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Upside Down in Hunza Valley Pakistan

Pakistan, a country that just listens to the name, may look scary for many. Include us. If you ask what inspires us to visit Pakistan, the answer is that it’s a review thread with a topic heading ahead. Why are you here? We push into reading with curiosity. What is it that Pakistan is good for? And then the image is seen in front. We do not want to believe that this beautiful place. It is in Pakistan itself. The question in the next section is Is it dangerous How do you go So I read the topic thoroughly. When I finish reading, I can conclude with a short sentence. We will go to Pakistan to see the picture with our own eyes. That same day, we started planning a trip. Pakistan immediately. Whether it’s a parenting trip, a visa, a visa, we assume that if you want to do something, then hurry to do today. Because we can not know that. Tomorrow with the future What will come first

But the next problem is. We will tell you what to tell my mom. His only daughter wants to go to Pakistan, where only his name is heard. But it may be because we are fortunate enough to visit my friend here. We call the number to call to talk about all the details to the most how to go to dangerous, what to prepare? Where have people been? Plus a friend of my father. Through my father, it was easy, but my mother was very scared. Unlike most daughters. I used to ask the father. Then let the father assure me that it is not dangerous to go, he has a lot to go.

Finally, we can apply for a first entry visa. That is the father Passed very easily next to the queue of a real visa now. From where to find Pakistani visa request is not difficult, take only 3-5 days, it will be restored. But that must be LOI that we have to ask the local tour company to send to us. We went to the Embassy of Pakistan in Thailand. Which is next to Bumrungrad Hospital is the first queue of people to apply for a visa is not much. As expected no wrong After submitting the documents, wait for the next queue, he will call us a little bit. If there is no problem. It will pay us to Walk. At Krung Thai Bank Not far from the embassy. Pay the bill and return it to him, and you will receive the appointment for the next 3-5 days, we only have 3 days.

Who wants to go to Pakistan? Do not dare Or whatever, we all think that there are both good and bad. Mixed together If you want to go, it is recommended to go to a friend group. Then be very careful yourself, then just go to the comfort of it. When we went to visit us for 13 days, 13 days we had the most strange experiences in life. Very glad to have the opportunity to go to Pakistan. A lovely country, both places and people, and I would like to write to everyone that if visiting this country. What should not be missed? To read it

Our 13-day journey along the Karakoram Highway , the longest highway in the world, starts from Isalamabud and continues along Basham, Chilas, Nanga Parbat, Gilgit, Karimabad, Hunza Valley, Gulmit, and Chapursan. Return to Starting point to Bangkok again.

1. Travel in Pakistan We took a plane from Suvarnabhumi to Isaacabad. When we got off the plane, we went through the immigration checkout, waiting for our luggage, and then we went out to find a Guide. Sayed, we greeted you before we took us to the van. Driving here is very similar to India, if anyone ever go to India may be guessing. It will be a horn all the time. As a way to ask for a way. Drive time We’ve seen drivers Open glass greetings Then spread the bread together to eat. Very cute and I do not know.

Conclusion of the trip here is used mostly van. Up hill Or narrow, he will use a jeep to facilitate travel more. Then ride a car very far. The first day we ride for about 20 hours has been extremely powerful. But on the way it looks very nice to see it.

When we ride the car is going to backdoor. There is a car hug very loud. Then we drove our car. As with the fight. We are startled Come sit up now. What is the guide? What happens fright The guide did not answer anything, walked down the car and opened the car door behind us to say that down the car ahead, he wanted to break the melon and watermelon to eat us …. with his friends to go. Before a while to recover. Then walk down the car according to the guide. People on the car beckon We go to friends with them. He took Melon and watermelon down from behind the car. Then cut it. We eat with a small knife. We get to taste Conclusion: It’s very sweet, delicious, very happy to eat fruit. Because I ride the car until the tea. After the meal we finished. Thanks to the kindness of the Pakistani people. Then he went back to the car, his stomach tightened, his eyes were slack. Fall asleep

2. Fairy Meadow is a Pakistani village. Trekking takes about 4-5 hours, depending on the pace of each walk. Early air It is quite hot. Because it is sunny We will have to ride the jeep before the car can not go up.

As soon as you start to walk, the air will cool down. Enough to reach the top It can be called cold when we go to rain during the trekking trail, the floor is very slippery. But rarely sunny Up to the top, this must change quickly. Because it will not be comfortable when we walk up. There will be a police patrol to guard us up. As a rule Of all the groups that go up. Must have a police guide for our own safety.

When we come up, some people take tea for us to drink. Green tea is hot Along with the view. The sun is going to the horizon. What a lot We were so hungry at the time. But the sun did not fall or not sure. There is no food for us to eat, we have to wait for the evening to sip tea several glasses , one hand holding a glass of tea. Another hand holding the camera is not down.

We sleep on top of 2 nights for 2 nights that we like very much. Because life With villagers See him morning sheep. In the evening, the villagers were invited to play a sport called cricket, which we have not seen before.

In the face of the accommodation. It is very beautiful. Green pasture with streams in front of the house, looking far to see the ice covered mountains. Beautiful to think that in Europe if anyone has to feel the same with us, of course. Then the weather was very cold. There is no warm water to bathe. There is no fireplace in the bedroom. We went to bed with our friends in the reception room, because it had a fireplace in the middle of the room.

In the evening, he will take us to the lake where it reflects the mountains and the village has taken a beautiful picture. At first we understood that it was going to be a big big lake, but when it came to Sayed, let’s see what it was like here. Lake and our friends looked at each other in a puzzled way. Because what you see in front. It’s just a clear basin. Small, very shallow, with Sayed, tell us that it was a little water to the pool. But photography is still pretty good. It is said that the people who take pictures is not. To take a picture of this corner, it’s pretty cool lol.

The next day, he would take us on a long walk about 8 km to see the K2 camp. We did not go to the camp base. But we will see far away, just walk to see us, we are puzzled. Maybe it’s because we’re high. Low oxygen is possible. But on the way We stopped by for a photo shoot. Because it is very beautiful. The most natural way to drink water, streams, crap shit right next to the stream. At first, it may be difficult, but until the end it will be used to 55555.

3. Khunjerab Pass , also known as China’s border with Pakistan , has its connection at The mountains of northern Pakistan and the city of Xinjiang in southwestern China.

The air is cold. The wind blows all the time. It is recommended to prepare a good windbreaker outside of the border. We can also take pictures with the scenery. Because the scenery is so good, it will be accidentally left there for hours.

When we got down, we found a snow leopard , but he caught it for fear of it. People passing through For the first time in our lives we’ve seen white tigers, this is so pretty, we do not know how lucky or unlucky we are to find it in the cage. It gives a very natural mood.

4. Indigenous people in Pakistan I want to say that is different from what I think somuch at first we imagine. The mood of the guests Like the Indians in the middle of anything but this one, oh my god. Both handsome and pretty white skin, sharp eyebrows dark as white guests like that.

When I saw this boy, I told my friends that it was a good kid, but who cares about taking pictures? Because women will hold each other. If he told me not to take. Do not shoot it. Most men and children will not have problems. But women are young models. He will not let me. What could be a conventional storyline was the Val d do it.

5. Pakistani costumes Mostly, the Pakistani people are Muslims. Which man As Muslims, they must wear simple, light-weight dresses. Do not put gold jewelry. Because it goes like a woman. And we ride the road. The people we see most are male. Because women often work in the house so much, so we see the same dress. Just different colors The color is very well controlled, such as cream, white, light pink, light blue, light gray, dark gray, navy, earth tone tone, then think of the whole city dressed up like it is uniform. We do not want to be different with our friends. Want to like him So I went to buy some clothes to wear. We buy pastel green Very cute to tell Is it a minimal city? If anyone has a chance to visit Pakistan. Do not forget to buy a dress to wear it.

Then the time to go to visit Altit Fort with Baltit Fort . Look very suitable Beautiful photo Suggest that to buy before going to visit the city. We do not lecture What about these places? Because I do not much. To be with the nature This is much more. If anyone like to try to find information to see.

In addition, after we went to the Fort, Sayed took us to Otop’s hand-woven products here. He wore very pretty But the price is not as we thought it was 4-5 thousand baht will be at first subsidized. But I know the price. We are so hungry that we have to fold the project to 5555.

6. Go through Trapping at Passu Glacier the night before going to the trekking. We asked the guide if we could go to the Glacier. Really, the guide said yes, yes, we went across the glacier in our head. Imagine we would have walked across the ice like that. …

And then the next day, I reached the car parked at the entrance of something like a stone look with a tree full of no see of the sign. Our beautiful glacier is even less. We turned to ask the guide immediately what our Glacier. The guide said we have to go up to the top. Then we will meet Glacier, so it’s aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Of the mountains on the top, it’s okay. Walking around for about an hour, I still can not see half. His The sun is very hot. But good to see the cool breeze and beautiful views. Forgive me 55555555

It’s almost 2 hours. We reached the top of the mountain. But what do you know !!! We still do not see the ice. So we told the guide. How do you fool us? Glacier walks a long time, do not you see? The guide said it was a glacier. Really, do not believe it. Take a look. Under the rock, it was ice. It’s only rocks that cover it, so let’s try it as he said. His true The bottom is the ice that will not break when we step on it. Time to walk slowly to walk, because it secretly dangerous. But the top view is very pretty. Beautiful and tired to rest at all.

When crossing the Glacier, we fall into several holes around the hole and then bruise. With the preparation is not ready. Put on the conjugation. Is it right? Do not follow me During the walk we thought in mind that. What are we doing here? To torture myself Why do you hurt so good home is not like right? We spent several hours than crossing the Glacier, with the most peaks. It is a very steep way to fall, not to wear a shirt to tie the waist itself. Then let the guide slowly lower us down. The mood climbs gently. But very fun

This one is our own, Sayed is very strong. I did not feel anything wrong with us, 5555, and is the one who always help us. Thank you very much for seeing him when he came to the airport to feel a little nervous. I do not have much time to leave. I have only exchanged contact in Facebook only.

If anyone has come to Pakistan to come to Black Glacier this is really fun is the hardest day. In this trip But we do not regret to have to like it so much to complain in my heart.

Attabad Lake is a lane on the way from Gilgit to the Hunza Valley on the Karakoram Highway. We have a restaurant to eat, but when we go in June 2016, it isRamadan. It is a month for Muslims to fast. Most restaurants are closed there. We have to eat butter dairy cakes on the car instead of the view at Attabad Lake is a beautiful view because it is a turquoise lake. Cut to the mountains around, if you go with most guides, he will stop to take photos, do not worry. But if you take it. Tell the guide beforehand that United visit Attabad Lake to cough.

But let’s say that the lake we can not play it. We can only look down from He stands beside us only. But we are not sure if other seasons will come up high or lower. Is that when we go? But the water level can not be increased until we can play it. This is pretty Put on a white shirt to be beautiful.

8. Passu Cathedral is a mountain in the shape of a sloping castle, very much can see from many places. When we went, he went to the bridge and looked back to see passu far away.

The bridge is beautiful picture. But the bridge will be a wooden bridge each one is quite distant. Time to be careful, because if you fall, it is wet, of course. The water is very strong. If you do not want to get wet, do not take a photo Go look good

9. Baan Guide is a small village on the hill. North of pakistan Cool weather when we went to the guide, we stopped at his house on it. Then make a meal with us. His family is very cute. Make a long powdered flour with milk powder here, it is called a jardin, which is called native food. Can eat either with curry or fish dishes as a snack to eat with milk, but what we feel very strange is that he is eating salt and salt it !!! At first we were so puzzled that he took a bunch of pink things to the people in a glass of tea. We asked him that sugar. He answered that it was not salt. Be careful when you put on us? What is the salt in the tea? But have you heard that? I try to try 5555 taste very small, not delicious, but it is a new taste that was never touched before, then we sit and talk to the family of guides there, stay up.

After that, we went out and went to the village, which is a very rich village. Have to walk with animals Hard to find in our home.

10. Chapursan is another small village on the hill. On the way we traveled The guide took us to theplay with meacross the river. We come to the living. But the villagers here. He used to travel as a vehicle really. When we are going to play Seeing a woman crossed the pulleywithhis head. We do not know if he will eat at home or if he is his pet. But what a strange thing. We have never seen anything like this.

When we reached the top From the dizzy cries in the car. I lost it because it was very refreshing to get out of the car to the sun is strong, but the weather is very good. Then strolled on it. Long enough The people are still as cute as ever. Try to talk to us while we listen. His language does not understand Some people call us to take pictures, so cute, we have that feeling. Sneak like a cowboy village, I do not know very much.

11. minor accidents on the way That makes us see the cute people here. Between us With my friends traveling to Chapursan on the way, it would be a very natural mood to drive across many waterfalls, and then our car went to mire. Straight stream of cold water. The driver went down. Talk here with the guide. We went down to the car with my friends. But I still do not move, do not move it. We spent about 20 minutes there, but there is no sign that it will fall out of this stream at all. One day, we saw a car like a lion’s house, we drove past 4-5 people came down to ask the guide. I wonder what will be there to help me? 5555 And then everyone help to crowd our van. It is almost a 10-minute ride across the river. Our car is on. The other side of the stream was successful. Thanks for the miracle girl, I do not thank you. The beauty of the people here. That keeps us safe and able to travel. Very impressed

12. Our story atbooking trip with this way for12days,but the ticket. Of us It has been13days,so we told the guide that we can get another day. We left Pakistan for another day. Let’s take a trip to this beautiful place,Sayed. Sure, what happens is that Sure is already taking the lead to the top of the lake near here. Very beautiful, you must like. So we survived. Imagine having to lie on a plane. At the airport now 55555

Getting to the lake at Sayed says this is not easy at all. Have to ride a jeep And the way is brutal. Wang Wang very much. Our heads collide with each other in a car like ATV in the forest like that. The driver was very skillful. Because we drive so fast. And then we came to the place of dreams. Pretty much Do not believe me to see the picture at all.

What to know before going to Pakistan

Air Ticket : Purple or Thai Airways, our Rut Flight flies from Bangkok to Israel. It takes an average of 5 hours, 10 minutes. Flight is not available every day. And only one day a day, only to leave the Suvarnabhumi at 19:10 and return to leave. Israeli Bud at 23:20 to Suvarnabhumi the next day. The price is around 15, xxx THB, which includes food and baggage weight of 30 kilograms.

Visa : Thai people to go to Pakistan. You will need to apply for a visa, please do not forget, it is not difficult, it takes about 3-5 business days to return the passport. Go to the Embassy.

Address of embassy

Pakistan Embassy in Thailand

31 Soi Nana Nuea 3 Sukhumvit Bangkok 10110

Telephone Number 0-2253-0288-9, 0-2253-5325

Opening hours Monday – Thursday 9.00-12.00 Monday – Thursday from 14.00 to 15.00.

Documents to prepare

1. Passport to apply for a visa

2. 2 inch photos

3. ID card

4. Copy of 2 passport

5. Booking a hotel or confirmation from a local tour company.

6. Flight tickets

7. The applicant’s past 6 months

8. Certificate of salary from the company.

9. LOI from local tour company

Filing procedure Applicants must submit their own documents only. Can not delegate to others.

1. The Embassy accepts visa applications 9.00-12.00.

2. Open the gate to the guard. Will have to fill out the name. And down at the guard

3. Walk into the office, press the call waiting card, call the document.

4. Stand the finished document. Wait for the name

5. After that, interview may be called. What are we going to do in Pakistan?

6. If interviewed. no problem The staff will give you the account number of the embassy. Then let us deposit money into that account. At Krung Thai Bank near embassy, visa fee is 1,300 Baht.

7. Take the deposit to submit again to take the receipt. The receipt will date and time to pick up the passport usually takes 3 working days.

Travel time : Pakistani can travel all year round. But each season is natural. Different to the likes of people. Usually recommended to travel 7-12 days in. Let’s have a look at it.

December to March: winter (Cool weather)

April to June: Spring (Colorful flowers)

July to September: summer (Suitable for digging)

October to November: fall leaves. (Leaves change color)

Go on your own or go on a tour : Pakistan does not recommend it to me. Because it is quite dangerous And hard travel Communication with him is difficult. Recommended to buy a local tour. Because we can Travel in small groups He will take good care of us. But if anyone wants to easily do not have to manage anything, then buy a tour from a company in Thailand at all. But it will go well. Big group Must accept this little bit.

Pakistani currency : Pakistani Pakistani currency PKR Rupee, which is converted to THB, is a simple 1000 PKR is about 320 THB sure enough. But the exchange of money. Recommended to redeem in USD from Thailand and then the local guide to PKR exchange! But big banks because of the small bank, the country does not accept. It is not used to 50-100 USD up.

Cost Summary : Expenses for 13 days per person

Flight ticket 15,000 THB
Visa 1,300 THB
Local tour 610 USD = 20,000 THB
Food and Miscellaneous 8,000 THB

Total cost is 44,300 THB each may be more expensive than this. Depending on the number of people to go. The price is negotiable. Depending on where you go with value.

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Upside Down in Hunza Valley Pakistan


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