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How Animals Affect Your Home’s Decor

home petsPets make for great companions and can really help brighten you up if you are having a bad day. However, in their playfulness and seemingly endless desire to explore, Pets can also often cause quite a mess and even financial setbacks. From relieving themselves all over furniture to breaking potentially expensive objects around the home, few pet owners have never felt that pets are more trouble than they’re worth.

If you are going to redecorate your home soon and you own pets, it’s important to consider what impact they will have on your home Decor once it’s finished. The amount of issues and financial burdens that pets can cause generally depends on their type as well as their personality. While some pets tend to be on the milder side and will integrate into the home environment without posing any threat to their surroundings, others are much more lively and will look to make everything inside a home their play thing. Should you find yourself with pets that fall into the second category rather than the first, you will need to try and protect your interior from the influence of your beloved critters. Cats sharpening their claws on furniture are among the most common types of damage that pets can do to a home, and certainly one of the most feared. Many cats can’t seem to understand that the surfaces of your furniture aren’t there for them to scratch and will continue doing so despite your best efforts to teach them otherwise.

cats on furnituresCats scratching a piece of furniture long enough can end up utterly destroying it, and even a single scratch can make the appearance of the piece and the entire room less appealing. It’s not easy to combat this issue if you have a scratch-happy feline, but there are some home decor tips that you can try in order to protect your home. For example, you could look for furniture that doesn’t attract your cats so much because the material doesn’t provide a very good scratching surface, like softer or fluffier armchairs and couches with a lot of loose fabric.

Unfortunately, this will often force you to choose between protecting your furniture and having the most stylistic interior possible. This, however, is a choice you will likely need to make if you are making a home decor endeavor and want to keep your cats around.

home petsPets relieving themselves around your home, especially on your furniture, is another one of these unpleasant issues and can present quite a few setbacks. While dogs can sometimes do this when they aren’t let outside in time, cats are much more likely to urinate on furniture and places around one’s home as part of an effort to mark their territory. Pet urine can easily ruin an expensive piece of furniture on top of emitting a foul smell – the beauty of your home decor won’t matter if a stench is present throughout. Those that are decorating a baby’s room also need to exercise special care. Babies’ rooms need to be held up to a hygienic standard much higher than most other rooms and are therefore rarely suitable for pets. No matter the type of pet you have, you might want to consider keeping it out of the baby’s room at all times in order to both protect the baby as well as keep the room clean. You can do this through a combination of a sturdy lock and perhaps designing the room in a way that makes it unappealing to your pets while at the same time keeping it nice enough for the baby. While pets are definitely sources of joy for most their owners, anyone who cares about the integrity of his or her home decor should take steps in order to preserve it in the presence of curious animals.

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How Animals Affect Your Home’s Decor


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