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A moment of crackling sounds, a moment of silence, a moment of distress, a moment of agony cycling back and forth through a perennial cycle of emotions held deep within the valleys: transitioning from the valley of light to the valley of hearts and vice-versa. I hear the same sounds. The sounds of thousand fingers cracking at the same time. I see thousands of uncontrolled hands, thousands of confused ones swaying in every direction to make you experience their anguish. I see an eye (not two but one) large enough to devour the entire earth in a single blink. An eye that looks at you with animosity, contempt, resentment, pity, and frustration. I see dark blood; darker than any color that you have ever seen, even darker than the epitome of darkness. Darker than black itself. It is the river of blood where the ambiguous waves flow in every direction. Sometimes two waves collide with each other and a thundering sound can be heard near the confines of the valleys. This particular direction-less river meanders off until its meets the distant horizon. I see the inner demons eating away the very essence of the soul of the human body making the river of blood more violent with each passing moment. Yet, the spirits of the valley of lights try to circumscribe them in a cage deep in the depths of the valley of the hearts but the forces keep getting stronger. Striving to match the power of the one and only hermit residing in the valley of light. Each time the cage becomes weaker more reinforcements are needed. Even though it knows what it should not do, it still persistently tries to. Not going away, not backing down trying to break you from the core. Trying to vilify your soul and influence the spirits of the bright valley of lights and take them into the demons deepest pits where they slumber. Every time the chain grows weaker to confine these demons of negative emotions, more strength, more willpower is needed. These irascible beings of negative emotions can easily take over your soul and have the ultimate ability to glean and ferret out your weaknesses. The ravenous appetite for such things drives it. Searching relentlessly for such limitations and as it hounds those frailties, it devours them completely in an attempt to satisfy its insatiable hunger making you more weaker and vulnerable: making you more precarious to the illusion of the heart. The only final weapon you have against it is your mental consciousness. The mind or in other words the hermit of the valley of light must be stronger to ward off negative emotions. Train your inner hermit persistently to avoid or bypass the illusion of the heart or the valley of hearts. Train it to accept positive flows and reject negative ones.
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