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The Lifelong Halloween

Halloween, All Hallows Eve, this has been celebrated for generations by wearing spooky, scary costumes and eating lots of candy. This is especially known for the Pumpkin Lanterns and the ability to wear a superhero Mask of great power without great responsibilities.

Halloween is pretty fun, and it completely changes the dynamics of the society, wherein knocking on people’s doors and begging and/or threatening is rewarded with candy.

Masks play an important role in Halloween. However, sadly, these are not the only Masks that people don, and Halloween isn’t the only event which involves masks. In fact, we see people wearing masks every single day of the week. 

It’s a universal truth that people aren’t always what they seem. More often than not, what we see isn’t the truth about that person. In fact, in most cases, people hide their true selves in order to fit into the crowd around them. Be it a non-drinker in a group of regulars, who starts drinking fearing to be an outcast or getting boycotted from the group if he/she doesn’t conform to their group dynamics, or it can be as simple as someone who feels out of his/her skin at his workplace or worse, at home.

And hence people put on a show for the people around them. Mimesis. An action in which the mimic takes on the properties of a specific object or organism. Mimesis.

Have the indigenous fauna accepted you as one of their own? Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. – Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory S03E06)

Adapting to the surrounding sounds all well and good at the time, but that only from the mimic’s perspective, that too, depends on the mimic. However, for the people around them, it often creates a misconception about you, which over time, when the time comes can prove extremely devastating.

It is a sad thing about our society that most of it, it runs on assumptions. People act the way they do when around you because it fits their worldview. It fits their assumptions of how you are. These assumptions are the masks on your face that you did not wear directly. But the thing to remember is that these assumptions are based on how you behave around them. These masks are formed over time. When you try to fit in along with that crows, every second of it adds a little something to your mask. Sure, if the person is pretty close to you, those assumptions might not be assumptions at all.

This is what people refer to when they say “They couldn’t even recognize themselves in the mirror.” or “I don’t know what I’ve become” or “You can barely look myself in the eye”.

Wearing these masks for long periods of time, we begin to forget who we truly are, we begin to forget why we started this in the first place and we don’t realize how deep we’ve buried ourselves. This can be as simple as laughing at your boss’ jokes so that you stay in this good books or something that has a negative impact such as smoking or drinking due to unspoken peer pressure.

Most of us often act in a way we wouldn’t normally act. We change how we act according to the situation. We change how we act according to the person. We change how we act based on what we or the other person is going through. Does this mean that we change who we are when we hang around people different than us? No. We just put on the mask which we think will fit the situation. We put on that mask to mask who or what we actually are, that can be considered inappropriate for the situation.

We do this for two reasons. These reasons change based on who the other person is. If it is someone that we know quite well, then we put on the most helpful mask, even if it doesn’t seem logical to most. We put on that mask because we know that this would help them, even if that it is a pretty outlandish way. to genuinely help that person. Whereas in cases where we not particularly fond of that person, we put on the most obvious mask that fits the situation on paper.

This phenomenon is often referred to as people acting fake. People often mislead us by their actions, by their words, by their reactions, and by their actions. And quite often, this seems to piss people off. Not when people act fake, but when they find out who the other person really is. People don’t like to be lied to, and acting fake is lying to them.

Wearing these mask for prolonged periods of time can be extremely toxic at times. You begin to forget who you really are, and you start identifying yourself as the person who you were pretending to be. And when the actual weight of the situation hits you, it can often become quite overwhelming. You can’t believe what you have done, whilst pretending to be someone else just because you wanted to “fit in“.

And when you try to pry off the masks, with every mask you pull of, some part of you comes off with it. And when the last mask comes off, what you see underneath, is completely different from what you were when you started. 

But of course, this all changes when it is someone that we really like. I, however, am like this.

Random meme on the internet

When we are around people that we like, people that we love, we don’t need to wear any masks. They know who we really are, and they love us regardless of our imperfections. And we, we are comfortable around them, enough to be ourselves, without the fear of judgment of any negative impact. 

The people with whom we can be emotionally and spiritually naked, those are the kind of people who are worth having in our lives. Those are kind of people who make up our very own ecosystem.

The part 2 of this post will be soon up, on RunningOnTheCarousel, be sure to check that out as well. But Think about this for a minute before you start reading, Read it slowly and carefully. Absorb it, analyze it. Relate to it.

All Of Us Wear Masks. They Can Be Worn Out Of Love And The Desire To Remain Close To Those Around Us. To Spare Them From The Complicated Realities Of Our Frayed Psyches. We Trade Honesty For Companionship And In The Process Never Truly Know The Hearts Closest To Us. 

This legendary line, This deep quote, comes from, (or rather will come from, #Skynet) the mouth of Sarah Connor. This perfectly describes the concocted social persona of all people in this day and age.

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The Lifelong Halloween


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