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12 Things You Should Never Do During Sex

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You want everything to be perfect during the sex. But desires are one thing, and reality is another. That’s why we made a list of things you should never do during sex.

Keep Silent

The more we talk about sex, the more often it turns out that participants of the process may have opposite views on the intimacy that has already happened.

If it’s not about traumatic and unwanted sex, then, as a rule, partners can talk about their feelings and expect to be heard. So, talk to your Partner. Of course, both should do this, but in heterosexual couples it’s assumed that the active role will be assigned to man. And often both partners expect that man will know how to satisfy both without words.


Be dismissive, harsh, and rude what is meant by criticism in sex. If you are not satisfied with something, you want to stop the process; you realize that you missed the Orgasm or your leg fell asleep – say it directly to your partner.

Perhaps your partner will get upset and ask what is wrong he/she is doing. You will have to be patient and say that it’s not his/her fault, just your leg fell asleep and orgasm left. You are ready to continue in the same vein or help your partner finish, but you don’t want to make any more gestures in your direction.

Be Offended at Partner’s Remarks

Don’t strike a pose from your partner’s comments. Yes, you may be feeling very good right now, and you want to cum. Or you have already had an orgasm and want to bring your partner to it. But if your partner wants to stop — you should stop the process.

It doesn’t mean that you are a terrible lover or mistress. It means that your partner wants to slow down or change the position. If you both respect each other, then everything after the stop phrase will be fine.

Endure Pain

If you are hurt by some type of action, don’t endure it. Tell your partner about it. If you are only hurt by penetrative sex, but in general you want to continue — you have a huge number of options for other interaction.

If your partner feels pain, stop immediately. You don’t need to persuade him/her to continue, to be patient, or to suggest “What if I do this?”. Later you will find out what is the optimal continuation for your partner, but you need to stop the process right now.

If your partner is ready to continue, but in a different way – don’t insist on your own. Most often, vaginal and anal penis penetration causes pain. If it’s your case, it means that penis should no longer go into these holes today. But you and your partner can engage in alternative practice.

Ignore Indifference

Passivity is not equal to indifference. If you are cuddling your partner’s up, but he/she doesn’t lose his/her breath and lies still, then it doesn’t excite him/her.

He/she may be silent for various reasons. For example, you are getting high, and he/she doesn’t want to deprive you of it. But sex works both ways, and it’s more logical if the partners are busy arousing each other.

Focus on the Orgasm

It’s not necessary to consider an orgasm as the final and obligatory point of sex. Especially, the point that completes intimacy.

Actually, orgasm usually requires a certain amount of friction in a certain place, and sometimes it takes almost 10 seconds. Most people get an orgasm faster from masturbation, so you don’t really need a partner for this.

If you listen to each other and are ready to change techniques and movements at the first request of the partner, then an orgasm is likely to occur for both of you. And don’t fixate on your orgasm; it will lead, rather, to the opposite.

Don’t fake an orgasm. Don’t be offended by the words of your partner that he didn’t have an orgasm — all these are normal components of sex. It may be incredibly hard to talk about it and hear it, but it will help you understand each other better in the future.

Be Shy about Voicing Your Desires

If you want to try something new during sex, don’t hesitate to offer it to your partner. But it’s more correct for everyone if the request will be sound like this: “I want to be tied up and spanked”, but not like this: “I really want to put an anal plug in you”.

In the first case, you voice your desire and assign the other person responsibility for its implementation and your comfort. If you ask for some action, then at least you are ready to try, at most — you will be very pleased.

In the second case, you ask your partner to do something with him/her and take responsibility for his/her comfort. And your partner, most likely, will not be very pleased, only if you didn’t guess his/her secret desire.

Ignore Kisses or Hugs

Many people often forget to kiss or hug their partner during sexual intercourse. Maybe they are focused on getting other kinds of pleasure, but they should know that it’s not the most important thing.

Take your time and kiss your partner from head to toe. Kiss him/her, teasing and whispering something obscene in his/her ear. Let his/her body tremble at the touch. Making love is an art, so you just need to relax and act like you’re the best at it.

Act like a Starfish

If a man wants to have sex with you, he expects some actions. So you shouldn’t just lie there like a starfish and let him do all the work. He wants to see effective response and know that you like it too. But if you stay silent all the time, he will lose interest in the process.

No man wants his partner to be lazy and indifferent. Bed is the only place where you can be wild and crazy. So why not use it?

Make a Declaration of Love During Sex

When you have sex with a new man, don’t do anything that might shock him. For example, telling him that you love him during sex. There are so many ways in which you can declare your love to a man, but you should forget about them during sex. He may get confused and say that he only loves you because he feels great at the moment. At least, this is not something you should do with a new lover.

Have Sex with a Drunken Person

Is any drunk or drug-induced sex considered violent? No, it is not, if both partners are in the same state. They have little who can stop them.

But still, more often, one of the partners keeps him in hand better. The one who brought the second to the apartment is in a more adequate condition. Plus, he is responsible for the safety of the person he takes home.

In this situation, one life hack is useful. If you are looking at a drunken person and you want to have sex with him, ask yourself if you would trust him to drive your car right now. If not, then you can’t have sex with him.

Use Scented Wax Candles as Sex Toys

Don’t do it! It always leads to burns and allergic reaction.

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12 Things You Should Never Do During Sex


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