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Give change a chance !!

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    So, finally the battle lines have been drawn. India would be witnessing the most fierce elections this month. One which could possibly be a turning point in Indian history and embark a new golden chapter in the lives of millions of Indians. After months of intense campaigning, AAP is all set to make a bold statement at the national level. At-least I sincerely hope so.  I have been amazed by the meteoric rise of AAP and impressed by the sound but simple principles on which it has been built upon. I was a guy who had completely given up on politics for the past 5 or so years. But suddenly with the emergence of AAP, I again see a beacon of hope. They remind me of the Shaheed Bhagat Singhs’, Mahatma Gandhis’ of our independence struggle, who put their lives on stake for the sake of greater good, to rid our country of the “oppressive regime”. 67 years later, it is time to clean the system once again. I can clearly see why AAP is the cry of the hour to save our country. For that matter, I thought anyone who has any semblance of intelligence and rational thinking, would understand why AAP might be the greatest thing to have happened in India in the last decade. I thought AAP would make a deep impact on the educated India. The rural India, which is still struggling to make basic ends meet, unfortunately doesn’t have the luxury to think rationally over these issues. And the cunning politicians often feed on their helplessness to garner votes. I sympathize with rural India. But atleast I was certain that these politicians aka looters, would face the wrath of educated India this time. I was so wrong. I couldn’t have been more wrong …

I was surprised, shocked and then utterly disappointed when I saw some of my very educated friends and close ones, strongly campaigning for Narendra Modi on social media. I thought this might be an exception until I saw similar sentiments echoed by many friends of friends across various social networking sites. This really scared me to the core. I thought that the youth had finally risen and decided to challenge the status quo of our eroded political system. Apparently not !! Out of curiosity I talked to some of the “NaMo” supporters to really understand what do they see in BJP, which  for some reason I am quite obviously missing out. I soon realized that they are missing the big picture and how AAP fits into the grand scheme of things. Let’s delve deeper into this !!

  1. BJP is not only ‘NaMo‘ : Narendra Modi has a lot of fans in India, owing to the grand success of Gujarat in the past decade. While many believe that these are plain lies and are a fake media propaganda fueled by BJP’s black money, I would still give NaMo benefit of doubt based on some positive feedback from my Gujarati friends. Personally, I myself think that he is a natural and fearless leader. I hope that the communal allegations against him are not true, though there are many theories which make you think otherwise. But what the ‘NaMo’ followers are forgetting is that BJP is not only about him. BJP represents a fractured system, which is known for being highly communal and is a haven for tainted ministers. ‘NaMo’ might be great, but the system that he represents is as bad, if not worse, as the joke which is UPA. So, the next time when you chant ‘Ab ki baar, Modi ki Sarkar‘, think twice about what it really implies ?
  2. Is ‘NaMo’ really a saint ? : If ‘NaMo’ is really such a man of principles as he claims to be, why didn’t he ensure that no tainted ministers contest in these elections? Why has he been so afraid of coming to the media for a public debate with Arvind Kejariwal ? All the great democracies in the world tend to have transparent public debates to let the voters make an informed decision. A good leader leads from the front. The sources of funding for BJP have been very questionable. Why hasn’t he been as transparent about the inner workings of BJP as Arvind Kejariwal ? What is he trying to hide ? Mr. NaMo are you really as innocent and principled as you claim to be. Or do you generally just talk big to woo voters and are rightly nicknamed “Feku” ?
  3. AAP is inexperienced : AAP candidates might have limited political experience. But most of them are highly educated, successful and have championed many causes in their fields. Be it artists, academicians, journalists, social activists etc., AAP has a diverse candidate portfolio that deeply understands the various facets and problems of Indian system. These candidates are any day better than many of 10th, 12th pass loons, who are fielded by many other parties. What matters in the end is that do the candidates have the right intent and dedication towards the job? AAP has clearly shown during their Delhi stint that they might not have the political experience, but they surely don’t lack intent and the desire to solve people’s problems. Isn’t that exactly what you should look in your candidate ?
  4. AAP is anti-FDI : Many NaMo supporters believe that he would usher in a new age of heavy foreign investment in India, which would lead to astronomical growth. Well, FDI is a two-edged sword. It does improve the economy but it also destroys local businesses. AAP has categorically mentioned that they are not against the principle of FDI, but they are against it in certain sectors where it would do more harm than good to the local economy. With leading industry professionals like Meera Sanyal etc. in their ranks, you can trust that AAP would have strong reasons to stick to their stand. It is a known fact that big businesses often wipe off small businesses from economy. But I must concede that this is one weak point of AAP agenda. And their has been vehement criticism of AAP in corporate circles for the same reason. Even though AAP is very frank and open about further discussions on this topic, I give this round to the NaMo supporters.
  5. AAP shrugs away from responsibilities : Remember the infamous AK-49 quote by NaMo. AAP’s resignation from Delhi really hurt the image of AAP, thanks to media and unjustified criticism from both Congress and BJP. I think AAP’s move was justified. Without majority seats in Delhi, they knew they would always be handicapped and can’t bring radical changes in system because both BJP and Congress would oppose it in their own interests. So, either AAP could have stuck their powerless, try to bring small changes and hope someday they can do something really big for Delhi. Or else they could have tried for re-elections ,so that the next time they can come to power with complete majority and turn the system upside down for good. We can’t play the waiting game any longer, which Congress and BJP obviously wanted AAP to play. The system must change and it must change soon !!
    To all my friends and readers, all I can say is that it doesn’t matter if you vote for AAP or not. But please don’t vote for BJP just because of ‘NaMo’ effect. Atleast have the decency of going to, check the profile of the candidates in your constituency and then make an informed decision, whatever that maybe. Remember you are not voting for a single person, you are voting for the system they represent. Also, don’t vote under the influence of caste or religion. Vote because you believe your candidate can make a difference in your and your family’s lives. Think of your constituency, think of your nation, think of your children’s future and then do the right thing !!

You know what the sad truth is ? In their hearts, people know that AAP is the solution to India’s problems. But it is human nature to follow the tried and tested path, instead of taking risks. We keep following the same path, even though it is holding us back. We have trusted UPA and BJP for decades and they have betrayed our trust every single time. But we are scared of trusting the first true honest player in this game. Sad, huh ?? History is replete with instances that a paradigm shift comes in a system, only when people take risks and challenge the very core principles of the system. So trust your inner conscience and make this election count. Give true democracy a chance again, give change a chance again !!

PS : Whether AAP wins or loses , the political landscape of India would definitely improve after these elections. AAP has atleast made people more informed and we should give them due credit for that !!

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Give change a chance !!


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