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How to make my eBook GO VIRAL

"How to Make my eBook GO VIRAL" by Katarina Nolte

“How to make my Ebook GO VIRAL” is my latest book on the topic of internet marketing. In it you’ll discover 21 free viral marketing ideas. Here’s an excerpt:


If you are looking to promote your report, eBook, blog post or almost any other type of digital content as successfully as possible and at no or minimum cost, consider investing a week into the project.

Ideally, start by figuring out which pages to use as your landing pages for this purpose and then get to work by taking the following steps:

1. Contact bloggers/influencers in your niche

Ask them if they’d be interested in giving your eBook to their followers, subscribers and customers. You can usually reach bloggers and influencers via their website or social media. Use their contact forms or social direct messaging systems and write a clear, short, to the point note with the URL where they can instantly download your eBook for free and without having to fill out anything (NO email sign up, NO discount codes, NO vouchers, etc.). Make it easy for them to pick up your eBook, look through it and see if it’s of any use to their business. Here’s the thing: the more useful your (to them free) eBook is for their business, the more attention you’ll get from their follower/customer base.

If you are wondering who to contact, search the internet for articles like these:

50 Online Marketing Influencers to Watch in 2016 | Entrepreneur

The following tool can help you find influencers’ email addresses:

Worldwide Email Address Finder

The niche here, obviously, is online marketing and it serves as an example of what you’d be looking for in your niche. Try the following: enter something like ‘(your niche/topic) influencer (year)’ or ‘(your niche/topic) best blog (year)’ or ‘(your niche/topic) bestselling (author/speaker/personality) (year)’. What you are looking for are people who connect with a ton of people on a consistent basis but are not too VIP to connect with you. You can also search for top influencers in your niche on social media networks.

In order for this to be effective for you, make sure to include all of your most important links inside of your eBook and try to make it as contextual as possible. Also, add one or more CTAs (call to action) to your links along with the benefits visitors will derive from clicking out your pages. For example, find more information about (your eBook topic) on my blog post titled “Such and Such”. Or, ‘Join my mailing list and get 2 free eBooks: “Book Title 1” and “Book Title 2″‘. Or, ‘Visit my blog/site for a chance to win a free copy of “Item So & So”. Or, ‘If you’ve enjoyed the information provided in this eBook please take a moment to post a short review on ‘’. Make it easy for your readers to do what you want them to do.

2. Share your eBook on niche forums

Search the internet for niche forums that are popular and allow you to add your eBook title and/or URL to your niche forum signature. The Warrior Forum, for example, is a great place to discuss internet marketing and they let you add a signature which people can see below each of your forum comments.

Also, look for sections of the forum where you can safely promote your eBook. This might be a giveaway section or a self-promotion section. Additionally, you can search your niche forums for threads on or close to the topic of your eBook where you can chat with other forum users and mention your website or book title. It also helps to use your name or your brand name as your forum user name. That way, when talking to people about your niche topic, you make it easier for them to look you up. If you prove to be knowledgeable on your niche topic, forum members looking to learn more in order to solve their problems may do a Google search in an attempt to learn more from you on the topic.

Make sure to participate in busy forums and not waste your time on less frequented forums. Even just one top performing forum is a better time investment than a dozen forums with no traffic.

Here is a list of marketing and alternative health forums:

Giveaways – Warrior Forum
Giveaway – Warrior Forum

Online Internet Marketing & Search Engine Optimization Forum | Digital Point
Webmaster Sun – The #1 Internet Marketing Forum, SEO & Marketplace
WickedFire – Affiliate Marketing Forum – Internet Marketing Webmaster SEO Forum

DreamTeamMoney Internet Marketing Forum | Webmaster, HYIP, Forex, Network Marketing, E-Currency, Money Making Forum
Fresh Store Builder Forum
Internet Marketing Star – Online Advertising Forums
Apex Forum

By the way, alternative health can also fall into categories like holistic health and healing, nutrition, dieting, health & fitness, etc. Be creative with keywords and phrases when searching for niche forums and blogs with tons of comments. Also, there are forums with lots of views and very few comments. Those are good places to share as well.

Health Forums, Alternative Medicine Forums and Message Boards | Cure Zone
Natural Medicine Talk – natural health, nutrition, vitamins, diet, conditions
Alternative Medicine Message Board & Forum Discussions – Health Boards

3. Write a blog post about your eBook

Offer your eBook free of charge for a limited amount of time to create a sense of urgency. Publish your eBook on Noise Trade ( where people can download your eBook in exchange for their email address and with an option to donate a dollar amount set by you. Noise Trade also makes it possible for you to embed your eBook widget on your website or blog from where people can download it and (optionally) make a donation. To get your Noise Trade fans’ emails check their FAQs (Reader Data  download spreadsheet).

By the way, audiobooks can be promoted this way on Noise Trade as well. You can also offer book excerpts only and you don’t have to accept donations if you don’t wish. Your Noise Trade author page also lists all your major links, incl. your website, book stores, and social pages. And, you can add a video or a video playlist. And it’s free – Noise Trade keeps a fraction (20%) of the money people donate. [20% in exchange for targeted niche email addresses is a sweet deal.]

According to their website, Noise Trade has about 100,000 active visitors who apparently also receive their email newsletter. That’s not much but the site is still relatively unknown, so who knows. If you decide to publish on NoiseTrade make sure to promote the fact that you do on social, etc. On that note, try avoiding the words ‘eBook’, ‘report’, ‘book’ and ‘system’. Instead focus on what it is that the visitor is getting in practical terms. What type of problem does your product solve? How do you think will the visitor feel if they pick up your products? What’s in it for them? After figuring out the answer, create a unique title or slogan and (social) share that.

Because you can change your Noise Trade content and info whenever you like, it’s easy to use Noise Trade for blog post based giveaways. All you need to do is offer your entire eBook for the duration of the giveaway and then replace the full eBook file with an excerpt once the giveaway is over.

NoiseTrade | eBooks and Audiobooks. Completely Free. Completely Legal.
Katarina Nolte | Download Free eBooks from NoiseTrade

On your eBook blog post and in your eBook itself, add specific permissions or something as simple as ‘feel free to share this eBook on the internet’. Examples of more specific permissions can be found on PLR/MRR sites. To find them, type ‘ buy PLR MRR eBooks’ into your browser, select a store and click on any one of their books. Scroll down to ‘permissions’ and read them carefully. Ideally, check out a couple of those. You’ll notice that different PLR/MRR products come with unique sets of permissions. Use those applicable to your goals. Additionally, consider offering ‘giveaway rights’. You can also fine-tune those to something along the lines of ‘[YES] give away free as a (gift) bonus’ and/or ‘[YES] use to build a list’ (i.e. free eBook in exchange for email).

The goal should be to get something in return besides traffic. There are people who get a ton of traffic but earn $0. For example, ask your followers and subscribers to refer a friend to your newsletter/squeeze page in exchange for a freebie or a steep discount. In that case, remember to provide a ‘referred by’ box.

And, finally, optimize your post for SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (social media optimization). Choose your keywords carefully, use a small number of keywords, include the top 2-3 keywords in the post title and the first 100 words, etc. Add an image or two with alternative text (alt=”image name”).

Seopressor – WordPress SEO Plugin, Better, Faster, Higher Ranking!

Get a plugin that automatically shares your new post or use any of the following tools:

Insta Viral
Socio Caster
Social Funnels
Viral Auto Bots

On Twitter you can add mentions to your tweet. Mention friends or followers or niche influencers. Mix it up and mention (@handle) no more than 3 people per tweet. Influencers are best mentioned if you’ve covered something they do or something they’ve said in your eBook. It’s good for them to hear that people write about them. If possible, send them a direct message or email them and tell them that they’ve inspired you and that you’ve written about their work or methods in your eBook. Also, send them a direct, free, no questions asked download link to your eBook.

By the way, for SEO purposes you can also use Bing where it’s easier to get on the first page in search results. You can learn how to do it in this course:


If you succeed, your Google ranking will automatically improve as a result.

Remember to share your eBook post on social bookmarking sites and ask people to do the same. Reddit is also an option if you have individual points in your eBook that you feel are worth discussing. Adding questions is also a good conversation starter and while at it ask some of your friends to contribute comments and questions and share on social to help you grow the conversation thread.

Find comparative blog posts and contact the bloggers inviting them to read your eBook blog post and give them the download URL for your eBook (free of charge, no email needed). Ask them for their opinion, if they want to cross link their related posts with yours, a blog post comment, a social share, etc.

Cross link your eBook blog post with your other related blog posts and any related videos (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) and PDFs or slides (SlideShare and similar) of yours. Cross linking your own content as well as cross linking your content with other people’s related niche content usually boosts search rankings.

To read the rest of “How to Make my eBook GO VIRAL (21 Ideas)” purchase a copy via WarriorPlus:

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How to make my eBook GO VIRAL


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