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The 100 Grooviest Halloween TV Episodes #68 - 100

To celebrate Halloween, I thought it would be fun to count down the 100 Grooviest Halloween TV Episodes. Hopefully I've selected a few of your favorites.

100) Empty Nest - "It's Not Easy Being Green"/October 31, 1992
Harry agrees to help Laverne hand out candy on Halloween, while Carol and Patrick are mugged after attending a costume party dressed as Madame Curie and Radium.

99) Cougar Town - "You Don't Know How It Feels"/October 27, 2010
Laurie tries to show Travis how good Halloween can be. At Grayson's costume bash at his pub, he goes dressed as Prince (to Jules' princess); Ellie and Laurie dress as each other; Andy goes as Burt Reynolds; Bobby goes as Windy Guy; and Travis later shows up dressed as Andy.

98) Route 66 - "Lizard's Leg and Owlet's Wing"/October 26, 1962
Tod has to moderate a meeting between Lon Chaney, Jr., Boris Karloff and Peter Lorre.

97) The Fall Guy - "October the 31st"/October 31, 1984
Colt and the gang are filming in an eerie mansion and encounter strange happenings in this Halloween-themed episode.

96) My So-Called Life - "Halloween"/October 27, 1994
After learning of a student who died in the early 1960s in the school, Angela, with Rayanne and Rickie, decides to break into the school on Halloween night.

95) M*A*S*H - "Trick or Treatment"/November 1, 1982
The 4077th's Halloween party is side-tracked by wounded and a brawl that starts at Rosie's. George Wendt plays a Marine with a pool ball stuck in his mouth.

94) Clueless - "Trick or Treat"/October 28, 1997
Cher, Dionne, Sean and Murray are invited by Amber to attend an exclusive Hollywood Halloween party, which turns out to be a stage crew party instead.

93) Pretty Little Liars - "This Is a Dark Ride"/October 23, 2012
In this special Halloween episode - which is a homage to teen slasher horror flicks such as Halloween and Terror Train - the Liars are unable to enjoy the festivities for a train excursion when it becomes apparent that "A" is on the train and out for blood.

92) The King of Queens - "Ticker Treat"/October 29, 2001
Miffed over Arthur's banishment of Halloween, Doug's forcing it down his throat lands Arthur in the hospital. Deacon worries Kirby may be gay when he'd rather have a traditionally female costume.

91) According to Jim - "Dress to Kill Me"/October 26, 2004
Kyle wants to be Cinderella for Halloween, but Jim is against it because he thinks he's growing up to be a sissy. In the end, Jim, Andy and Kyle all go trick-or-treating as ladies.

90) Medium - "Bite Me"/October 30, 2009
In a Halloween special, Allison has vivid nightmares that insert her into scenes from the classic horror film Night of the Living Dead, which leave her with unexplained cuts and bite marks and possible clues that could lead her to a funeral director's murderer.

89) ALF - "Some Enchanted Evening"/October 26, 1987
Not allowed to go trick-or-treating, ALF attends Willie's Halloween party.

88) Felicity - "Spooked"/October 27, 1998 
Ben invites Felicity to a Halloween party.

87) The Facts of Life - "The Halloween Show"/October 26, 1983
The girls have a Halloween party, but Mrs. Garrett appears to be possessed, and a customer disappears without explanation.

86) The Middle - "Halloween V"/October 29, 2014
To help supplement her college fund, Sue arranges a pumpkin-patch screening of It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

85) Home Improvement - "A Night to Dismember"/October 28, 1997
It's Halloween at the Taylor's house. Mark tells his parents that he and Ronny are going to make a horror film and asks them to be in it.

84) Psych - "This Episode Sucks"/October 26, 2011
A body that's been drained of its blood is found, and Shawn thinks the man was killed by a vampire.

83) Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "Fear, Itself"/October 26, 1999
The gang find themselves in a real-life house of horrors while at a Halloween frat party.

82) The Goldbergs - "Stevie King"/October 26, 2016
Adam is determined to write a novel in the vein of horror icon Stephen King. Geoff and Evey reveal they are going to the high school Halloween dance as Audrey and Audrey Jr. from Little Shop of Horrors, and Erica quickly lies that she is going with Lainey's hot cousin.

81) Growing Pains - "Happy Halloween" (Parts 1 and 2)/October 31, 1990
The Seavers spend a rainy Halloween night telling ghost stories.

80) Perfect Strangers - "Aliens"/October 28, 1988
Larry and Balki throw a Halloween party, and after six hours of watching horror movies, Larry awakens to discover that Balki is an alien from "Planet Mypos" who is turning everyone into Mypiots by putting vests on them.

79) Happy Endings - "Spooky Endings"/October 26, 2011
Penny, Max, Dave and Alex head to a Halloween warehouse party, where their costumes don't have the effect they anticipated.

78) The Goldbergs - "Who Are You Going to Telephone?"/October 29, 2013
Beverly loves Halloween, but becomes despondent after the kids won't celebrate the holiday with her because they want to do their own thing. Murray finds out that Adam vandalized his own home and grounds him.

77) South Park - "Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery"/October 27, 1999
Nu metal band Korn guest stars in this episode where they are blamed for making Halloween immoral. Meanwhile, the boys use Kyle's grandmother's corpse to scare the sixth graders.

76) Sabrina the Teenage Witch - "Good Will Haunting"/October 30, 1998
Sabrina is given an evil doll named Molly Dolly that proceeds to terrorize her friends. Hilda and Zelda are trapped at a party in an insane asylum featuring cast members from Laugh-In.

75) The Simpsons - "Treehouse of Horror IV"/October 28, 1993
In a parody of Night Gallery, Bart tells three scary stories based on paintings, including "Bart Simpson's Dracula", in which Bart and Lisa discover that Mr. Burns is a vampire.

74) Roseanne - "Halloween V"/October 26, 1993
Darlene and David scheme to terrify Roseanne on Halloween.

73) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - "Who Got Dee Pregnant?"/October 28, 2010
The gang gets a real scare after Dee reveals that she is pregnant and that one of the guys is the father. The news forces them to recall their last hazy Halloween party to determine who it is.

72) Kate & Allie - "Halloween II"/October 27, 1986
A mix-up during a Halloween parade causes Kate to bring home a stranger who claims to have a dead, invisible wife. delete ?

71) Mike & Molly - "Happy Halloween"/October 31, 2011
Molly is excited when she is invited to a Halloween party at the house of her boss, and she and Mike go as Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein. Vince has trouble with teenagers asking for candy without even dressing up. Carl and Samuel make a plan to get women by dressing up as Zorro and SpongeBob SquarePants.

70) Tabitha - "Halloween Show"/November 12, 1977
After making snide comments on his show about the possible existence of witches, Paul gets to spend Halloween in the form of a werewolf.

69) Brothers - "Masquerade"/October 30, 1987
Joe throws a Halloween costume party.

68) How I Met Your Mother - "The Slutty Pumpkin Returns"/October 31, 2011
Ted finally meets the mystery girl from the slutty pumpkin costume (Katie Holmes).

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The 100 Grooviest Halloween TV Episodes #68 - 100


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