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EZ Battery Reconditioning Program – My Honest Review

EZ Battery Reconditioning - Summary


The instructions are very detailed, simple and easy to understand and follow. The step-by-step process in looking for batteries and getting everything ready is the best you can get. But you gotta be patient to get everything right. 


The guide is very practical and can be applied almost immediately but you've got to make sure you follow the instructions to the tee and obey all safety rules contained in it.


The EZ Battery Reconditioning program is very affordable but not cheap. If you're on a very tight budget, you might want to save up a little more. But at the end of the day, it's well worth the price. 

Overall rating :  4.7 / 5

EZ Battery Reconditioning has caused quite a lot of stir in the DIY industry.


  • Is it a scam?
  • Does EZ Battery Reconditioning program work?
  • What is the secret or protocol behind this method?

Well, let’s find out!

As you already know, it is surely impossible in this Life that there is no one on this Earth who has not experienced the frustrations that having a flat battery brings.

It feels as if your life gets put on hold, that everything takes a step backward when a battery has no more life in it anymore or has gone flat.

And because they can be pretty expensive to buy new, and you don’t have any magic wand to wave over it to bring it back to life, it can leave you feeling enraged and frustrated.

There are thousands of people who can probably testify that they were late for meetings because of a flat battery, etc.

Of course, in the physical life, if our own bodily ‘battery’ feels flat, we know how sluggish and almost depressed we feel.

In fact we would love the doctor to tell us that we need “plenty of vitamin Sea” and rest to bring us back to our old selves again!

So naturally, we know what it feels like when the batteries in our busy lives let us down.

A solution has been found!

Did you know that you can tuck away those frustrations and fury caused by a flat battery firmly behind you from now on?

Two guys, Tom and Frank, who have been through the same frustrations you have – flat batteries - have created something that you are all going to want to snatch up immediately.

It’s a reconditioner that brings dead batteries back to life, restoring them to how they were when first you got them! Eager to know what it’s called?

Let us introduce you to the EZ Battery Reconditioning System.

What is EZ Battery Reconditioning?

Well, it’s an online program, based on a very simple idea and that is to restore old batteries and extend their lifespan. 

It’s an online course, but a step-by-step one, to help all those millions of people to restore their batteries, making use of readily available materials to do just that. 

The term of restoring batteries is known as Battery Reconditioning.

Did you know that battery degradation is actually a chemical problem?

Simply put, a typical battery has 2 major components inside it; the anode and the cathode – these are known as electrodes, and they make up what most of us know and that is the positive and negative terminals.

These are usually found inside an electrolyte and through which the ions to charge the battery flows.

When the battery is charging, it kind of ‘takes’ its energy from the flow of ion charges

Therefore it actually reverses the flow from the ions, so that eventually they lose their ability to hold the strong charge over time.

Charging up a battery on a regular basis eventually wears out the electrodes.

The battery just continues to become degraded.

But now, along comes EZ Battery Reconditioning.

They have created this whole process whereby the worn-out electrodes get rejuvenated, which naturally improves their potential to recharge those ions that are flowing through.

This helps the battery to last longer.

This is the bottom line!

Basically, when you recondition your old batteries, you save yourself money because you won’t need to replace the old battery immediately it starts becoming flat and starts dying out.  

When you know how to recondition a battery from the online course, you could actually start making a very profitable venture out of this whole concept. 

The EZ Battery Reconditioning course will show you just how.

Who thought up this amazing product?

Tom Ericson

Tom Ericson

Well, it’s a guide, actually, created by two guys, Frank Thompson and Tom Ericson.

These two men met when Frank walked in to where Tom was working, at a golf cart company – which golf carts work off batteries.

Frank was running a battery reconditioning and servicing business out in South Carolina. He would go around to businesses he knew and haul their old dead batteries away for free.

Then he would later recondition them, selling them later and making a nice profit for himself. 

He was busy collecting the old batteries at Tom’s place one day when they got chatting.

Tom wondered why Frank collected the batteries;

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EZ Battery Reconditioning Program – My Honest Review


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