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What Breitbart “News” Chooses to Censor The other day, a friend...

What Breitbart “News” Chooses to Censor 

The other day, a friend of mine sent me a link about Hillary Clinton possibly running to be the Mayor of New York City. I’d seen a few people posting about such an idea before, never took them seriously. There is a zero percent chance Hillary Clinton runs for New York City Mayor. Why even talk about it? Still, I felt bad just ignoring my friend completely, so late last night, I went ahead and clicked on the link he had sent.

Immediately I was surprised, turned off, and a little unnerved to find myself on the actual Breitbart News website. I think of that organization and their propaganda the same way I think of things like the Westboro Baptist Church. Take that for what you will. Anyway, I read the article and was happily surprised to find that it wasn’t too explicitly derogatory and/or hateful. It wasn’t just simply a hit piece on Hillary Clinton–yet another excuse to write about how terrible she is, what a loser she is, etc. In fact, I even found myself leaving a comment. Yeah…I know.

It couldn’t have been 2 seconds after posting my comment that I was reminded why I DON’T comment on most websites. Some of the things people were writing, and the speed with which comments seemed to flow in, was mind-boggling. Just awful, hateful, sometimes truly disturbing stuff about “what they’d like to do to the Clintons” or “what would happen to NYC if ‘Killary’ was the mayor.” Truly a cesspool of internet trolls and ignorance. Luckily, there were so many comments coming in one after another, that mine seemed to get lost in the crowd. The few responses I got were actually quite civil and inoffensive. Which is why the rest of this story is SO bizarre.

There were a few different people who responded to my original comment, but only one with whom I actually engaged in an exchange. It was clear he and I didn’t agree on a lot, but again, at no point did I feel like it became personal or nasty. Not in the least. As I went to respond to his latest remark, however, I noticed it wouldn’t post. Here we’d been having a back-and-forth, but suddenly it was taking forever to load. Was my internet connection slowing down? What was the deal?

Before long, my response no longer looked to be loading, but it actually said “pending” above it. That was weird, I thought. Noticing a few dumb typos I’d made (it was like, 2AM after all) I decided to try posting the comment again, this time edited. That’s when it hit me: I’d been FLAGGED.

Upon trying to post what was going to be my last response again, it alerted me that my comment was pending and “under review by Breitbart News.” Then before long, it said “REMOVED.” Apparently I was too offensive and vulgar for those over at Breitbart News?? You read the comment and decide for yourself. 

I actually find it quite hilarious. A site/organization that preaches “freedom of speech” and claims to hate all forms of censorship. Here they had THOUSANDS of comments with profanity, hate speech, even some with threats of violence–yet they blocked/removed me. For having a perfectly respectful back-and-forth with another commenter. Notice the last thing I wrote in that comment: “Appreciate the civility, by the way.” 

Can’t have that showing up on Breitbart. BANNED. Hysterical.  

This post first appeared on Jon B. Lerner Reports, please read the originial post: here

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What Breitbart “News” Chooses to Censor The other day, a friend...


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