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The day I crashed my motorcycle


Before we get into the details of my first motorcycle incident, I'd like to contribute a little to the back story. I am a petite 4 ft 11 inches (149cm) tall female whom have little to zero knowledge about riding a motorbike. I decided to learn how to ride a motorcycle back in Phuket, when a friend recommended me to try. And since there were no restrictions or enforcement for presenting a driving licence, I thought it might be a great chance to learn before going back to Singapore.

And it did went well the first time round.

For $4 - $5, one could easily rent a basic gear/scooter without insurance for a day, and it is crazily cheap considering the price. Of course, we had to pay for our own gasoline which is about a dollar.  At first sight, the child-like size scooter seemed pretty easy to pick up, and upon test driving, I deemed myself as a pro despite not having any lessons beforehand. The only guidance was from a friend, whom nags at every move I made. Haha

It was quite an achievement as I supposed. To be able to handle a scooter without proper equipment or lesson. So for the first hour, I was happily riding along the main streets located near our hotel. It took place in the morning thus traffic was considered low/safe. However, my friend told me that I have one occurring issue/bad habit, which is not placing my left hand on the brake and checking my behind via the mirror.

Struggling to turn the bike, my confused friend asks what I was doing. Hahaha, nobody had told me how difficult it was to pivot into another direction!

Of course it worked out well. Hmm meh. It resulted in stiff yet functional movement but one could easily identify how awkward and uncomfortable I looked! Before I know, it put me in an adrenaline-fueled, hyper-conscious emotional state. I was still riding high after I got down. Perhaps it was the speed and knowing that I had accomplished something that was deemed impossible that made me pumped up for more.  

A shout out and special thanks to my friend Pearl for the constant reminder/nagging to check my surroundings. Haha

My second experience just proved how much I needed her by my side. 
We moved to a different location on the 5th day. And in the morning, my friend suggested us to rent a motorcycle for the day as it will be easier to get around. Took her advice and asked one of the Condo security guards to call for the rental service. Waited for 30 mins before 2 bulk adult size motorbikes came to the condo. So I reacted initially in shock since I was pretty certain that it was impossible for me to ride such a huge bike. (It was a average size motorbike, however due to my petite and short legs, I can only handle a scooter)

We did a little test driving around the open parking spaces at our Condo, which at that time was filled with expensive cars parked around the corners. My friend went first and she did pretty good in handling the motorbike. Then came my turn. When I began to accelerate a little like how bikers do, the barrier gate at the security guard post unexpectedly closes, hitting my head. So I panicked and over-accelerated the bike, it went forward in full speed, crashing onto the nearest vehicle that was parked 5 meters away. 

So this was the vehicles we ordered. 

Then came second time where it happened again. I attempted to park the bike at the condo parking area. I tried to pivot the bike when my right grip over-accelerated, thus resulting in another crash into a nearby car. This time one of the security guards stopped me, he turned off the engine and pushed the bike into the parking area. 

Of course I had to pay for both the damages, thankfully no car owners decided to push the case further since none have the slightest clue as to what had happened. To sum up, the crash wasn't severe enough to cause the car siren alarm to go off. 

This was what I had to pay for. Approx. $200 for 4 units of the barrier. And another $100 plus for the scratches and dent damages on the motorbike itself.

A result in broken barrier and an expensive debt.

I pretty much hated myself that day for causing enough troubles to my friends and the staffs. Though I kept wishing for a transtemporal travel where if I had known in the first place, such things could have been prevented from happening.

Oh well, whatever happens; happens for a reason eh? I'd like to believe that I spent $300 on the experience and not the damanges. Though it was still something I laughed about with my friends and family. The trauma caused is a great reason for me to avoid riding a bike for the rest of my life. 


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The day I crashed my motorcycle


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