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Sassy Radish | Stories + Food Blog
A home-cooking blog from a Brooklyn kitchen, telling stories, building memories, and taking the scary out of cooking. Familiar food with an unexpected twist;
Morning Beauty Routine – Olga Massov
2018-06-11 14:56
Unlike with clothes, if I had unlimited funds, which I don’t (thanks, cost of childcare!), I’d be spending all of my pennies on skincare and beauty products, trying all kinds of… Read More
Sauerkraut – Olga Massov
2018-06-08 18:38
I was all set to write about sauerkraut yesterday, but then something happened. We came home to find our cleaning lady asleep in our bed. And that proved to be a very distracting thing. Giv… Read More
Mustard Chicken – Olga Massov
2018-05-30 21:06
I’ve been hoping, with it being summer and all, that work will slow down to allow me to catch my breath and all. I feel like I’ve been going, going, going. I could really use a… Read More
Agrodolce Meatballs – Olga Massov
2018-05-29 06:39
Greetings from the land of overbooked and overextended. Somehow, the end of May and the month of June have managed to shape themselves into something far more demanding than the sum of its… Read More
Picnic In Napa – Olga Massov
2018-05-28 18:57
On our last day in Napa, we had reservations to a very posh, very yummy looking Auberge du Soleil. After drooling over their menu every day and offering up half of my worldly possessions, I… Read More
Wellfleet Mini-vacation – Olga Massov
2018-05-26 07:18
Hi friends, I don’t have any links for you today. None. Zilch. Nada. I spent a few days in Wellfleet on the Cape, finishing up two books and trying to squeeze in a little r&r in t… Read More
2018-05-17 04:38
As autumn sets in and days get shorter, temperatures – cooler, and sweaters – thicker, food cravings change as well. Salads are often replaced by heartier vegetables – cook… Read More
2018-05-15 03:12
I can’t quite focus, my mind is all scattered and fragmented. A nasty voicemail left at work this morning threw me off, and I am feeling a bit of out of sorts. Like the music is playi… Read More
2018-04-26 07:08
Over three months ago I wrote about Sour Cherry Conserva and then vanished into the void. I can’t feign apology, because I don’t think many people noticed, and I’m not say… Read More
Morning Beauty Routine
2018-02-21 17:57
Unlike with clothes, if I had unlimited funds, which I don’t (thanks, cost of childcare!), I’d be spending all of my pennies on skincare and beauty products, trying all kinds of… Read More
Carrot-ginger Dressing
2018-02-15 15:38
I’m here with a short dispatch—I finally cracked the code (for me!) on carrot-ginger dressing, the mainstay of Japanese restaurants everywhere. Ages ago, when I worked in midtow… Read More
My Cure-all Chicken Soup
2018-02-14 15:32
I come from a long line of shtetl-raised Russian Jews. When anyone gets sick, and by that I mean someone sneezes once, my family makes chickens soup. I used to think it was my crazy family… Read More
This & That  *  February 9
2018-02-09 15:32
Hello, friends. We’re slowly emerging from the sick lair over here. Andrew got the flu last Saturday (yes, he got his flu shot earlier) and stayed in bed until yesterday; and my pneum… Read More
French 75 Punch
2018-02-02 15:11
As children’s birthday parties go, for Avi’s party last weekend we stuck to the mundane, predictable basics: pizza, apple juice boxes, and cake—because most kids universal… Read More
This & That *  January 19
2018-01-19 20:11
I hope you have a fun weekend ahead. We’re going to a birthday party of a friend’s three-year-old and cleaning the upholstery on our sofas (adulting!) After doing much research… Read More
My Winter Uniform
2018-01-18 21:08
Since I started working from home again, I’ve been asked what I wear in the confines of my home office. Do I really sit around in my sweats until the afternoon? Have I splurged on styl… Read More
This & That
2018-01-12 18:29
A few things as we head into the long weekend… Anyone else is obsessing over Slow Burn, the podcast looking at the Watergate scandal? I feel like I might be the last person to get in… Read More
Immunity-boosting Gold-hued Elixir
2018-01-10 21:34
I promise I won’t post only fresh juices and homemade scrubs here, and it’s not the New Year resolutions talking (I don’t do those). But for some time now I’ve been… Read More
Easy Brown Sugar Scrub
2018-01-08 17:11
I’ve been meaning to make my own scrub for years now and put it off for some reason. At the same time, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time looking for a natural body scrub t… Read More
A New (old) Way To Gift Wrap
2018-01-05 16:11
While our Brooklyn apartment is certainly spacious by New York standards, we’re not exactly basking in unused space. And though the layout of our place is great, what we lack are good… Read More
Bang Bang Sauce
2016-06-17 09:39
Summer in our household means that Saturday nights are for lobster rolls. It’s the least we can do considering we hardly have dinner out these days as childcare costs eat all of our d… Read More
Fatima Ansari’s Chicken Korma
2016-04-01 23:15
I know it’s a loaded thing to post anything even remotely politically inclined in an election year (or ever for that matter!)—no good can come of it. And yet… As my frien… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
I was lucky to do a trail at ABC Kitchen about a year ago. It was made through a connection of a friend who kindly arranged for me to come in for a day. Normally, ABC Kitchen only lets culin… Read More
2016-03-19 18:53
Hi friends, happy Friday! I’m currently awaiting comments from the chef on the manuscript, and after that, I hope, the delivery to the editor will be a speedy one. I took a little brea… Read More
2016-02-14 02:14
As I’m typing this, my trusty weather app tells me that it’s currently 8°F and feels like -10°F. In other words—it’s FREEZING here! I’ve not poked my n… Read More
2015-10-26 12:26
Over three months ago I wrote about Sour Cherry Conserva and then vanished into the void. I can’t feign apology, because I don’t think many people noticed, and I’m not say… Read More
2015-07-17 01:22
In the first few weeks that we brought Avi home, I was convinced that I’ll never cook again. I was tethered to him night and day. Between feedings, pumping sessions, more feedings, a… Read More
2015-04-17 16:34
It’s a rainy Friday April afternoon and as I try to write this post, I’m a little bit at a loss where to start. There’s a lot on my mind: upcoming return to work, Avi maki… Read More
2015-04-10 15:46
This gong bao chicken (also sometimes written as kung pao chicken) with peanuts is the second new thing I’ve cooked since Avi was born. The first was that amazing pot roast from Deb t… Read More
2015-03-05 22:27
Greetings from winter wonderland and the fortress of sleep deprivation; a hastily written dispatch here! Quickly, before Avi wakes up; before the snow melts! I had initially thought I&rsquo&helli…Read More
2015-02-24 14:46
Hi friends, hope you’re surviving February. That massive silence that followed my last post, the one where I told you about my favorite brownies and where I promised you a worthwhile… Read More
2015-01-19 14:25
I’m a little past 38 weeks, which means this baby thing can happen any day. It’s a funny thing to try to compartmentalize that today you may be just you, and tomorrow – a… Read More
2015-01-04 16:51
As I inch towards the finish line with this pregnancy, I’m also getting closer to completely filling up my freezer. Space is of the essence, so I’m playing this game of shifting… Read More
2015-01-01 19:56
This dispatch, written hastily on the 1st of January, may not be the kind of post you look for first thing in 2015. There are no promises of eating better, no crisp salad teasing you below… Read More

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