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How it all went wrong

9:51 am

Having a panic attack in the morning is never easy. One thing for sure I was late for work, and another was that I am physically aware of my morning habits. On a Monday morning, Grandma had challenged me with her "logical" skills as to how to take care of my cat. Sure she has had more experience in terms of overfeeding animals and her obliviously unbothered behavior with regards to pets health.

Traditional amateurs I called it.

So it happened when she decided to water the plants that is placed outside our front gate, thus leaving the door ajar for a free roaming cat to "do the deed". Coincidentally, I walked out of the master bedroom upon discovering the sound of the front door locking. Lucy was seated directly at the front gate gazing vacantly as usual.

Given a similar experience with my Jack Russell whom constantly ran out of the house in midst of an attempt in "escaping to the park". Applying to the phrase, "Once bitten, twice wise". I promised myself that it can't and won't happen to Lucy. Moreover she's a cat with fast mobility.

"Could you wait till Lucy is in her room before leaving the front gate wide open? (I place her in the designated play room with doors shut each day before I leave the house each day)" I said. "She's a cat and if she runs away, who's gonna chase after her?"


"Well they were all stray ones who roam freely in the streets, Lucy is a domestic cat. She may not run away now but who knows the probability in future? Please just change your habits and listen to what I say. I spent $300 each month on her I ain't gonna come home one day discovering she's missing."

The commotion between us went on for more than 10 minutes. And at that point in time, realizing that I am extremely late for work, began screaming at the top of my lungs. It was definetely uncalled for, I was yelling at her face and smacking my two hands continuously (in hope that she nods her head in fear).

I was right, I did won the battle.

But my ears and lungs did a tremendous damage as well, it wasn't worth the time. I was shaking uncontrollably and broke down briefly in tears due to the fact that nobody listens to me, I was late, my cat (probably fearful of that scream) was nowhere to be seen in her room and my hair was messy despite pre-applying wax.

So I was upset and partially guilty about the fact that I did screamed at Grandma on top of my lungs. And these things could be prevented with other methods God knows what.

Perhaps adopting Lucy was a mistake. Rough start to juggle between fearing for her life as well as working.

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How it all went wrong


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