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Items to Keep at Your Desk or Cube

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Items to Keep at Your Desk or Cube
If you work in a space outside of your home where you have your own area, this post is for you. Whether you're in a huge office building on a floor full of cubicles or you work in a small room with 3 other people, you're spending a lot of time in that space. 

While work days don't always go smoothly, and some days are better than others, I've picked up a few tricks that make even the worst days a little more bearable. I think these can apply for pretty much anyone, but I think these are especially important when you're on a large floor with tons of cubicles. It can look and feel pretty sterile, and bringing some comfort into your small space is something I truly think has the ability to make you happier. I thought this post would be especially great for those who have just graduated and are entering the working world for the first time. Creating a warm space all your own can really make your first few weeks/months a lot easier. 

Lamp// You don't need anything super fancy, but lighting from a lamp is so much warmer. It will also help to drown out the awful fluorescent lights that are often overhead. 

Coasters// Because there's something so much more civilized about using a coaster. 

Frames// This is kind of a no-brainer as I think most people have frames at their Desk, but for me, it took forever for me to add a frame to my desk. I love pretty silver frames showcasing your loved ones.

Headphones// Because how else are you going to jam out to your Spotify playlist? I also recommend an iPhone charger! 

Blanket// It sounds backwards, but I'm suggesting the blanket more-so for the summertime, than the winter months. This is because the air-conditioning can make it feel like it just might snow right in your office in the middle of July. Did you know there are reasons for that? This article and this article are worth a read. Having a blanket at your desk is always a good idea. I drape mine over the back of my chair. I also like to keep one of these stowed away... while a full on blanket isn't necessarily appropriate for a meeting, this is. 

Pillow// Did you know that sitting has been deemed the 'new smoking'. Seriously. If you don't have a standing desk, having proper posture at your desk is important. I know I am seriously guilty of that 3pm slump. If you don't have the most comfortable chair in the world, I suggest a small lumbar pillow for support. This monogrammed option is inexpensive and adorable. I have one on my chair and also think they make really great gifts. 

Ring/Jewelry Dish// Becuase how annoying is it when you are typing and all of your bracelets are jingling/getting scratched up, or you take off your rings to put on lotion/hand sanitizer. I have a ring dish next to my bed and by every sink at home, too. 

Desk Calendar// While I don't necessarily depend on this calendar, it's beautiful and adds a bit of 'luxe' to the space. I think these make great Christmas gifts! 

A Big Mug// I mean, does this one even need an explanation?!

Snacks// Let's just be honest, snack drawers are the best. I stock mine with tea, gummy bears, granola bars, gum, etc. I also stock it with disposable utensils and napkins/Lysol wipes....and Frank's Red Hot. My warning is to not stock it with anything that you are 'addicted' to or that is super unhealthy. I love love love mini Reese's but I could mindlessly eat the entire bag at my desk if I had them in my snack drawer. I'm also a big fan of the candy jar-- it attracts fun people. 

Desk Set// You probably have your pick of supplies, which is great, but if you feel like shelling out a a little for something less 'office-y', having a cute desk set is a great way to spruce up your space. I just love the monogrammed acrylic set. 

A Change of Shoes// Because wearing heels all day is just not fun. Having a commuter shoe makes life a whole lot easier. Also having shoes on hand that are weather appropriate such as rain boots and bean boots are also important depending on the climate you live in. I also like to keep a packable rain jacket and umbrella at my desk at all times-- you never know!

I'm a firm believer in the art of a handwritten note. Keep a few pieces of your personal stationery on hand so you can appropriately thank those you come across. 

Lotion and Other Beauty Necessities// I like to have hand lotion on top of my desk, but then inside a drawer contains all of my other beauty necessities like a mirror, brush, extra makeup/lip color, deodorant, hotel sewing kit, stain remover, nail polish, lint roller, band-aids, chapstick, advil, sudafed, etc. 

My overall biggest tips are to avoid 'cheapy' products like colored plastic frames from the dollar bin at Target and avoid any kind of clutter. I like to use things that I'd have on my desk in my own home. What do you keep at work?

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Items to Keep at Your Desk or Cube


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