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2018-01-29 14:11
The distinct smell of the postmodernist masterpiece, ‘Perfume; The Story of a Murderer’, by Patrick Suskind, is hard to forget. Equally difficult it is to miss the unmistakable s… Read More
The Curious Case Of Hanging Laundry
2017-08-02 13:06
I am extremely perturbed today. I have learnt from various sources that it’s against gentle manners to dry your laundry out on balconies, your balconies of your houses, out here in Bru… Read More
A Lovelier World
2017-02-09 15:51
Everybody has their own definition of Indulgence. For some, it’s busying themselves with their hobbies, and for others it’s about exploring the world and finding their true selve… Read More
'Oh! My Name' Is Fabulous
2017-02-01 03:38
Children love to own things. (So do adults I know, but let’s not go there!) The little ones want to be proud possessors of things they enjoy, can boast about and later stack and add to… Read More
A Ball Of Wool
2017-01-25 06:47
Some say there are no random events in the universe. It follows then that there are no random thoughts either. All thoughts have an origin, a place where they come from and a reason they are… Read More
Mind; The Final Frontier By Ravi Singh
2016-12-06 03:29
‘What does it all mean? What is going on in the world? Is a human being merely an advanced and complex robot, which processes information and doesn’t have free will, and choice i… Read More
In Air With Air India
2016-11-24 04:12
How noticeable it is that only to humans 6 years and below, the thought of flying Air India is not depressing. To the older population the idea brings such moroseness that it makes them forg… Read More
'Band, Baaja, Boys!' By Rachna Singh
2016-11-11 02:23
If you’ve read Rachna Singh’s books before, that she is funny enough to make all bones turn into ticklish ribs is a fact that needs no establishing. Her humour flows easy, is der… Read More
A Mixed Call On 'Curtain Call'
2016-09-14 03:03
My feelings for ‘Curtain Call’, 20 short stories compiled and edited by Rafaa Dalvi, are mixed. Juicy apples and bland oranges don’t mix. It’s true that most antholog… Read More
Anya’s Lyric By Nikhil Kumar
2016-08-24 04:19
‘I was born because of one man’s inability to read.’With these lines opens Nikhil Kumar’s ‘Anya’s Lyric’. If the gorgeous cover image couldn’t… Read More
Nature And Its Fruits. And Love?
2016-08-04 11:44
I just finished reading today’s newspaper. The Delhi Development Authority has decided to throw open its fruit orchards to the public. Orchards of mango, guava, ber, jamun, mulberry an… Read More
Home-searching With HDFC RED
2016-07-19 03:46
Once upon a time, looking for a house meant phone calls followed by visits to family friends and long-forgotten relatives in the new city. Could they please ask around their neighborhood if… Read More
Ordinary. Extraordinary!
2016-06-22 06:54
Every morning our alarms go off with military precision waking us up to another day which usually promises to be as full of event schedules, office rosters, to-do lists under fridge magnets… Read More
The Life Of The Over-Anxious Types
2016-05-10 13:38
Some people get ‘too worried’ about too many things. The list of things which gets such over-anxious folks, well, over-anxious, seems endless to others. Even if there are just 95… Read More
Once, At This Museum In Delhi…
2016-04-27 03:09
When news of a midnight fire destroying Delhi’s National Museum of Natural History broke, and images of the building’s façade black with soot went viral, I was struck with… Read More
Belonging To The Middle Class
2016-04-25 03:16
I don’t know what being a part of the middle class in a statistical sense means. I think it has got something to do with economics, sociology, demography, perhaps history with governme… Read More
2016-03-15 10:10
Life has its way of sneaking your way most important lessons and reminders. Recently, my husband and I had one such moment. My son turned five and amidst the ‘You’re a big boy no… Read More
Unladylike By Radhika Vaz
2016-03-04 11:39
Radhika Vaz dedicates her memoir Unladylike to 'All the unladies out there who refuse to be bound by the rules of femininity.' A new category of women has been announced; one which is unconv… Read More
Time To Take The Bus Safely To School!
2016-02-18 08:16
Every few months I attend the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meetings at my child’s school. The agendas for meetings are always different, but what remains constant is the vociferous… Read More
'False Ceilings' By Amit Sharma
2016-02-02 03:00
Thankfully, we have learnt not to judge books by their covers. Otherwise, Amit Sharma’s novel False Ceilings would find few takers. The different shades of brown do dull justice to thi… Read More
Have You Done Your Homework?
2016-01-29 05:24
‘Have you done your homework?’ I asked my son, who was busy tucking a paper boat into his bag, for show-and-tell in school the next day. He nodded and pat came the question back… Read More
2016-01-18 02:48
Some thoughts accompanied me to the toilet when I got out of bed and walked towards it for my Birthday morning (hence probably special) dump of the day. As I sat my one-year-older behind on… Read More
2015-10-09 03:35
Ask new parents what humankind’s best ever invention is, and chances are they’ll say diapers. It’s not surprising at all. You know why!Babies are aware of one birthright th… Read More
2015-10-05 09:24
‘I’m going to go meet my sister since I’m in Gurgaon. She stays close by, on Sohna Road’, I told a gathering of friends over lunch.‘Sister? But you said you hav… Read More
Panther By Chhimi Tenduf-La
2015-09-24 01:57
Chhimi Tenduf-La, in the Author’s Note to ‘Panther’, clarifies that the Sri Lanka of his latest novel is highly invented. He says that in reality the students are disciplin… Read More
Unresolved By Shobha Nihalani
2015-09-04 02:21
Thrillers have been filling up Indian book shelves for some seasons now. And even though certain publishing houses are rumored to have removed the ‘Welcome’ sign for this genre&r&hell…Read More
2015-08-07 11:17
[This article has been brought to you with the support of GSK Consumer Healthcare. However, the views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect the view o… Read More
#SayThanks The HT Way
2015-08-07 06:12
A sweet story, firstOne day, not so long ago, a girl called Shrishti wrote a letter to Hindustan Times. Shrishti had topped Class 12th! Brilliant, isn’t it? But do you too wonder what… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
When your child is born.  You go through it all. Your insides tearing, just like the screams renting the air. Apart. Some so strong they die the moment they take birth. In the throat it… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
Something terrible has befallen me. More terrible than the ketchup packet finishing before the McDonald’s burger does, or a plate of ordered fish and chips coming to me with the p… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
On a tiny hill but one teeming with temples, I caught myself sitting on a parapet scribbling a little letter to Golu Devta. He accepted petitions for fulfilment on stamp papers, post-its or… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
The auspicious Chhath sun has just risen. It’s sneaking into my drawing room, making itself comfortable on the sofa, touching the console’s marble and tapping its fingertips on t… Read More
2006-06-07 11:16
It is that time of the year when brown leaves carpet morning walks, making us ponder on the fragility of life. Longer nights mean more time with one’s self and dark hours of contemplat… Read More

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