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When I was a Kid #1 : The Changing Dream

Now I am 21. I'm getting bigger. Many good things and bad things happen in my life journey.

I understand more difficult phrases; I met people from vary ethnic groups; I ate  different taste of foods; my heart feels many kind of new feeling like hope, fear, worry, passion; I brave enough to travelling alone; I met some extraordinary personality of person; my brain start to think logic on money & future; my working is guided by confining rules; my life is on the straight track; what I always see in front of my eyes is targets.
It sounds tiring, right? I realize something important is lost. Something that can make us feels the freedom, flying, no rules, no restriction. It is the precious imagination.

That's the reason why I want to start this series of story. This is the story where I still dont know what geology is or  why people so worry about getting much money. This is the pure me.

1.                        When I was a kid, I have several of dream job or goal. The first I want to be a scientist. I was interested in natural science and act like I understand biology and physic. That's affected by an American  cartoon show titled E= mC2, with the major character is a scientist girl name Emma C2. What a weird name. Emma experiencing many adventure and help her friends through the knowledge she has. Her brain was brilliant and I liked to see her in action. I usually did the experiment I knew from Bobo magazine.


2.                        My other dream job is to be an architect. This when was at 4th - 5th grade of elementary. My drawing not really good, but not bad either. The reason is becaused of my favorite magazine 'Bobo' often gave a bonus for several edition such a set of mini town called 'Kota Kelinci'.  The set comprise of one base ground of the city made from glossy carton, then the houses, bridge, restourant, school, and trees made from cork which we should arrange by our self.  Other building-like bonus was  'market bobo'. It made from carton, comprise of one shopping trolley, then many different  goods was available. Me and my brother loved to play those sets. Then this dream was getting bigger. I created a small two floor terraced house from carton. The house complete with the interior design. There was a curtained window, a little photo frame, a set of soft sofa made from cotton. The second floor was for bedroom. My creativity seems raised again. The next I had an idea to create a map of my village. I didn't know if that kind of work belong to architectural work or not. That planitary map consist of every small roads and houses in my village with the name of my buddies on each house, I didn't forget to plot the mosque and the school on the map.

                                                       "Keluarga kelinci" on Bobo magazine

3.                        Someday my neighbour brought a notebook contain a story the adventure of a kid and a bee. It's one of greatest story I've ever read that time. The writer is his sister. I admire his sister a lot. I always thought she's a genius. Her drawing was excellent . I often imitated her japanese comic girl drawing. She schooled in best school in Klaten. She's the one who introduced me with hollywood movie when I was at 3rd grade. That's when I finnally wanted to be a writer. I tried to make some short story. But I never finished any storry well. I wasn't  a good writer. Then I started other hobby, create comic book on my notebook. My friend told me that it was good, but it never finished too.
 I used to had a lot of barbie cards collection. The cards size was 4 x 5 cm. I bought them from the school yard.  Then I created a barbie album. One page for one barbie and I also gave the name & comment for each barbie.  In my 6th grade, inspired by Bobo I created my own magazine. I forgot the name. The size was only 7 x 15 cm. The content is : a fairy tale, a short story, a crossed riddle, general knowledge, a short fact, and an 'imagination test' quiz plus a coupon inside to join the quiz. What a funny. The only one who read my magazine was my young brother.  And that was the last time I show my desire to be a writer.
But I still loved to read. The first novel I read titled 'Nabi Muhammad'. It's 300 pages. I read it when I was at the 3rd grade, then continued with Harry Potter and the soccerer's stone. I always curious with my father's book shelves. There was a lot of bussiness book, though my father was one of the worst bussinessman ever. I read those kind of book too without knowing the actual meaning. It just because there's no other book. But my father sometimes bought story book from his office (elementary school).

4.                        This was just an imaginary dream job. I always wanted to be a spy. The word 'adventure' was my favorite. I imagined using advanced technology to fight the crime. Using the  weapon, armed with the multifunction wacth and glasses, operate  jet plane, decoding, fight with kung fu. This was inspired by Spy Kid movie released in 2001, at my 5th grade. I like the role of Carmen on that movie. She's smart and cool. Carmen also had a young brother like me.  My other imaginary job was to be a hero like in the cartoon. I created Clow Card like in the Card Captor Sakura, I draw angel for each card according to the card name, for example : Rain Card, Music Card, Fly Card, Jump Card, etc.

 I couldn't remember the other story.... I'll write again in the next post.

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When I was a Kid #1 : The Changing Dream


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