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Book Review: Influx By Daniel Suarez

Influx is another sensationally action-filled tech thriller by Daniel Suarez.

This time around, the content reads like out of this world super high tech sci-fi.

There are those, however, who believe that a lot of the stuff actually exists outside of the mainstream; sort of the modern version of ‘secret’ or ‘hidden’ knowledge, tools, etc.

“Those heavily invested in the status quo had difficulty thinking outside of it – and were often tainted by it.”

Elements include fusion power, particle physics, quantum computing, quantum mechanics, antigravity, zero gravity, superconductors, energy weaponry, cures for diseases, limitless clean energy, worker robots, genetic enhancement, proprietary genetic sequences, human clones, artificial intelligence, life extension, etc., all reserved for the select few.

And, once again, we are subtly lead to question modern high tech as the be all end all.

The central character is a young guy by the name of Jon Grady.

He is a particle physicist whose research is simultaneously being funded and curbed by a highly secretive, CIA founded, 50 year old, multi-national governmental military/defense research agency.

The BTC (Bureau of Technology Control), tech wise, is some 50 years ahead of everyone else.

Their mission is to continue to develop hyper advanced technology while also keeping the rest of the world in a technological dark age.

“Truly useful knowledge was often pried from the cold dead fingers of failure.”

The existing social order (hierarchy, civilization, patriarchy) must be preserved, more or less, at any cost.

Technological change threatens the existing social order and, so, social and political institutions worldwide exist in order to monitor, control, and ‘harvest’ (steal) technologies presumed to have the potential to be socially and/or politically disruptive.

Grady and his team of researchers are kidnapped, disappeared and made to look to have passed away in a lab accident set up by the agency.

The crew members are then separated and are from then on unable to communicate with one another, not knowing whether the others are alive or dead.

“Growing teeth, bones, and body parts from DNA is trivial to us.”

Grady, after being offered to work for the BTC, refuses to cooperate, and lands in a type of high tech prison that most people would not even be capable of imagining.

Grady’s prison time is what makes this book one of a kind.

Each detail is more astonishing than the previous and yet probably possible, in theory, or so we think based on our very limited knowledge of technology.

All I can say is that if you think your smart phone is awesome wait till you read this book.

Hibernity, a ‘humane’ prison, has been designed for rebellious, non-conformist geniuses in a way that despite their ingenuity they cannot escape.

“Wrong – Right. They’re a matter of perspective.”

This is where the BTC’s true (and truly sick) plans are revealed.

While there’s lots of sick info, not all is dead serious.

There are details in the book that can be described as everything from tragicomic to outright hilarious.

One of the characters, for example, is a genetically modified ‘woman’ named Alexa.

She is monitored at all times by a super intelligent AI and owned by the BTC who have made her hyper sexually appealing, frigid and infertile by default and all at the same time (what a combo).

Alexa exudes an artificial and yet highly effective mix of charm and sex appeal which makes her irresistible to everyone.

In order for her to be made fertile she would need additional modification.

Because her genetic sequence belongs to the BTC, they would have to issue the permission for her to reproduce their proprietary genetic sequence.

Oh, and she is 40 but looks like she’s 20 or something along those lines (lol).

The ‘flux’ in the title refers to a discovery — a method of gravity manipulation via a gravity reflector with horrific results.

The research is driven by megalomaniacs who are attempting to play with the Earth and other planets as if they were toys.

“The seat of consciousness – what’s known as ‘sensorium’ – exists partly as an expression of particle entanglement in higher physical dimensions. The human brain is merely a conduit.”

We learn quite a lot about the Earth’s energy fields.

Ultimately, it is about figuring out how to utilize existing natural energies rather than wasting time and resources to seek, extract and process natural resources and then turn those products into energy.

And it is there that the danger lies.

If energy becomes unlimited, one way or another, life on Earth will be destroyed because they’ll be no end in the number of humans inhabiting it.

The size of our planet is limited and we cannot have, say, a trillion people living on it.

And the more technologically advanced we become, the more people there are.

Whether this is because people live longer or because they produce more children is more or less irrelevant.

It is the overall population number that directly influences everyone’s quality of life including nutrition, air, water, living space, education, etc.

We are at a point at which technological advancements no longer equal higher living standards.

“It is in the nature of consciousness to resist domination.”

This brings up the question of whether it is worth it.

Should we strive to advance technologically and accept a diminished quality of life?

Because, let’s face it: high tech is not a time saver.

It’s the very opposite.

I remember a time, not that long ago, when people didn’t have high tech gadgets but they had time.

Time to rest and relax, spend leisure time with friends, family and colleagues, in nature, you name it.

I don’t see this being the case for most people anymore.

Our recent technological advancements have lead to people making less money, working more, and wasting what little free time they have on virtual toys, basically.

The question that follow, of course, is: what’s next?

Even less free time and more immersion into unreal banality?

Influx is packed with thrill, humor, and nearly constant suspense.

Overall, an absolutely mind blowing page turner.

“Animism was apparently still part of the human psyche.”

Influx by Daniel Suarez on

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“Our dog was put on a raw meat diet and given shark cartilage, vitamins C and E and selenium. The vet said our dog should not have any vaccines. We took the dog to this vet every month, and he took a picture of the dog’s mouth. We were able to watch the tumor shrink. In less than a year, the tumor was gone and the jawbone had grown back.”
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“In previous blogs I’ve lamented that it would take incredibly large telescope arrays to try and see any details on planets orbiting nearby stars. Even space telescopes envisioned for the next 20-30 years from now could only tease out information about a planet by studying how its light fluctuates, and what colors of light it reflects or absorbs. But the planet will remain a dot of faint light in the largest imaginable telescopes.”
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Let Inga Tell You: What we need is The Clairvoyant Computer | La Jolla Light

DailyTech – Japanese Make “Delicious”, Nourishing Steaks From Human Feces

“You can compost your corpse and brew wastewater into beer. Increasingly, environmentally-minded people are finding new ways to recycle everything – including themselves.”
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How to turn sewage into a product people want

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“Turns out, the incredibly thin fibers found in algae are much more conducive for ions to flow through, making charge time as quick as eleven seconds, according to Tech Crunch.”
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Humans Can See Infrared Light, Scientists Say | Biology |

Affordable Hypersonic Jets Could Be High-Flying Reality by 2023 | Live Science
Photos: Hypersonic Jet Could Fly 10 Times the Speed of Sound | Live Science

Jobo JIBNA1 Smartcam Nano Digital Video Action Camera 8 MP WiFi Full HD
Winait 5MP Mini 5mp Worlds Smallest Hd Digital Video Camera Spy Camera Video Recorder Hidden Cam DV DVR with 1280 X 960 Resolution

Worlds smallest Camera WIRELESS – YouTube

The Human Mind: BEYOND THE BRAIN |

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Packaging with argon helps keep food fresh | Telegraph
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“Written largely as a thought experiment, it outlines, for example, how cities and houses would deteriorate, how long man-made artifacts would last, and how remaining life forms would evolve. Weisman concludes that residential neighborhoods would become forests within 500 years, and that radioactive waste, bronze statues, plastics, and Mount Rushmore would be among the longest- lasting evidence of human presence on Earth.”
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The World Without Us
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Nano green building from Robin Wright

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Free Energy Technology Could Destroy the Natural World (But It Doesn’t Have To) –

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The End of Nature

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