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Cultivating a Life Of Love

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Cultivating A Life Of Love.

There's this little thing we call LOVE. I call it little because its been reduced to the act of showing kindness, compassion and care mainly to the people in our immediate family, friends and social circles.

Love was once called charity in the English language and that allows it to take on a whole new meaning. Since charity it refers to helping, caring for and showing acts of kindness and love to everyone that includes people we would think of as strangers and people outside our circle of family and friends.

Like people in need, people who are less fortunate, people who cannot help themselves or their circumstance. People who are discriminated against, people who need us to show that we care. Charity requires us to be our best, to want for others and to do for others what we would want done for ourselves, our children and our families.

So the question we pose to you today is does your emotions, thoughts and acts of love extend to children, women and men that you do not know, whom you may never meet, who may not look like or sound like you or believe as you do?

If your answer is YES (Scroll down to the next paragraph).
If your answer is NO? Ask yourself the following questions...

  1. Why do I feel or think this way?
  2. Where and when did I learn to feel or think this way?
  3. Would I want myself and the people that I care about to be treated with hatred, disrespect or to have their fundamental rights as a person be violated by others?
  4. Would I want others to help me and my loved ones if they saw us being attacked, hurt, bullied or being stripped of our human dignity and right to life?
  5. Finally ask yourself what can I do to change my perceptions, beliefs and actions about showing genuine love and charity to others?

One of our favorite quotes states that "no one is born with hate, it is learned" or more specifically taught to us through our societal, cultural, traditional and familial experiences. If hate can be learned it leaves us with the hope that we can also be taught how to love.

Sometimes what one feels may not be as extreme as hate, it may be indifference or the sentiment that others will take care of things, others whom we wrongfully believe are more experienced, equipped, resourceful, well endowed or more capable than we are. This creates the blind hope that things will simply work themselves out and be alright in the end.

For this very reason of indifference, silence and inaction countless atrocities have occurred on this planet, throughout human history and in our lifetime. As a result an untold number of voices have been silenced, lives have been senselessly destroyed and too many of us have become numb, unable or unwilling to respond in charity and with love in effect losing our humanity.

"When GOOD people remain silent, when GOOD people fail to act, fear overcomes, hate persists and we all lose."

We leave you with one last question...

Ask yourself, what can I do in this moment, right now to give love, show love and be love at this time when it is so desperately needed?

1. Let us first start by widening the scope of who we choose to show love.
2. Then identify where there is a need for love.
3. Follow though by taking the necessary actions toward making life better, safer and happier for those who need it most right now (whether that be through volunteerism, donations, signing petitions, activism or exercising your right to campaign and vote for social justice issues).

Thank you for joining us in cultivating a life of love for all mankind and remember that;
"It is never too late to learn how to do things better and that we can never run out of love to give, it is boundless, limitless and eternal."

Most importantly let us remember the value of a human life, it is the most precious thing on this planet and once taken it can never be replaced. So let's not speak of, react to or treat our lives and that of others callously but rather let us celebrate the beauty of life by expressing the best emotion in life to our fellowmen. That emotion is pure, untainted, unpolluted, unbiased, life enhancing, freedom giving LOVE.

A Special message for our readers who are African American and people of color:

We want you to know that we see your pain, we hear your agony, we hurt with you, we cry with you, we peacefully protest with you and we will do our part in every aspect of our lives and relationships to ensure that your voices are heard, your human rights are respected and your lives are valued.

We know it's exhausting, we know it's traumatic seeing these images and videos appear online and on the news over and over again and we are so sorry that so many had to lose their precious lives in order to wake the world up to your continuous struggle and suffering.

Please take care of your minds, take of your children's hearts and minds, let them know that they are loved despite  how cruel this world may be.

Please stay strong, We love you and we are with you!

To our readers who are not African American but who support:

The fight to end racism, racial intolerance, racial biases, systemic oppression and the senseless killing of men, women and children of color.

Thank you for listening, taking the initiative and finding ways to educate yourselves on this matter. Thank you for taking action and becoming agents of change both in your homes and when you step out into the world.

Thank you to the police men and women, members of the National Guard and Army Veterans who spoke up, took a knee or walked with the protesters.

Thank you to those who peacefully protested throughout the world. Your show of solidarity in cities and countries like London, Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, Germany, Canada and all across the United States is a beacon of hope for a better tomorrow.

Thank you for helping to create a better world. We love you too!

To our readers who may not fully grasp the significance of this moment in history for the U.S and for the world.

If nothing else in this article has resonated with you, let your takeaway be this... If history has taught us anything it's that love always wins. 

You can CHOOSE to show love, give respect and treat ALL of mankind equally. You can choose to support people of color in their fight for justice and equality and also support the police men and women who serve JUSTLY without harming or discriminating and you can choose to hold those who don't accountable for their actions.

You can choose to sympathize with the victims and families of those who lost their lives because of police brutality and at the same time choose to sympathize with the business owners who were affected because of the looting.

The false notion that supporting the black lives matter movement which raises awareness about the injustices done to people of color, somehow means that you don't care about the lives of police men and women or white lives is a LIE. The notion that racism has ended is also a  LIE.
Choose to think outside the box, choose to seek truth, choose LOVE.

To everyone who is suffering because of and struggling against:

All forms of hate and discrimination, are refugees of war or are victims and survivors of the injustices perpetrated throughout the world. May the words of this song bring you comfort and hope.

You Are Loved ( Don't Give Up) By Josh Groban.

Let's cultivate love and learn to value life in our minds, in our hearts and in our homes, so that we can fix our broken world.

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Cultivating a Life Of Love


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