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When You and Your Best Friend Had an “Accident”

You go to the movies together (not melodramas, of course), drink dark unfiltered beer in a bar, and neither of you are looking for a serious Relationship. You’re normal; you just don’t need something more.

Your mutual friends, your parents, a waiter from the restaurant where you eat, and the doorwoman in his building are always telling you, as if hypnotized, that you’re a great couple. But you’re not a couple at all. You’re just best friends.

And so, the next your Friday meeting with a bottle of wine at your home ends with a sudden spark. Dim lights, white semi-dry wine, and your best friend.

Bang! You had sex!

Any warm relationship is based on sympathy. In addition to common interests, Friendship implies trust, support, and mutually beneficial exchange. And these signs are also characteristic of love relationships. And here you have 3/3.

Psychologists believe that choosing a best friend, a woman first of all pays attention to his sexuality. But it’s comparable to a ticking time bomb. No one will ever be able to predict when its trigger will go off. A month, year, or decade of such a friendship is expected to end in bed.


If you’re not strangers and know everything about each other, it’ll not be difficult for you to discuss this Situation. In any case, don’t pretend that nothing happened!

Firstly, it’s not an adult move. Secondly, denying the obvious will cause you to stop communicating. But it’s not passing boy from the bar. He’s your best friend.

Many couples are uncomfortable with this situation. But, given the piquancy of the situation, it’s worth taking it normally and quite naturally. After all, it can be a new round in your friendship. At the same time, there’re many options. You can stay friends, become lovers with an open relationship, or even build a serious relationship and get married.

Return to Friendship

In some cases, it’s possible to return to a friendly relationship after sex, completely forgetting what happened. To be honest, it’s possible, but it’s quite difficult. The only condition is that in the future friends should avoid situations that are conducive to intimacy.

No Strings Attached

If both partners like friendly sex, they can leave everything as it is, connecting two types of relationships in one. Their passion is mutual, but neither of them needs a serious relationship. In this case, they may combine strong friendship with great sexual marathons.

Wedding is Not Far Away

It’s sex with no strings attached that can eventually develop into a real feeling – love. By the way, such married couples usually differ in stability and longevity.

That is not, in principle, surprising. These people were already best friends. Then they had a wonderful sexual relationship by the will of circumstances. What else can prevent them from turning this idyllic relationship into a strong and loving marriage?

Logical Conclusion of a Friendship

In some cases, friendships turn into an intimate relationship quite consciously. Just friends, both or one of them, understand that they’re connected not just by friendship. Of course, it’s difficult for them to admit this immediately not only to each other, but also to themselves. But sooner or later, one of them turns friendship into a more serious relationship.

Epic fail

Unfortunately, there are also cases when a friendship that suddenly breaks into sex ends forever. It would seem that so much has been experienced together. Numerous life troubles, infidelity, illnesses, deaths of loved ones, and etc.

Everything was decided together, and where the situation was irreversible, friends supported and comforted each other. And now, unexpected sex negates all that was passed together in one fell swoop.

The feeling of mutual frustration won’t grow into love and won’t leave room for lost friendship revival.

So, before you look for new sexual experience with a best friend, you should rank all the risks in advance. Is it worth losing a loyal friend for a meaningless sex, or is there a great chance of continuing your relationship? And even if you spent the night in bed together, there’s always a chance to make things right.

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When You and Your Best Friend Had an “Accident”


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