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How the drunkard works


If the Truman Show was portray as a utopia for manipulating public opinion and routinely creates fictions that masquerade as fact; Convincing the character with realism artifacts and simulations. Then I will perhaps consider signing up for that option. The life I have been living was pretentious yet convincing to the masks of "audiences", where I am certain that I pray to escape the reality rather than impliciting visionaries that are highly impossible to achieve. 

It soon became intolerable once the new HR Manager force to take over operations that was done by 2 people. Instead, I was dragged into the scenes where similarly Truman desperately tries to flee from his boundaries. This old man is stubborn, thinks traditionally with no attempt to connect to the world of ever-changing, constantly silencing/blocking out words he do not like to hear. Like my father whom have a "vision" no one cares about, I can see his desperation in recruiting a "student" to learn from his "numerous dreams in rebuilding and making the company a better place.

First of all, I don't give a flying fuck as to how "endangered" this company has become, with abysmal management skills and lack of respect for their fellow employees, it's predictable as to why people decided to leave fast. Sure I reckon I spent 80% of my time attempting to do the right thing; that is focusing solely on work and not stick my nose into someone else's business. But as time goes by, it proves harder to co-operate. And I reckon that soon it might escalate into bigger issues.

I have no idea though, I just want the duration to come to an abrupt end.

Just yesterday morning, the old man came in to work late and drunk. And I get to witness how drunkards operate at work. I mean, he was cursing at everybody in the office to the point where the boss had to call him severe times to dismiss him for the day. We had a pretty interesting conversation at the conference room involving him yelling vulgarities and proving how well he function with alcohol. 

"Jennifer, I know you don't like me, whatever I don't care that's how I work." 
That's your assumption, well I guess it's true now.

"As far as I'm concern ah, I'm a fucking workaholic. I Drink, yes I drink."
"So what?"
Trying to prove a point that he drinks and is incapable of staying fucking sober.

"I've been drinking since last night until today but I still get the job done." 
Are you implying that the majority of the employees who don't drink on a Monday morning couldn't do their job?

"So what, I am who I am, I don't give a fuck!" Well good luck to you, you just dropped the F bomb loud and clear in the recording. I can prove you unworthy to the company just by sending it to the boss. 

"I don't have to accommodate you, ya'll know, I work my style." Well for the past 3 weeks everyone have been putting up with you just because you're an elderly as well as an experienced worker. Surely the atmosphere will never be the same again once you step foot into the office today. 

A 52 year old man filled with sorrowful emotions, has never thought of solving family issues and  thus venting his frustrations at work. How wonderfully put. 

Shame on you. Shame. on. you. 

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How the drunkard works


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