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The Script to "Video 1: Introduction to Perfect Freedom"

Hello from Bangkok. Sawasdee krub. My name is JoeIm making this video to share what I consider the best gift one human being could possibly give to another, and its about what you really, really need to see in your meditation. I find it astonishing that a lot of people meditate but not that many have heard of this.  

                   But first of all, what is meditation really?

Before we get to that, let me ask this. Who do you think is your worst enemy? Is it someone who you didnt vote for? Is it someone who makes fun of what you hold so dear? Or, is it someone who insults your race, gender, or sexuality? While insults or things like that are absolutely uncalled for, from what Ive seen so far night after night for the past 2 years, my answer would be my worst enemy is my own mind and I encourage everyone to look into this.  4-5 years ago, people said I had a good life. I knew it wouldnt last and I was right. One by one, my international friends left the country. Two years ago, my partner died. Same year, I self-published a book that went nowhere. Last year, I lost my job. Now pushing 40, I dont feel immortal anymore. This hair is artificially black.Its not vanity. Its for job interviews and whatever gigs I could get.  I was born and raised a Buddhist, but for the most part, I was comfortable with my reservation. Eventually, when the pain of life was too much, I went back to what Id heard before, That your mind is the forerunner of all things, and, That,  true, people, incidents and the physical world feed materials to this (eyes), and this (ears), but its your mind that does all the rest. Throughout his teaching, the Buddha maintained, Dont believe him because he said so.  He said, Youve got to see it for yourself. Through my own investigation, folks, its becoming clearer and clearer to me that what he taught is true.  
So, meditation is the way to train and turn your mind into an ally. Its all fine to meditate to relax or to be able to focus more on your day-to-day life and responsibilities, but those are the tasks that are never done. Youve got to do it again and again. You dont want to waste your precious time. You want to get in there and see how your worst enemy rolls. Lucky for us, the Buddha discovered that it spins on five wobbly wheels.     

                                                                                             Breath all the way!

It sounds tedious, I know, but I cant stress enough that if you do it properly, youll know for yourself that its the greatest investment. Allow me to recommend you my teacher. He doesnt know me, but thats another story. Hes an American. His name is Thanissaro Bhikkhu. You can find him on
                                                                    4 to 5

Considering you meditate to dissect your mind, your meditation is nothing but an active probe, a thorough examination, not a bliss-out time. According to my teacher, there are 4 steps to get there. Lets have a look.  

Step 1. Ardent
means enthusiastic, or wholehearted”.
(like any practice, your meditation starts with a good, proper effort and you certainly need the energy of enthusiasm to keep your practice going)

Step 2. Alert
means being aware of what is happening at all times
(this refers specifically to your breath when its long, you know its long, when its short, you know its short, when its deep, you know its deep, when its shallow or faint, you know that as well at all times)
Step 3. Mindful
(mindful in a meditation means being with your breath from start to finish, in and out, in and out. Youll know when to bring your alertness back up when its starting to slip, and when its becoming strenuous, youll know its time to bring it down a notch or so. You see, alertness leads to mindfulness and in turn mindfulness keeps alertness just right.)   
Step 4. Insightful
(when your mind moves inside your breath like that long enough, an insight is guaranteed. Through the porousness of your breath, the mind will come undone, exposing the 5 unreliable wheels it is clinging to when it shouldnt)


Alright, so, what are these 5 wheels I keep saying?

After his Awakening, the Buddha had no intention to teach. True. He initially couldnt see how anyone at all would understand what he had discovered. What he witnessed with absolute clarity is that the idea that everyone has a soul is justan idea. You heard it right. Soul, according to the Buddha, is only notional or a complete illusion. So, when he finally decided to teach, he presented his argument using what I would translate asThe Five Collections”. This is one of the first things that came out of his mouth so now you see how crucial it is. Without a full understanding of this core teaching, your meditation will remain an investment with no results.  

The Five Collections
1 The Collection of Forms
2. The Collection of Feelings
3. The Collection of Perceptions
4. The Collection of Mental Fabrications
5. The Collection of Consciousness

Let me repeat, Forms, Feelings, Perceptions, Mental Fabrications, and Consciousness. Throughout his teaching, the Buddha stressed that there is NO underlying, unchanging entity behind any of us.  We are what we are and can exist from one split moment to the next because of these 5 empty collections coming together to shape our experience of the world. But because the mind doesnt know any better yet, it stubbornly mistakes these assorted parts for itself and we take it as our soul, as ourselvesI need another video to properly discuss this. And when I see you next, I will take you to one of most fitting locations on the planet to fully explain to you why Soul or Self is nothing but fiction. Time to show the silly old beast that is our mind whos in charge. Sawasdee krub.    

Special Thanks to
Katy Molloy
Dave Limcaco

Utmost Thanks to
Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Practitioner: Chaiyaporn Ruamklang (Joe)

To see the video, click here

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The Script to "Video 1: Introduction to Perfect Freedom"


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