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10 Ways Parents Go Wrong

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10 Ways Parents Go Wrong

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Getting things right as a Parent is not always easy. We try and do the best for our children so they grow up to be successful, kind people. But sometimes we can easily make the wrong decisions. It can affect your kids later in life, and can lead them to make the same mistakes when they become parents. Here are some ways parents go wrong when it comes to their kid’s childhood.

Not Choosing the Best School for Them

Parents often chose the closest School for convenience reasons. By selecting the wrong school, it can affect your kid’s education. You need to make sure you are completely happy with the school before sending your kids there.

Ask to speak to the head teacher or principal and talk to them about what they offer at the school for your kid. You can also look online to find the rankings of the best schools in your area. If your kid is struggling at school, you should talk to your teacher to find out the cause of the issue. If they can’t help you to resolve the issue, it might be time to find a different school for your child.

Also, make sure you think carefully before sending kids to boarding school. For one, you can’t see them every day, so if there are problems, you won’t know about it. And second, they might resent you later in life for it. Also, you could consider homeschooling your kids. Around 3% of parents do it in the US. It can be a good way to ensure your kids learn in a happy and safe environment.

Not Moving from a Bad Area

parents living in bad area

Growing up in an unsafe area could harm your child’s development. They often end up mixing with the wrong crowd and can get in trouble with the law. You should make efforts to move when your child is little. You can look online to find the best places to raise children. There’s often a list of the best cities.

You may also want to look into moving abroad so your kids have a better life. So many people are moving to the UK because of the great schools. Check out realtors’ sites to find out more about different areas; you can check online from Bridgfords for advice on great areas in the UK.

Not Making the Most of the Time with their Little Ones

parents playing with kids

Children grow up so fast that before you know it they aren’t kids anymore. You need to be making memories while they are little by spending quality time with them. Book vacations you can all go on together, and take plenty of photos and videos while you are away. We spend so much time worrying about everything else that’s going on in our lives that we often forget to enjoy the time with our little ones. Therefore, make sure you spend lots of time with your children before you regret it later in life.

Not Letting Them Make their Own Friends


A lot of parents try and force their children to spend time with certain kids; probably family friends or cousins. But kids are individuals so if they don’t like a child, don’t force them to spend time with them.

Let them have freedom to determine who they want to spend time with so they can find out more about their likes and dislikes. Of course, as parents, it’s important to explain to them about the value of friendship. You can help teach them how to be polite and communicate with other kids. As we talked about before, by parents explaining how to be good friends, you are teaching them skills to be better overall people.

Being Too Overprotective of Them

As much as it’s important to keep them safe, if you are too overprotective, you are stopping them from expressing themselves and learning from their mistakes. They will grow up to be more nervous, and less independent. It’s important they do have some awareness that dangerous situations can happen and what to do if they do occur. Let them get stuck every once in a while but keep a watchful eye on them just in case they need your help.

Not Accepting their Kids Will Make Mistakes

Parents often will defend their child when they are in the wrong. As much as you think your kid is perfect, the truth is no one is perfect. It can mean they will grow up and make terrible mistakes because they had little discipline as a child. Therefore, you need to talk to your child and explain what they did was wrong, and how they shouldn’t do again in the future.

Trying to Compete with Other Parents


Some parents focus on trying to outdo other parents by having their kids get involved in more activities than their kids. You need to remember every kid is different, and it’s pointless to compete with others. It can give your child a winning is everything attitude. Make sure you focus on your child and parenting to ensure they have a happy and healthy childhood. Not your neighbors!

Forcing their Kids to be Something They are Not


Other parents try and get their children to like a particular activity, or join a certain sport, which they are not interested in. If you try and force them to do something they don’t like, it can often lead them down a bad path. You need to listen during parent evening’s to see where your kid is flourishing. Even if they aren’t great at academic subjects, they may be good at a creative class. And remember, just because you are good at a particular skill, it doesn’t mean your kids have to be as well. They might have something else they want to do instead, and you need to accept this!

Making Them Do Too Much

Some parents make their kids do too much. They get them involved with so many different activities that they don’t have any time just to spend time at home with you. It can become too overwhelming for kids and can often lead them to combust before long! Look at the activities they are currently doing, and decide if any are not necessary.

Doing Too Much of their Homework


As much as it’s important for you to help your kid when they are doing their homework, you should also let them do their part as well. Otherwise, they will struggle when it comes to class assignments and exams. In fact, research has found that in some cases parents interference may actually cause kids to have lower standardized test scores! Therefore, make sure you only help to an extent and guide them when they ask you to.

Remember to be careful not to spoil your kids too much! It can lead them not to appreciate things when people do treat them later in life. Make sure they understand how important it is to work hard so they earn what they get.


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10 Ways Parents Go Wrong


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