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Frequency Horizon - A West Coast Surf Lifestyle Blog
Living life in the space where sky, sea and sound intersect. This is the website for the Frequency Horizon podcast and radio show, based on Vancouver Island in Tofino, B.C. We cover surf, electronic and ambient music, blast out sweet photos and try to capture the ephemeral nature of the places we love...
2018-04-15 17:57
In this episode I reflect on the significance of “Number 99” as it relates to the Great One and my own journey from Canada to the U.S. We’ll take you past Venice Beach busk… Read More
2018-02-10 07:19
Morphing into a new phase, I head down the West Coast, meeting electronic music producers and filmmakers, and start to come to a deep appreciation of what Los Angeles is all about. 34:05 &nd&hell…Read More
2017-11-09 02:59
Thanks Tuff City… it’s been a slice. But now I’m outie. 31:01 – Environment Canada meteorologist explains the “magic” behind the stunning sunset along th… Read More
The Hustle That Sustains You
2017-06-30 19:56
It’s almost like a lifetime has passed since I’ve had some of these experiences. And yet in other ways they feel like the same movie of my life that played out yesterday. The r… Read More
2017-04-22 20:32
Just down from my house there is this trail. And this is where it leads. I won’t be living here that much longer, and that is a shame. Perhaps I will camp out in the woods nearby secr… Read More
Scouting Mission To Vargas
2017-03-27 02:01
It’s not quite summer season yet. But the weather was warm enough to wear shorts during the day we went out on a scouting mission to Vargas Island. I was working on a journalism articl… Read More
A Look Back @ How Awesome Things Get
2017-03-26 22:57
Sometimes it seems like we’re just passing through. Trying to complete a project, or finish something we’ve set out to do. Let’s not forget some of the beautiful images alo… Read More
Episode 58 ~ Mid-Winter Mixtape
2017-01-27 07:24
Video game musings, math-rock excitement, abstract imaginings. Get down with an assortment of West Coast-flavoured tunes to blast your winter greys into next season. Only the hardcore remain… Read More
Synchronicity Communal Kitchen
2017-01-11 02:02
So the other day I was about to post this photo and wasn’t sure what to write. Then, randomly the following day, one of the characters from this picture popped up on my Facebook feed s… Read More
White And Pure
2017-01-10 00:40
(Another post from the frozen heartland… Will have more from the West soon enough, but for now let’s remember the prairies… Consider it like a nice break in the flow&hell&hell…Read More
Raindrop Precision, As I Consider My Cards
2017-01-09 19:25
I hear raindrops on the roof. I see it pitter-pattering with pin-prick precision on the rectangular skylight. The coffee is silky smooth. The last of the cream. The last perfect cup. Sometim… Read More
2017-01-08 05:40
Melt your awkward approach like a sundae on an afternoon in the green and down by the ocean. A touch of Mercury gives pause for reflection as the light bleeds in like a pale blade of grass… Read More
Frosty Days
2017-01-04 23:30
Just want to shout out all the surfers who brave this every time they head to the beach in the winter months. Your fingers throb before and after. You can literally slip and slide on the bea… Read More
One Of My Favourite Photos Of All Time
2016-12-05 22:02
It’s amazing how a stunning landscape image with no people in it whatsoever could hold such a powerful memory of the birth of friendships with a wide range of people. In this case I wa… Read More
A Blue-ocean View Of The World
2016-12-04 22:01
There I was, soaring above the world. Floating without the aid of an engine. controlling my destiny with a few slight movements of my feet and arms. No, it wasn’t some kind of dre… Read More
Surfing Sublime
2016-12-02 20:39
The waves don’t look too menacing from this photograph, but I can assure you they were. I definitely attempted to paddle out and didn’t get very far whatsoever. Let me put this i… Read More
Who Doesn’t Love The Giant Waves?
2016-11-06 18:45
The sun isn’t always out, but the way the waves captivate those who look their direction, you’d be forgiven for getting the same sort of inspiration out of the deal. These massi… Read More
MODERAT Live In Berlin (VIDEO)
2016-10-26 20:58
Such crisp audio. Such Thom Yorke-style vocals. Such lush synthesizers. Enjoy. The post MODERAT Live in Berlin (VIDEO) appeared first on Frequency Horizon Read More
Pretty Hardcore At North Chesterman Today
2016-10-25 20:12
Today was one of those days that wasn’t necessarily good anywhere, although it looked absolutely fantastic at North Chesterman. I mean Magic Seaweed was saying it was 8-12 feet —… Read More
Soothing Rain (Poetic)
2016-10-08 05:22
This post first appeared on the Amethysts in Your Eyes blog Sept. 9, 2015. It was written by Intergalactic Traveler who lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He showed it to me at SoBo… Read More

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Frequency Horizon - a West Coast surf lifestyle


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