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How to Keep Him Interested in You Forever

You don’t need to make much effort to attract a man attention. It’s enough to have a beautiful appearance, open postures, unobtrusive gestures of attention, casual touches, glances and a mysterious smile. Men are attracted to external beauty and charm.

But so that after dating, first meetings, or a few months/years of relationships, the Chosen one doesn’t go cool on you, you should remember a few tips on how to keep male interest.

How to Keep Him Interested in You

Attract Him with Beauty, but Hold Him with Intelligence

If a man isn’t interested in communicating with you, you won’t be able to keep him around for a long time. The chosen one will soon get used to your beauty and slim figure after a while, and you won’t arouse his passion.

If you’re both beautiful and smart, you can always find a topic of common interest with your loved one; guess how to make him happy, when it’s better to cheer him up or to leave him alone.

Be Independent of Him

Don’t hide your strong feelings and passion for him, show care, but don’t overdo it. Don’t fall into love addiction on the chosen one. If a man thinks that he’s the center of your life, the limit of your ambitions, and you cannot find a better partner and lover, his passion and interest will soon come to naught.

Warm Up His Feelings

If you see that his interest in you has started to cool, make him jealous. Flirting with other representatives of the stronger sex will benefit both of you: it’ll cheer up your mood and sense of self-worth, and make your partner start to appeal to your sympathy again. A man is flattered when his Woman is popular with others men.

Live It Large

Even if you’re very much in love, don’t forget about your interests and friends. Men like it when a woman has her own personal life, as well as a variety of interests. It’s not necessary to spend all your free time with your loved one; it’ll keep you from missing each other.

Don’t Restrict His Freedom

A smart woman, who wants to keep the interest and feelings of the chosen one, won’t make him henpecked. Men are freedom-loving by nature, and they just need to be given freedom of action from time to time. Let the chosen one spend time with his friends or work colleagues. Don’t deprive him of this pleasure. You can chat with your friends or go shopping at this time.

Show respect to his friends. Good relations with them will endear you to your lover man even more.

Be Mysterious

A woman who has no secrets from her lover runs the risk of getting bored quickly, because she becomes conquered for him. To maintain his interest, you shouldn’t tell him all the smallest details of your daily life to maintain interest. Keep some mystery and inaccessibility in the relationship.

Be Sexy

Your sexual attractiveness is an important option of a long-term relationship with a man. Change your behavior in bed more often, be unexpected and original. Try to become both a wife and a lover for your man at the same time, so he’ll always strive to you.

Take Care of Your Appearance

No matter how interesting and deep your inner world is, don’t forget to take care of your appearance. Let your loved one admire your beauty and grooming more often.

Be Yourself

Never try to be someone you’re not just to please a man. In the end, he’ll still understand that you’re being insincere. Be yourself and don’t try to change just to become what you think he needs.

Be honest even if it’s a small matter. It seems like such a harmless little thing to tell him that you’re a crazy fan of his favorite football team, but if your mom accidentally says that you hate football, the man will respect you much less.

If a man tells you that you should change your hairstyle, quit a job that you love, or stop communicating with your friends — most likely, he just doesn’t understand and admire you for what you are.

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How to Keep Him Interested in You Forever


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