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How to Start to Live Again Without Regrets

How to live start to live again without regrets

I know you may be asking yourself on how you are going to live again without regrets. In this post I'm going to show you how you can live again without regrets of your past life.

We all know our past experiences may haunt us. It is very hard to walk away from them. Whenever we close our eyes we still picture ourselves living in the same world of regrets. This may be due to what Happened to us or what we did. We just wish we had the time to go back and make things right.

That is impossible! We can't go back in time and make things right. We don't have the ability to clear our heads completely from the mess we did or which were done unto us. We have no power to change the past but we have the power to start a fresh. It's all on us to choose which kind of life we want to live again. Do you still want to live in a world of regrets? Or you want to acquire a happy life for yourself?

Let me highlight for you the ways in which you can leave your past behind and focus on the new life you got. 

 1. Accept the things you can't change. 

This might be a difficult thing for you to do. I want to assure you that it's the first best way to leave your past behind. The things that happened they shouldn't be your priority. You should never let them occupy your life. If you let them occupy your life then you will have nothing left for you to live for. 

Our past do not define us. We live in the world of today and for the yesterday was forgotten. Admit that you can't let your past haunt you. Live a free man. This is the easiest way to make a way into your new life. Regrets will deprive you your Happiness away. It will make you live like a thief. I can't imagine such kind of life for myself. 

Why should I live like I borrowed the life from someone else? Why should I cling to the past? 

Just let go of the past. You cannot change them neither can you go back and make things right. Once something has come to happen the only thing we can do is to accept the fact that we can't change them. Live your life and hope for something more beautiful for tomorrow. Life is celebrated today if you waste your today thinking of of your past and regretting about it, when will you celebrate? 

 2. Be grateful that you still live. 

Regrets are only meant to take away your happiness. The things that we faced back then might have broke us into pieces. We could be somewhere else right now. Somewhere far from where we are right now, maybe 6 feet deep in the ground! Are you thinking of what I'm?

How many people have you come across with similar things that happened to you and they still live? Seven? Ten? You know better. 

Be grateful that you still got your life. Even though it may not be on line but I'm pretty sure you will work things out if you follow up what I'm outlining here. The moment you have right now show gratitude cause it opens up every door of goodness for you. You will get relieved and everything will go back to normal. Do you know why I'm saying this? 

Simple because gratitude is very different from complaining. 

 3. Make time for the people you have around you. 

No matter what happened to us. Life will still move on. People will go and another ones will come. If we live with regrets of what happened to us we will have no joy to embrace and accommodate this new people who have occupied our lives. For us to leave that behind, we have to make time for the people who are around us. 

Laugh with them, be open to them, trust them and make most out of the company they give to you. This can be a good way to make you leave your contrition behind. Every person that we welcome in our lives come with their own goodness. Letting them in our lives may make us have a different view of our life and this can turn out to be the best decision we have ever made! 

I remember when I was still living as a contrite. I was constantly thinking about what happened to me. This made me so much loner. I never thought I would find happiness again. Life seemed a mess. The breath I took in looked like a poison to me. I wished the world was torn apart so that I can vanish forever from the face of the earth. 

I never wanted to make friends. I thought everyone looked the negative side of me. I branded myself a name, "A loner" 
It was hard to sit around anyone and open up on how I felt inside me. 

The moment I started meeting new people and welcomed them in my life. Everything started changing. I saw a spark of joy and happiness covering my life. I had no worries about really happened to me. My memory was now stable and instilled with new moments of joy and laughter. I guess you should do the same. Make time for new people in your life and you will start to live again without regrets. 

 4. Start doing things differently from the past. 

Old habits triggers our emotions and memories. We cannot live away from our past if we are still doing the old things we used to do. You want to live without regrets, you have to input new ways of doing things. Leave your old ways of handling things because it may drive you back where you came from. I hope you know how much painful it is when you scratch your old wounds which were about to heal. Ouch! I don't want to experience that. 

You can start to do things differently by changing everything that may take you back to your old life. I just want you to know that regrets are always within us, it's very hard to burry them, but when we manage to do so we have to search for a way in which we can forget completely about what we went through. 

To summarise, living with regrets should be the least of everyone's expectation. We cannot achieve a happy life if we will dwell with our past. We have to accept that what happened to us can't be changed but we have the chance to live a life that will make it right. 

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How to Start to Live Again Without Regrets


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