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Chronicles of Life: More Life.


 Truth cannot die, truth is eternal. Life presents its truths to each person differently. Establishing your personal Connection is the key to self. Take note of your everyday interactions and take the time to question and understand those interactions. For instance, it is a belief of mine that Life and reality consist of mirrors and reflections. Your life and experience will mirror your fears, your regrets, your temptations, your karma, your desires, etc. Reality will reflect your thoughts, feeling, and actions.

 It is for this reason that having a knowledge of self becomes so important, so that you can understand why certain thing happen in your life or create a pattern in your life. We create our reality or interpret our reality, before we realize we are doing it. I personally do not have a word for this phenomenon, but there are teachings across the world that uses this perspective as a cornerstone of life.

 These teaching predominately originate from Africa, Middle East, and Far East; in reference to the western world and the United States. Since we are a part of the western world and The United States, it is necessary to point out the drastic differences between the western religions and the remaining Faiths of the world.

 I am not, by Webster’s definition a theologian. Meaning I have not studied theology in a formal course, I am not a philosopher. What I am, is faithful. I am loyal to my faith and understanding. My faith and its teachings were given to me through life and living and understanding my Personal Connection to the Most High. Teachings that are passed down through lineage and bloodline, YES! you inherit intangible traits through your bloodline and lineage the same way you can inherit physical features. The difference is, these lessons are taught and learned intuitively. 

The Message.

 Designed to move through life with regards to a natural order, your personal connection with life and living create the path you are chosen to walk. As you walk your path, life continues to show the way. Your connection to the Most High is your spiritual compass. Because every path is different, and we  may stray off, it is the connection to the Most High that keeps us on course.

 Now, let’s introduce a man-made system that traps you into a perpetual cycle of desire and satisfaction. This American system of Capitalism breeds us to be consumers, which shape our expectations of livings and our ambitions in life. The goal is to move with grace and purpose. I can’t find purpose in working a job that drives American industries. I see no honor in it, and I dare to debate the validity in corporate America and in politics. Outside of generating profit in business, its connection is artificial… hmm, I think a better word would be, superficial. We learned the facts of life through our spiritual connection. It is difficult for us to sustain and grow our connection within this culture, because of the ideologies we are forced to live by. 

 This is not a religion, this is not a cult or following. This is an understanding, this is the Universe so desperately trying to get your attention. Greedy men built this matrix. Designed to distract you, but man has underestimated the world’s ability to communicate. Whether it be through signs or whether you recognize it to be an inner voice, or higher calling. Messages may appear in dreams or in people and/or experiences, the important part is to recognize the personal communication and connection. The universe communicates to you because you are an extension of it. Your energy, your Soul, is an extension of the soul of the Universe.

The Mission.

 The mission is to honor your soul and honor the soul of the universe. The tricky part, how do we honor our soul in a society that at best, doesn’t teach us how to. In most cases, society is in direct conflict with the needs of your soul. The fast food restaurants sprinkled at every intersection aren’t there by coincidence; the food quality, the liquor stores, guns stores, funding for public education, corrupt law enforcement, the list goes on…

 Here lies the struggle of life. To learn, experience, and overcome the distractions and diversions that keeps us from recognizing and honoring our soul. We shouldn’t shy away from the struggle. We have to struggle along our journey, filled with different people and experiences along the way. This represents a natural cycle of life, one that includes light and dark. To appreciate one, you must respect the other.

On the other hand, we also experience a man-made struggle. A struggle marked by a lack of resources and representation. It is a belief of mine that the religions of the western world program us to be subservient in nature and to look for a greater power outside yourself. While faith, and spirituality forces you to look inward to find your greatest source of power. Understand that power is an extension of the source or the soul of the universe, which is omniscient.

 The western religions take away our accountability for the state of humanity and places it in a “GODLIKE” figure. While esoteric teachings, taught us to value our impact on the world.

 You probably heard me say “we manifest our own reality”. When in reality we are partners with the world, while we manifest our reality. The soul within and the soul without, combine to create the experience of life.

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Chronicles of Life: More Life.


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