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Benefits of Using Sunscreen Gel for Oily and Dry Skin

Applying Sunscreen Gel on the face daily and from an early age can make a huge difference in the appearance of our skin in the future.

Far from what we can think, these products should be used regardless of the weather, since UV rays influence people with oily skin, and dry skin, even when the sun is not in the naked eye; therefore it is essential to take some preventive measures, avoiding the appearance of sun damage.

The facial skin is constantly exposed to the sun, so it is important to consider the use of facial Sunscreen every day, to avoid the aggression of external agents.

Read in this article the benefits of using sunscreen gel for oily and dry skin.

In This Article

  • Why Sunscreen Gel?
  • Benefits of Sunscreen Gel
  • Prevents aging
    • This allows for a healthy tan
    • Sunscreen Gel hydrates the skin
    • Avoid the appearance of spots and burns
  • What is the right product?
  • How to use sunscreen correctly?
  • Common myths to put aside

Why Sunscreen Gel?

Sunscreens are a dermatologically proven product that helps prevent damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) rays. Both UV rays and UVB rays can cause damage, increasing the risks of skin cancer in the most severe cases.

Furthermore, UVB light is one of the main causes of sunburn, while UVAs penetrate so deeply into the skin that it increases the appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity, and premature aging.

Benefits of Sunscreen Gel

This reduces the risk of skin cancer. The ultraviolet rays that emanate from the sun are very dangerous for oily skin and dry skin.

If they are not sufficiently protected, they can trigger drastic changes and develop skin cancer, such as melanoma, carcinoma, among others. 

Therefore, it is necessary to use sunscreen every day, even on non-sunny days, as the sun’s rays can penetrate our skin.

Prevents aging

Some sunscreen, such as Derma Essentia Sunscreen for oily skin, sensitive skin, includes antioxidant complexes that prevent premature aging caused by the sun’s rays. 

It is important to include these types of products in our beauty ritual every morning, especially to prevent dreaded expression lines.

This allows for a healthy tan

We all want to achieve a beautiful and bright skin tone for the summer; however, we must also worry about its care. 

It is not enough that it looks good on the outside, but also that it is good on the inside. Sunscreens allow you to protect your skin and ensure a healthy tan without worry.

Sunscreen Gel hydrates the skin

For some people, using more than one product to care for their skin can be awkward. For this reason, sunscreens with special additives turn out to be the perfect solution. 

Aloe vera gel product line that combines the protection of sunscreen and the care and hydration of aloe vera, perfect for moisturizing our skin before, during, and after exposing ourselves to the sun.

Avoid the appearance of spots and burns

Sometimes the skin tends to “flake” as a result of the strong radiation received, as well as the sun can cause redness and swelling.

What is the right product?

Although it may vary according to the sun exposure that each person has, for daily use and under normal circumstances, a broad-spectrum sunscreen is recommended, specially designed for daily use (not a beach), which offers protection against UVA rays and UVB (Sun Protection Factor 50).

On hot days or while doing sports outdoors, sunscreens with a higher spectrum such as beech ones can be used, which are also water-resistant. 

But, these types of products are not that great to use daily, as they can be sticky, comedogenic, and do not work well with makeup.

According to their SPF, they block UVB rays to a greater or lesser extent: 

  • SPF 15: blocks 93%
  • SPF 30: blocks 97%
  • SPF 50: blocks 99%

How to use sunscreen correctly?

To take advantage of the benefits of ultra-light Sunscreen Gel, it is necessary to apply and spread over the face, neck, and other parts of the body exposed to the sun. 

In addition to other parts of the skin that are exposed to it as the hands, arms, or instep. It is also important to reapply it 3 times a day, every 4 hours, the first before makeup and the other two on top. Therefore, it is necessary to perform a good facial cleansing at bedtime.

Common myths to put aside

  • The use of sunscreen does not cause vitamin D deficiency; also, we can extract these nutrients from food supplements or foods such as salmon, eggs, milk, or orange juice.
  • When it’s cloudy, don’t we need facial sun protection? The answer is yes since ultraviolet radiation is capable of reaching the earth even on the cloudiest days.
  • It is never too late to start using sunscreen daily, regardless of age, as this prevents the aforementioned skin problems from occurring.

There are many options that we can find for a facial sunscreen that can be adapted to our skin type, be it oily, dry, or a combination. 

It is best to consult with a specialist the one that best suits our needs, especially if you have skin problems or sensitivity. In this way we achieve the ideal protection, maintaining beautiful and healthy skin.

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Benefits of Using Sunscreen Gel for Oily and Dry Skin


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