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Why Use Sunscreen Gel – Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin

The way we tell all the diseases that Prevention is better than cure. The same rule should also apply to our skincare. But we do not pay much attention to prevention, not even considering about Sunscreen for Oily Skin in summer.

On our Oily Skin, we use various types of creams, lotions, masks contain full of chemicals. The most prominent among them is the Fairness Cream. There are chemicals inside these creams. They sensitize our skin with chemicals. Because of which, without skin protection in the sun, our skin quickly becomes sensitized. And it starts to get stains – spots. So it is very important that you protect your skin by putting Sunscreen Gel Based.

Who Should Put Sunscreen Gel

By the way, we are deep in the color of the Indian people. So our Skin Sunlight is not so sensitized. But Tanning could happen to any of us. People who live most at home or spend more time in the office. Applying them with lightened coconut oil or by using 2 -3 drops of CaladryLotion in your Moisturizing Foot Cream also benefits.

But if your job is to hang out. Or when you go for a holiday at a hill station or you live in the mountains. I don’t think it would be sufficient. You should use Sunscreen Gel when you sit in the sun during long periods of freezing or as much under the sun in summer.

Type of Sunscreen Gel

Sun rays have ultraviolet rays. In that the UVB is granular. He burns the upper surface of our skin. And which is UVA. That is the padding of our skin by going inside the skin. Which we call Collagen Tissue.Destroys it.

So you must have seen that the people who live in the mountains. Their skin becomes thinner at the age of 40 to 45. And a punch starts falling on their face. There are two types of sunscreen

Physical Sunscreen Gel

Physical sunscreen UV-A and UV-B prevent both rays from going inside our skin. It is also less allergy and skin reactions than titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Chemical Sunscreen Gel

And these also have less allergy and skin reactions.

Chemical sunscreen absorbs only UVB rays. It sucks. But it does not stop the UV – A rays from going inside the skin.

Which is the best sunscreen in both of these? Naturally physical sunscreen But it is very thick and contains Think. And are completely white color As you might have seen, cricketers do fielding on their faces. Then put it. Very expensive too. Nowadays, more and more Sunscreen Gel is both physical sunscreen and Chemical Sunscreen. Nowadays, sunscreen has both physical and chemical sunscreens. Therefore, when purchasing sunscreens, you have to see that there are both organic and organic materials of Sunscreen Gel.

Sunscreen Gel – Sun Protection Factor (SPF PA)

Now let’s talk about how many SPFs of Sunscreen Gel.

SPF means Sun Protection Factor and refers to the amount of time you can stay under sun without getting sunburned.

For example:

If you can stand for 10 minutes under the sunlight until you experience a sunburn, then Sunscreen SPF 50will increase that time by 50x helping you tolerate it for 500 or more minutes and your skin will not get burned.

A higher SPF is not necessarily (eg: SPF 70 or more) better once you hit the upper limit. Dermatologist recommends choosing a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, But if you are not a beginner then Sunscreen SPF 50would be Best for you.

Higher number SPFs offer slightly more protection, but also contain more chemicals (e.g. SPF 70 or more) and they cannot block 100 percent of the sun’s rays.

Even it depends upon your genetic:

If you have a family history of skin cancer, you may be at little risk for skin cancer or you’re if Your Skin is sensitive, you should never use High SPF eg SPF 70 or more.

It also depends upon your Skin Type:

If your type is oily Skin then you’re Skin Require High Doses of SPF – Best Sunscreen gel for Oily Skin with SPF 50 or above

If your Skin Type is sensitive or dry it means your skin will not able to tolerate High SPF Doses -Low SPF Gel Sunscreen

If you are confused or don’t know about your skin type, trust me Sunscreen with SPF 50 would be best for you. It Suits all skin type and protects 97% of Sun Harmful Rays.

Use Sunscreen Gel

Sunscreen should be done half an hour before leaving the house. The effect of the Sunscreen SPF 50 lasts for 4 to 5 hours on the skin. If you live in more sunlight than sunscreen then twice.

  • How To Choose A Good Sunscreen Gel SPF 50
  • Please check the Manufacturing and Expire Date
  • Use one of the Best Sunscreen For Oily Skin
  • Check Deadly Chemicals in Sunscreen For Oily Skin
  • Sunscreen Cream Based
  • Buy Sunscreen SPF 50 only (most suitable and stable for all skin type)
  • Check Zinc Oxide on Sunscreen Gel
  • Your Sunscreen for Oily Skin must be Water and Sweating resistance.
  • Sunscreen is not always expensive. That why here’s a Best Buy linkFor You.

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Why Use Sunscreen Gel – Best Sunscreen for Oily Skin


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