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The Bachelor: Arie Compliments Paris A Lot

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Week 6

While Fort Lauderdale is an irresistible destination for telling a love story, the show decides to head to Paris, France which now that I think of it is more romantic than Fort Lauderdale. Chris Harrison works overtime this week, talking to Arie on a bench and announcing the date lineup for the week. As soon as the phrase "2-on-1 date" comes out of Chris Harrison's mouth, season villain Krystal knows it is her destiny to be on this date.

The last Lauren standing gets the first 1-on-1 date of the week which involves taking in the beautiful sights of Paris while Arie says "that's pretty" and Lauren replies "wow" a bunch of times. The extremely boring day portion moves into a romantic dinner portion where Arie tries to get Lauren to come out of her shell. Lauren's difficulty to trusts leads Arie to reveal a huge piece of his life: his most serious relationship broke up with him after she miscarried their child and he was travelling for racing. Lauren lets her guard down and tells Arie about her failed engagement. It's not the most thrilling date but it's real emotions being shared and Arie thinks Lauren is amazing so he gives her the rose.

After the snoozefest that was the first date, the night livens up a bit with the group date's trip to the Moulin Rouge. But instead of the big group performance, the date turns into a competition during the cocktail party. Whichever girl gets the group date rose will get to perform onstage at Moulin Rouge with Arie. Honestly... just throw it. Bekah M gets the group date rose I guess because Arie likes that she's so into him now that she got jealous of another girl getting a date. So they head back to Moulin Rouge and Arie poorly lip syncs in French while Bekah dances around him. The height of entertainment. 

Kendall and Krystal are chosen for the 2-on-1 date and while Krystal was a given, I'd like to think Kendall was chosen for alphabetical proximity. Playing venue for this season's Thunderdome is a gorgeous chateau where Arie plays tour guide and hides in a hedge maze because that worked out well in The Shining. Arie brings up Krystal talking behind his back instead of bringing issues right to him, and I guess that's all enough because they makeout. But then Krystal throws Kendall under the bus, saying Kendall's not ready to be in love. Arie tells Kendall about this smack talk, which fires her up and leads Kendall to confront Krystal about her hurtful behavior but also try to set her on the right path. "I don't really have words," Krystal replies. Arie extends the date to dinner to continue to awkwardness, including Krystal insisting she doesn't have a hard time connecting with people (SURE, GIRL). Krystal delivers more of her classic bullshit to Arie and it seems like he's finally figured our her game. Arie gives Kendall the date rose and takes her up to smooch on the top of the Eiffel Twoer, leaving Krystal behind to get a view of the Eiffel Tower from the restaurant window. While I'm glad to see this tired storyline end, it's also the only interesting thing that's happened in six weeks so... a new chapter begins.

The last 1-on-1 date of the week goes to Jacqueline who has had little to no airtime until this date so this should be interesting. The swanky vintage Triumph dies upon pickup so instead they have to take a cab. Um, why didn't you take the Jurassic Park Jeep that was behind you??? Ok back to this boring Bachelor. Arie takes Jacqueline shopping for a fancy new dress then brings her to a romantic private dinner. Jacqueline is very straight-forward and direct which is super refreshing, as she wonders if she's an "experiment" for a date and has felt left behind. Arie is intimidated by her intelligence and is concerned Jacqueline won't be able to pursue her PhD dreams and would give that up if they were together. Jacqueline just wants to keep trying to date Arie and even with this educational speedbump on the map, Arie gives her the rose and they kiss a lot.

Arie commences the Rose Ceremony by yet again complimenting Paris and I feel like there's a good chance he might give a rose to the city of Paris. After handing out his roses, Arie bids adieu to Chelsea and Jenna. But all is not well as Lauren is in a bad mood about potentially being on this show and not getting picked.

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The Bachelor: Arie Compliments Paris A Lot


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