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13 Easy Tips For Fostering Good Relationships

Do you need information on keeping good relationships? If so, read on to learn about 13 easy tips to fostering good relationships.

So, your vision of a good relationship is probably never fighting, spending all time together, and super romantic. Right?


Your relationship with one and others is one of the most crucial components of your life.

Relationships affect many different aspects of your health and life such as stress levels, health, and happiness. But when we connect with our partners emotionally, physically, and romantically, it feels great. And remember, it does take work.

Watch this video to find out more about the 13 easy tips on how to fostering good relationships. 😊 It can also be found on my Facebook Group page. If you would like to join the group, please CLICK HERE.

13 Tips To Fostering Good Relationships

1. Communicate with patience

We all know communication is key to great relationships of any sort. But many people don’t know how to communicate effectively.

Healthy couples vocalize their love for each other.

They discuss feelings so their partner is not guessing. When our partners assume things, that is when communication starts to break down.

This does include challenging issues too! And you may both agree or disagree and that is okay too.

It’s all about talking openly and not judging.

2. Compromise

Every relationship will have a conflict to some degree.

Guess what? It’s not the conflict that affects your relationship. It’s how you handle the issue.

The most crucial element to solving conflict is compromising.

You cannot be the one who is right all of the time. And you should not be the one compromising all of the time either.

Keep an open mind.

3. Appreciate often

Often couples fall into patterns and take each other for granted.

Notice the small things and acknowledged them to your partner.

When you appreciate your partner it’s an excellent motivator to your partner. It generates positive feelings in the relationship.

Also, practice gratitude and focus on the good instead of fixating on the bad.

4. Always respect each other

Your relationship will flourish when you both respect each other.

Being respectful means:

  • Being mindful of their feelings
  • Beliefs
  • Time
  • and Trust

Ways to break respect:

  1. Name-calling
  2. Talking negatively
  3. Threats

5. Allow for personal space

A healthy relationship requires you each give each other space.

Allow each other to have your own time with friends, time in general, family, hobbies, and other individual interests.

Spending all of your time with your partner not only suffocates each other but can create an unhealthy and co-dependent situation.

6. Be each other’s rock

We all o through tough times. But when we know our partner is there to support us it makes these tough situations easier.

No matter how independent you are allow yourself to lean on your partner for support.

When you go through hard times together it strengthens your relationship.

7. Be responsible for your own happiness

It does happen that partners expect too much from each other.

People that were never happy, hope to feel happiness when entering a relationship. People that were never confident, how to be more confident again when entering a relationship. They need to feel valued.

Unfortunately, this does not usually work for a long-lasting relationship.

8. Learn more about each other

Do you really know your partner?

What excites them?

Do you know their goals and dreams?

Take an interest in what makes them tick.

9. Learn to validate your partner’s feelings

Validating your partner’s feelings increases the emotional security of your relationship.

Listen to your partner without the urge to fix things. Let them know you hear them.

10. Check in with each other

When things are rough, ask them if they are okay.

Or, after a long day, ask “What was the most challenging part of your day?”

But just don’t end it there.  Aks something specific.

11. Fight fairly

Disagreeing is healthy. And just because you fight does not mean you don’t love each other.

Remind yourself that, at the end of the day, you are both on the same team.

Do not attack each other. Instead, try to understand each other.

Work towards a solution.

12. Sleep on it

Enough said. Sometimes you just have to sleep on it.

Wake up with a refreshed mind and revisit.

13. Keep things interesting

As a couple, you will change over time. Keep things interesting by trying new activities or adventures.

Just break up the normal routine.

14. Final thoughts

If you want a healthy relationship you need to create a healthy environment. Make your partner feel good about themselves.

The secret sauce is to ensure there are more good moments rather than bad ones. But it should not feel like a 2nd job.

Find pleasure, fun, and comfort in your relationship.

Lastly, never compare your relationship to anyone else’s. Things are seldom what they look like.

Take care and Think Me First 💙💚!



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13 Easy Tips For Fostering Good Relationships


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