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Summer HELLidays 🔥

It's now the Summer Holidays and SIX. WEEKS. OFF!!! 🎉

Yesss!!!! Six weeks of pure relaxation and no schoolwork! - Unless you're in.... YEAR 10!
I don't care if I have exams as soon as I get back! Giving pupils homework or even REVISION MATERIAL to do over THEIR holidays whilst teachers lounge around in their bloody hot-tubs in planet Kerboodle should be made ILLEGAL!
BAN IT! Or even better - BAN SCHOOL! (Unless you actually want a future - of course.) There is no good reason why I shouldn't be allowed to bask in the sun abroad for a month without having the word *schoolwork*(😱) being said within a 50,000 mile radius!

However, even those who don't have work end up laying across the ground or on their bed paralysed because they cba to get up and just 'do stuff'. I am one of those people that only have to get out of bed if I need to get food. Need the toilet? Bed. Need a shower? Bed. Need to go shopping? Bed. Nothing beats bed.

The summer holidays are great - if you don't live in a small village, in the middle of nowhere, 764 miles away from your friends 😟. Its not like you can walk to your nearest friend's house. I know what you're thinking - catch a bus or get a lift. 1) I don't like my family enough to survive a journey with them. 2) CATCH A BUS? Omg I get PTSD just thinking about it! Those dusty seats, those muggy windows, that SWEATY SMELLY MAN WITH MATTED HAIR THAT LOOKS LIKE HE KILLS CATS FOR A LIVING! *puffing on my inhaler* It's a difficult life.
I spend six weeks by myself, being awoken by cats - the only sign of life I see - in a darkened room because I cba to open the blind.
"Don't do it! You will only waste energy" - my brain says before passing out asleep at 3pm.

The summer holidays are like a nice - but sneaky - put to sleep. Summer holidays start → you sleep and relax💤 (maybe die - if you're lucky) → and then BOOM💥 Tin of empty baked beans turns up at the bus stop to take you to school. The devil's children crawl out from their hell holes. (The people you hate - I'm on about the people you hate). You suddenly come to the realisation that you are back in hell and the SUMMER HOLIDAYS have not prepared you for this!

I hate those teachers that say "tHeSe HoLiDaYs ArE a BrIlLiAnT wAy To GeT aHeAd FoR nExT yEaR!". STFU! YOU SLITHERING DUCKFACES!!!! 🦆. Well maybe YOU should use these six weeks to get your life in order because obviously you have a few things going wrong - considering you're teaching US (no offence to us)!

Well, I better get back to my darkness - my laptop screen is too bright and I am slowly melting😱

Goodnight (literally🛏)

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Summer HELLidays 🔥


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