsy Father Joe Biden. Where was Mother Jill Biden?


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