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10 Truths About Bloggers ~ Ten On Tuesday

Originally posted in May 2013, I'm re-sharing these 10 interesting fun facts about Bloggers in general. How many of these do you agree with?


I've come to the following realizations (mostly about bloggers in general) based on the May Photo Challenge that a group of us attempted. Here they are...

  1. Bloggers, as a general rule, are book lovers. Most love reading P.G. Wodehouse. Well, at least they have Wodehouse on their book-shelf.

  2. Bloggers love telling stories... even stories about how their little toddlers love telling stories!

  3. Bloggers are more prone to weight problems. Most are trying to lose weight. Some even have a specific tag or category on their blog for this. (Ahem! Checks own 'tag-cloud'!)

  4. Nothing is too insignificant for both bloggers and photographers. We can dish out our "500 words" and "1000 words" respectively, for anything under the sun... be it a flavored yoghurt from the market, or even just a glass of water!

  5. Most of our family members and friends have accepted by now, that we are insane. So they usually cooperate in our "blogging-adventures" without too much fuss or complaining. (READ: They have learnt that "quick" is "painless".)

  6. The more seasoned and prolific the blogger, the better s/he becomes at time management. Work, home, socializing, reading, blogging, playing virtual games... these are nothing more to them than balls in an expert juggler's hands.

  7. Blogging, inevitably, makes us innovative and, as we Indians like to put it, "jugaadu". If a post has to be done, it just has to be done. It doesn't matter how many boxes we have to "think out of" in the process.

  8. Bloggers are a multi-talented species. Writing, photography, using photo-editing tools... these are a part of most bloggers' arsenal. Some even acquire varying degrees of web-designing skills, just to beautify their blogs.

  9. Bloggers (and photographers) can get hit by blog (or picture) ideas anywhere... a discussion on Facebook, while at work, in the shower, while cooking, while painting their nails, even in their dreams!

  10. Bloggers love "blogger jokes" (like we have"sardar-ji jokes"), and are probably laughing along while reading this, nodding their head in agreement.

So there are the 10 truths I've noticed about bloggers. If you are a blogger, then which ones of these do you relate with? And if you're not a blogger, but have a friend or family member who is, then which of these would you say applies to him/her?

Here's more in "Ten-On-Tuesday"!

This post first appeared on Miss_teerious, please read the originial post: here

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10 Truths About Bloggers ~ Ten On Tuesday


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