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You get what you expect: Leadership, Perception, and the Realization of Beliefs

You Get What You Expect: Leadership, Perception, And The Realization Of Beliefs

This truth is clearly seen in men who desire to train leaders and lead their ministries. It is also seen in how parents view their children. It has so much to do with everything that you might take a few minutes to think about it with me.

What is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

A self-fulfilling prophecy occurs when a prediction or expectation influences behavior in a way that causes it to come true.

The process begins with a person's belief or expectation about a situation or outcome. This expectation influences the person's behavior, often unconsciously. The changed behavior elicits responses from others or the environment that aligns with the initial expectation. These responses reinforce the original belief, making it appear "true." The cycle continues, further cementing the belief and its outcomes.

You can see this in what the teacher believes about the student. If a teacher thinks a student is bright, they might give them more attention and opportunities, leading to improved performance that confirms the initial belief.

You can see this in the relationship between husband and wife. If someone expects their partner to be unfaithful, they might become overly suspicious and controlling, potentially pushing their partner away and creating the very situation they feared.

Confirmation Bias

We tend to notice and remember information that confirms our existing Beliefs. Individuals tend to favor information confirming their preexisting beliefs or hypotheses while disregarding or minimizing information contradicting them. This bias can significantly impact decision-making and perception in various contexts, often without the individual's awareness.

Even when presented with the same information, individuals can interpret it in ways that support their beliefs. This implies that two individuals with divergent beliefs may reach entirely distinct conclusions based on an identical collection of information.

People are more likely to remember information supporting their beliefs and forget information contradicting them. This selective memory reinforces their existing views over time.

Placebo Effect

Believing in a positive outcome can sometimes lead to real improvements.

The placebo effect is a fascinating phenomenon where a person experiences real improvements in their condition or symptoms simply by believing they are receiving an effective treatment, even when that treatment is inert or fake.

The primary driver of the placebo effect is the patient's expectation of improvement. When people believe they receive an effective treatment, their brain can trigger healing processes.

What are you to do knowing this

  1. Understand that beliefs and expectations can influence behaviors and outcomes, and strive to maintain a positive and encouraging mindset.

  2. Emphasize critical thinking and evidence-based decision-making to minimize the impact of confirmation bias.

  3. Develop strategies to instill belief and confidence in team members, promoting a constructive and optimistic outlook.

  4. Foster open communication to identify and address potential biases and negative expectations affecting team dynamics.

  5. Lead by example through your mindset, decision-making, and interactions, modeling constructive and informed behaviors while acknowledging the potential impact of self-fulfilling prophecies.

Introducing Chris Hill

I want to challenge you to pray about personally supporting this young man in the ministry God has called him to do. Here is his letter.

Chris Hill

(770) 375-9672

℅ Lighthouse Baptist Church

329 Harmony Church Rd

Dawsonville GA 30534

[email protected] (PayPal)

Dear friend,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I've been blessed with a great opportunity to work with my brother, Will Hill in Japan. Last year, I was able to spend over six months in Niigata helping Kibou Baptist Church grow and reach out to people who don’t know Jesus. The need for laborers is urgent, and I hope you are willing to join our team.

When I was 5 years old I heard the Gospel, understood it, and believed in Jesus as my only salvation. God blessed me with family, pastors, a Christian school, and missionaries that gave me an amazing Christian heritage of service and love for soul winning. For over 20 years I've been preaching, teaching, and serving in my local church, and I believe God has called and equipped me to do the same in Japan.

I’ve tried to think of a way to describe or explain the need in Japan, but it’s so staggering it seems unreal. The numbers are fairly straightforward: of the 125,000,000 Japanese people, less than 2 million consider themselves Christian, and that’s using the most liberal definition of the word, including many people who have never even heard the Gospel. To put that in perspective, imagine getting up in the morning, leaving your house for school or work, getting a bite for lunch, interacting with colleagues and customers, teachers and students, then going out for supper before heading home for the night. It was a busy day passing hundreds, possibly thousands of people, but in Japan, it’s possible that none of those people would be Christian. In fact, it’s possible that none of them had ever heard the truth about Jesus.

Additionally, our church is in desperate need of a Christian school to assist our families. Parents and children are constantly bombarded with the Devil’s lies, and a Christian school will help train future generations to love the truth and carry the Gospel to the lost. One of my goals for this term in Japan is to start a Bible-based school just like I grew up with. I believe it is essential to the work being done in Japan, and I know it will take years of full-time service to see it accomplished.

Put simply, Japan needs more laborers immediately. It would be an overwhelming task except for the power of the Gospel. Jesus gave us the authority and resources to reach Japan, and I want to be part of that. My hope is that you do, too.

I trust that if you read this, you will pray for me, but will you take the extra step to become a long-term partner with me? You can make a donation online through my home church’s website, through our PayPal account, or you can mail a check. Make checks payable to Lighthouse Baptist Church, and be sure to include my name in the description, please! All donations are tax deductible through my church.

I really appreciate your support, and I look forward to telling you about God’s great work in Niigata!

Ready to Go,

Chris Hill

This post first appeared on Austin Gardner, please read the originial post: here

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You get what you expect: Leadership, Perception, and the Realization of Beliefs