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Car Sex The Best 6 Positions

Sex is the most important attribute in a person’s life. It’s impossible to imagine life in full and bright colors without sex. Sometimes you have to be sophisticated to spice up your sex life, and come up with something new: positions, situations, and places.

Quite often, these places can be the most spontaneous and chosen right before the sex itself, when, as they say, “you want so passionately”. According to the survey, one of the most favorite places for sexual intercourse is the car. It’s an affordable place for excited couples; just find a suitable place for the privacy.

Moreover, it’s not so important whether you should satisfy your physiological needs in the car, or on the hood.


Car sex is unforgettable and lively, and these qualities – brightness, expression, excitement, extreme, we, people, often become very little in life.

Moreover, another  visible benefit, which shouldn’t be forgotten and shouldn’t be kept silent at all — car sex is the best alternative to fitness. You won’t notice how you will burn more calories for car sex than for any, even the most ardent and desperate, passionate and hot sex, but at home: on the bed, on the floor, on the sofa, or anywhere, no matter where, but where it’s convenient, warm, cozy and plain.

On top of everything else, you will stretch your leg muscles perfectly. You will do it so well and painfully, than you would be stretched by a fitness coach in training.


Here are a few positions for car sex that can be useful to you at any time. Be advised we’re talking about a simple sedan.


Pull the front seats forward until they stop to free up space. Lie back to your Partner and bend your legs slightly. In this position, you’re both lying on your side and can fit in the back seat. In addition, it’s quite simple and quite convenient position for the car.


Your Partner Sits in the back seat facing forward. Straddle him while sitting up straight. This position is great for clitoral stimulation. If your partner has long legs, then it’s one of the best options for him to fit in the car. You’ll be able to fully control the entire process.


Your partner sits in the back seat facing forward. Sit on your partner’s lap, facing forward, with your legs bent. Lean the back of the passenger seat forward — then more space will be available, and it’ll serve as support for you. In this position, you’ll be able to control the entire process, and your partner is guaranteed to have pleasure.


Your partner sits behind the wheel; you sit on his lap with your back to him. He inserts his penis into your butt hole. During sex you can hold on to wheel as a support. Moreover, this position is suitable for vaginal sex.


Your partner sits behind the wheel, you give him a blowjob. This position is also suitable for Royal blowjob and deep throat.


This oral sex position requires more of a sense of privacy for you to really get into it. Your partner lies down on the back seat facing up, with his head and neck on the seat cushion. You climb on top of the partner so that your knees are on either side of their head, and you’re positioned above them.


  • Keep condoms in a vehicle first-aid kit.
  • Never have sex in public places.
  • You make sure that the handbrake is on and the car isn’t in gear.
  • If you don’t have tinted windows in the car, turn off the air conditioner to speed up the fogging of the windows.
  • Don’t leave sunroof open.
  • Never stay inside a locked garage while the engine is running.
  • Lock car doors and turn on the music.
  • Under no circumstances should you have sex while the car is moving, as they sometimes do in some movies. Otherwise, you can’t avoid a car crash!

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Car Sex The Best 6 Positions


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