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Sex Tips for Men: How to Be Better in Bed

Every Woman perfectly remembers the name of the man who gave her maximum satisfaction and pleasure in bed. But how does the loveliest part of humanity choose leaders among lovers and how to become them? That is the subject of our article.

We have collected the best facts that open the door to many female secrets and explode a lot of very common myths.

It happens that what one woman adores, another hates passionately; and vice versa – what one is indifferent to, causes wild excitement by another. Therefore, nature has created us that each of us can find the perfect match in all respects.


Women were asked question: “What man is the best at sex?” The overwhelming number of Women responded unanimously: “The one who first thinks about the partner, and only then will take care of his desires and goals.” Men, accept this, because it’s not an egoistic desire, but truth! The partner who acts on the return will be rewarded for it with much more pleasure! Check it out!


It’s exactly the case when size isn’t the main thing!

While some men believe that penis size plays an important role in sex, women almost don’t focus on this option. Of course, a huge dick can cause your partner to admire, enjoy and become an additional plus in your “file”. However, experience shows, man’s ability to use his penis plays a true role!

Obviously, there aren’t so few women in the world for whom penis size plays the main important role. This interesting fact is easily explained in terms of physiology. If a woman breaks into a dreamy smile just thinking about male big dick, then its length and girth give her much more pleasure than the most sophisticated oral caresses. There’s no accounting for taste, is there?


Common decencies can play a crucial role in the development of sex experiences. But the picture may be not as rosy as it seems: there will be no trace from bright and unforgettable sexual impressions, if a man doesn’t pay enough attention to his loved one. After passionate enchanting sex, a man shouldn’t present a woman with a fait accompli that she should go home. As a result, she is forced to look for taxis in the streets. Believe me, her memory won’t preserve the number of orgasms and pleasant sensations given to her by a skilled lover, but a nasty feeling that she was used and thrown away as unnecessary. Women remember everything.

If such situations reoccur, the woman will draw conclusions. And when she meets another man, who will wrap her in hugs, flowers and his attention after intimacy, then this partner will be considered the best for her!


Men who are hyperactive in sex can also cause women to be both admired and completely misunderstood. But more women still agree that a partner who, like a porno character, is focused and unemotionally engaged in sex for several hours – it’s really quite annoying. It’s hard to disagree with it. A woman begins to feel like a simulator and notes that vibrator can replace such a man for her as well. Don’t do that. This will have a negative impact in the future.

However, there’re ladies who prefer this kind of existence. But you’ll be looking for such a woman too long. Therefore, we advise you to focus your attention on romance, elegance, because a man can master all technical nuances at any time.


Not every ideal lover is a good partner in conversation. Only a lazy person doesn’t know about a joke in which a man turns to the wall after sex and starts snoring when a woman wants to discuss several important topics. But in reality, this often happens! Don’t forget that women love with their ears. Don’t skimp on compliments, caresses, and kisses after sex. A woman should feel wanted not only before and during sex, but also after it.

A more talkative lover is often more valuable to a woman than more relaxed and highly skilled, but at the same time tight-lipped rivals. Remember, a woman will always remember with special respect the man with whom she had not only magical orgasms, but also heart-to-heart talks between acts. Being a pleasant companion even in bed is an important component!


There’s a certain category of men who are fans of sex. They don’t mind experimenting, expanding their abilities in sexual skill, and they are inspired by almost any partner. You can learn a lot from such men. They’re able to give confidence and liberate even the most discreet and uptight female.

Of course, it’s extremely hard to imagine such a person as a decent family man, but he earns the title “Ideal lover” more often than others. You should really love sex – only in this case it’ll bring true pleasure to both.


Sometimes partners in life have different musical, religious, or political views, but when it comes to sex – identical! But it’s rare to find a partner with similar tastes in sex.

If harmony in sex coincides with harmony in the soul, partners stand a good chance of living a happy life together. If, in addition to sexual unity, there aren’t options that unite them, then only sweet memories of ideal sex and belief “This lover is the best of all” will remain.


We asked women the question “Who is your ideal lover?”, to which we received very unexpected answers. Women called names and, after thinking, said: “He completely covered me with tenderness.” “But what about precise technique, unforgettable orgasms and sexual sophistication?” we asked, puzzled. “I don’t know, it was completely normal in this regard, but he gave me so much tenderness that I could bathe in it. It made me so happy. Orgasms were nowhere near it.”

If you put caress, love and tenderness on one side of the scale, and put talent to provide heavenly delight on the other, there’s no doubt that all members of the female gender will choose the first variant. That’s why a word “lover” is formed from a word “love”.

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Sex Tips for Men: How to Be Better in Bed


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