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Intimacy After Stoma Surgery
2022-07-01 10:30
Continuing with the theme of relationships this month, I talk about intimacy after stoma surgery.  I share my experiences, and why I think intimacy is particularly important after ostom… Read More
Sleep Hygiene And IBD
2022-06-30 10:25
Sleep hygiene. Why does it matter, and what does it actually involve? When I first heard the term sleep hygiene, I assumed it was referring to things we actually know as hygiene. Cleanliness… Read More
Deep Shade Trough
2022-06-01 12:26
I repurposed an old trough! I initially thought fernery, but later decided more plant varieties would probably serve me better. This was confirmed when I saw Brunnera macrophylla 'Sea Heart'… Read More
Talking To Your Partner About Your Stoma
2022-05-31 12:03
Talking about your stoma can be difficult. Your relationship with yourself, your acceptance, and your comfort level, have to come first. We have to start with YOU. In a previous blog, I talk… Read More
Is This Symptom Normal?
2022-05-26 10:04
I often see people with Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis asking if their symptoms are normal, in the #IBDSuperHeroes Facebook group. They're usually asking because they're unsure whethe… Read More
Naming Your Stoma
2022-05-18 10:28
In this blog, I talk about my decision to name my second ileostomy. I did not name my first stoma - I wish I had! Find out how naming my ostomy helped me - Stoma names: The potential po… Read More
Deep Shade Planting
2022-05-17 08:59
I've been working on the shady areas of my garden, and I think it might now be my favourite spot!! There are shady borders and shady pots. See what plants I've used in the shade! Read More
Where Did All The IBD & Ostomy Blogs Go?!
2022-05-06 12:01
I used to be an avid reader of IBD and ostomy blogs. Some lifestyle changes and hobbies have meant that I haven't delved in for a while. This morning, I opened all of the 28 IBD blogs I have… Read More
Hair Loss In IBD
2022-04-25 14:12
Let’s talk about hair loss and Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). A 2015 study stated that 33 per cent of people with IBD reported experiencing hair loss. People with Crohn’s dise… Read More
What Does Remission Look Like?
2022-04-22 07:50
Remission is what most people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease are striving for. It’s also what our healthcare team is striving for, for us. However, what that actually means can be rea… Read More
We're Probably Not “fine”
2022-04-19 10:23
You will often hear people with IBD saying “I’m fine”, “I’m OK” or even “I’m good”. But are we really fine, OK, or good? Today, I want t… Read More
Gardening In March
2022-04-01 13:29
What a busy month March is in the gardening calendar! I can confirm that I’ve absolutely loved it. I've seen so many visiting bees and butterflies already 🥰  It&rsquo&hell…Read More
What Is Tenesmus And How Is It Treated?
2022-04-01 09:54
Tenesmus might feel a little different for different people, but generally, it presents as the physical sensation of needing to pass stool, even when you are empty. This might mean that a pe… Read More
Travelling With IBD
2022-03-31 11:48
Travelling can be a source of anxiety at the best of times. Throw IBD into the mix and it’s a whole new ball game! I wanted to share some tips for travelling with IBD with you. Hopefu… Read More
20 Low Residue Meal Ideas
2022-03-11 11:14
A low residue diet might be advised for a number of reasons. For example, it might benefit people with problematic diarrhoea, narrowing’s (strictures) in the intestine, or following su… Read More
Scalp Psoriasis
2022-03-09 12:06
I've talked about my healthcare anxiety before. I have a pretty hefty list of things I need to contact the GP about, but I just keep putting it off. For example, my scalp... I had psoriasis… Read More
'Tis The Season To Be Seed Sowing!
2022-03-03 15:30
I'd decided fruit and veg wasn’t happening in my garden this year. I've filled all of my borders with bulbs, and plan to sow seeds directly into the ground wherever possible so as not… Read More
Organisation In Gardening
2022-03-03 15:23
I am ridiculously organised when it comes to seeds, plants, and the care of them. I don't want to be responsible for the death of any, and my brain doesn't have the capacity to store everyth… Read More
Dear Stoma, I Love You Because…
2022-02-14 13:07
Liking, loving, or even just accepting your stoma is often not easy. It might feel like something you could never possibly do. The circumstances that led to needing a stoma, whether it was a… Read More
Dating With An Ostomy
2022-02-11 10:54
Dating can be hard, period. Dating when you have a stoma can feel even harder. When do you bring it up? How much detail do you go into? Will it put someone off? So many questions!! 😵… Read More
Night-time Incontinence
2022-02-11 10:53
Accidents. Incontinence. Call it what you will. To be in your 20s and experiencing faecal incontinence is soul-destroying. I’m not saying it’s any less soul-destroying later or e… Read More
The Journey To Better Teeth
2022-01-28 14:59
I previously wrote about the state of my teeth and how I thought IBD may have impacted them. Today, I’m talking about what I’ve had done to improve the look of them. I don’… Read More
IBD Treatment Can Be Really Rough
2022-01-24 15:25
As IBD patients, we often get used to the treatments and side effects that we have to take to get rid of our symptoms. It just becomes part of our life. We no longer consider how overwhelmin… Read More
Ostomy Life: Progress Report
2022-01-19 11:09
I can’t even count on one hand, the number of times that I’ve thought I’d got a brand new start. I’ve had a grand total of 7 bowel surgeries, and with each, I’v… Read More
One Step Forward… Two Steps Back
2022-01-06 12:42
Do you ever feel like your life is just constantly one step forward, and two steps back?When I was first diagnosed, I had surgery to form an ileostomy less than a week later. I thought that… Read More
HealthCARE Anxiety
2022-01-04 13:35
This was a tough one to write. Because:A) it's difficult for me to admit weaknessB) I had to re-live some crappy memories to include themHealth anxiety is a thing. Health anxiety is when som… Read More
Fighting To Be Heard In Healthcare
2021-12-09 10:45
I regularly find myself “nagging” at people because they’re suffering, but not contacting their healthcare professionals (HCPs). Often using reasons such as work or other c… Read More
2021-12-07 14:02
When I had my first ileostomy in 2007, I actually thought I wasn’t able to go swimming with a stoma. I imagined my bag would just float off me in the chlorinated water! That said, I di… Read More
What Is Crohn's And Colitis Advocacy?
2021-12-04 14:54
In this blog, I talk about what it actually means to be an IBD advocate. It's not just posting on social media about Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis from time to time. It's not just ru… Read More
I Can’t Hold My Pee!
2021-11-22 11:43
Incontinence of the faecal kind is sometimes expected in IBD. Not accepted, but expected, on occasion! Many of us will have been there. But today, I wanted to talk about my bladder; how I TH… Read More
2021-11-02 11:25
A question I'm often asked, and one that I would like to pose to you is, “Do you think our healthcare team should be bringing up surgery sooner rather than later?”In this blog, I… Read More
2021-11-02 11:07
I get so frustrated when people confuse IBD and IBS. Better still, when they mix the two and invent a whole new condition! I’ve seen articles referring to "irritable bowel disease" and… Read More
Sex After Stoma Surgery
2021-10-21 10:45
Sexual relationships after you’ve had a stoma formed can feel complicated. It’s not just physical changes, but emotional changes to factor in too. I spoke to others in the commun… Read More
Disability Employment Awareness Month
2021-10-20 09:42
Disability Employment Awareness Month is actually an American observance. Having said that, we live on social media these days, which connects people all over the world. I think it’s a… Read More
Comments And Accusations During Meals Out
2021-10-07 10:07
Having IBD or a stoma can make meals out feel daunting. You name it, we’ve probably considered (and gotten anxious about) it: Leaving smells in public toiletsFinding something appropri… Read More
What If I Don’t Want To Rest?!
2021-10-04 12:00
I HATE resting. I have never been very good at it. It always feels like there’s so much to do! I feel stressed if there's lots to do and it's piling up, and I feel stressed when I am e… Read More
Where’s My Psychological Support?
2021-09-23 08:16
It's no secret that living with IBD can result in mental health decline. More and more studies arrive at the same conclusion. So, why is support still not offered more frequently?At numerous… Read More
We’re Not “fussy Eaters
2021-09-07 10:29
In this blog, I talk about eating out and trying to stick to "safe foods". I hate being thought of as a fussy eater. I really don’t think I am, but of course, IBD often dictates what w… Read More
Preparing For Stoma Surgery – Part 2
2021-09-03 08:11
This blog focuses on mental preparation, and aims to answer any questions you might have!Someone putting my mind at ease about all of the day-to-day things would definitely have helped me th… Read More
Preparing For Stoma Surgery – Part 1
2021-09-02 09:51
Preparation is always key for me. So, when something as big and life-altering as stoma surgery is coming, I need to get myself organised. Preparing for stoma surgery part 1 focuses on practi… Read More
How I Was Yesterday Means Nothing Today!
2021-08-25 09:58
As a person with ulcerative colitis, I have to be constantly aware of how changeable it is. I often live day-to-day, with no expectations of what tomorrow will hold. Will I be so fatigued th… Read More
What Can I Wear With An Ostomy Bag?
2021-08-05 16:43
The first time I had an ileostomy, in 2007, I threw away all of my clothes. I bought joggers and baggy T-shirts, and I thought that’s just how it had to be.In this blog, I talk about m… Read More
2021-08-03 10:24
In this blog, I talk about constantly needing to weigh up my options with regard to my pain levels and activities. “I have experienced sooo much pain over the years, thanks to ulc… Read More
IBD And Sex
2021-07-21 09:31
I don't think we talk about the impact that IBD has on sex often enough! So, what better time to start?There have been many periods in which I didn't feel like having sex for one reason or a… Read More
Recovering From Emergency Stoma Surgery
2021-07-06 09:21
When you need emergency surgery, you don’t have much time to get your head around things. I love to plan and be organised. I love a list! So, when that time to process is removed, thin… Read More
Travel Considerations For Ostomates
2021-05-31 11:01
Some things, like travelling, can be hard enough to plan at the best of times. Throw a stoma into the mix and it suddenly seems even more daunting!In this blog, I have written about some of… Read More
Eating Out With An Ostomy
2021-05-28 10:52
Eating out can be a source of anxiety for many ostomates. We simply think too much sometimes, ultimately causing us to worry.Check out my latest blog for Fittleworth for my tips for eating o… Read More
Identifying Your IBD Triggers
2021-05-28 10:52
I often talk about how complicated having an inflammatory bowel disease is. It can be difficult to diagnose, difficult to treat, and difficult to understand by both patients and clinicians… Read More
How IBD Has Impacted My Teeth
2021-05-11 10:27
In this blog, I talk about how I think my IBD has impacted my teeth. I recently wrote about how IBD might impact teeth in general, and it was during the research for that, that I started thi… Read More
Why I Celebrate World IBD Day Every Year
2021-05-06 12:35
I have celebrated World IBD Day, which falls annually on May the 19th, for the last seven years. Even just figuring that out seems crazy. I have been raising awareness of Inflammatory Bowel… Read More
The Impact Of IBD On Teeth
2021-03-09 12:11
Current researchsuggests that people with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis are more likely to undergo dental procedures than a healthy person. This includes; dentures, front teeth fill… Read More
Controlling Weight Gain With An Ostomy
2021-03-09 10:16
Gaining weight after stoma surgery is quite a common complaint amongst the ostomy community, and it can be quite distressing to feel like you have lost control of another aspect of your life… Read More
Sharing The Love For Valentine’s Day
2021-02-10 09:28
I don’t intend to get all mushy with this post, but I do want to acknowledge Valentine’s Day this month. In this blog, I touch upon the ways in which an ostomy might impact some… Read More
Why Did I Eat That?!
2021-01-29 14:58
You might be wondering why I haven’t learned what I can and can’t eat by now. The thing is, I have. I do know what bothers me. So why do I still eat it? The answer to that questi… Read More
Fitness Pre And Post Stoma Surgery
2021-01-10 19:29
I took my health for granted before I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Why would I not? I’d never had more than a cold!My diagnosis and subsequent surgeries prompted me to take l… Read More
Bathing And Showering With An Ostomy
2021-01-10 13:41
One of the first things many new ostomates question is the bath/shower situation. “Can I get the bag wet?” “Can I still have a bath with a bag?” All being pretty comm… Read More
Ostomy Bags! How Are You Emptying Yours?
2020-11-17 10:51
A little bit of fun today!I've always emptied my bag in the same way. I tuck my top into my bra, out of the way (sorry boys). Then, I sit on the toilet and aim in-between my legs. I thought… Read More
What Causes A Jpouch To Fail?
2020-11-16 10:38
Jpouches are complicated! They're created out of loops of small intestine being cut and stitched back together, to create a storage area to replace the rectum. Basically, the small intestine… Read More
I Don’t Always Like My Stoma
2020-11-08 11:42
I always talk about what a positive impact having a stoma has had, and it genuinely has. Life pre-stoma compared to now is so much better, and I am used to my new normal, but it’s not… Read More
Going To A Theme Park With An Ostomy
2020-10-28 14:49
The first time I went to a theme park with my ileostomy, I hadn’t once thought that I might not be able to. I was just excited about going to a theme park, for the first time in years… Read More
Why Ostomy Awareness Is Important To Me
2020-10-28 14:40
I’ve had quite the journey with my stoma; from absolutely hating my first one, 2007-2009, to appreciating my second one in 2014, to finally loving my current one which I had in 2018 du… Read More
FAQ | Parastomal Hernia Prevention
2020-09-29 12:49
I asked the online ostomy community what they would like to read stoma-related blogs about, and hernia prevention was one of those topics. So, here we are – let’s get started!Wha… Read More

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