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How to stop wasting time on “get rich quick” schemes to become successful

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I always Focus on getting rich, becoming a billionaire in “quick” ways. I was chasing the “shiny objects’ all the time and failing. I woke up with another scheme, working for a month or so, stopped when I was hit by the first obstacle.

It keeps on repeating in a loop without conscious. I wasted tons of time literally for nothing.

It is not ­­­until I took personal coaching recently, I found all these things.

I’m shocked at what my mentor said. I didn’t agree at first. Slowly, I analyze my thoughts and actions. He is correct. I’m following the “illusion carrot” like a donkey that ends up nothing.

Now, I’m very content, passionate and productive in the way to my success. Why “my success”? There is nothing like generic success to everyone. Success has a different definition in everyone’s dictionary. In mine, financial freedom, vibrant health, happy relationships, multiple automated income sources. I’m curious to know your definition of success. I will help you in the path of your success.

1. Focus on “what matters to you”:

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“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.”Sigmund Freud.

In my childhood days, I used to go to my Grand ma’s village. We have a lot of workers on our farms. I saw a guy who appears different than others. He usually comes on time, work for hours and go on time. He didn’t talk to anyone. He just focuses on his work. He takes fewer breaks, complete the given work as soon as possible and leave the place.

I observed this person for a week. One day, I asked him

“How are you focusing on work always? Don’t you feel bored or tired?

His answer touched my heart and still work like a magic when I feel I’m wasting my time. He said:

“In my home, we are two persons, I and my mom. Mom is blind. I lost my father when I was at six. I must go home quickly to cook dinner for us, clean the house, feed the cattle, wash our clothes.

If I take more time here, my mom had to be hungry there. Even though she doesn’t sit idle, she tries to help me in her own way. To make my mom happy, I have to finish the work quickly”

I just come back home, think about it. I didn’t get what he said. I forget it. Years come by, that story reveals like puzzle pieces in my life.

Don’t waste your time to think about gossips, useless stuff which doesn’t make you happy in the end.

Before you spend your time, question yourself: Is it matters to me after 10 years? If the answer is no, leave it.

2. Savings > Investing > basic needs > luxuries:

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“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant” — Robert Louis Stevenson

Being broke is almost common to all. I know the persons who earn less than $1000 and greater than $100,000 per annum. Everyone said they have no money. They told me that they haven’t had enough money to be happy. They want more to lead a good life in their terms.

I’m earning $6500 per annum. I don’t say it is enough for me. I can say I’m comfortable with it. I’m learning every day to improve my life in a better way. First $200 dollars are savings, $500 dollars to invest in me for coaching, books, courses and events.

I never worry about the money to learn. I have seen my friends who can pay $1000 for a smartphone and $500 for parties, but they can’t buy a course of $100 to increase their skills which eventually earns 10X in future. They laugh at me always. Inside, I laugh at them.

This one skill “learn every day” which makes us young for years. We can live a better life.

3. “Push yourself” always:

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In every facet of your life, there is always a room for improvement. When I leg press 200 lbs, I felt very proud of me and maximum weight I can do.

When I see a person in my Gym who does 500 lbs. I’m shocked. I have no words. I never imagine it is possible. I didn’t believe at that time. Finally, when I lift 225 lbs, it seems I can lift more. I go for 250 then 275.

The results are astonishing. Every week, I’m challenging myself to push harder than earlier week. A little bit difficult, but, it seems possible. I’m happy with the results.Now, I try to challenge in every aspect of my life.

Never happy with what you have. Push harder to improve every day.

4. Let “Your mind” work for you:

“Prayer is the soul’s sincere desire. Your desire is your prayer. It comes out of your deepest needs and it reveals the things you want in life.”
Joseph Murphy

Last year, I graduated from a university with no job. I had attended more than eight companies. I was rejected. On the last day of our college, 61 out of 66 got jobs in hand. I was depressed. I have been dominated by family, friends and relatives.

I didn’t find the reason why I didn’t get the job. I didn’t feel I have no skills. I always focus on other things. Finally, I decided to get a job to get corporate experience.

I love reading books, I have read a book which turned my life, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. He explained that,

With the help of our mind, we can achieve anything. He illustrates this concept in every chapter with different examples and stories.

I started working how our mind works. I use my subconscious mind to get the job. Since that day, I didn’t sleep without giving a specific request to my mind. I’m overwhelmed with answers.

Sometimes, I can ask, How can I increase my salary? or How can I have a date with the beautiful girl I have seen today?.

I learned how to use our mind to achieve our dreams easily. The mind is like a wind to help our life’s ship to reach the harbor easily and effortlessly.

5.Observe your thoughts carefully:

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Thoughts are things. Do you believe this? Don’t you?

In my high school, I usually think about become topin the class. I read like a beast to beat everyone in the class. I don’t know why I want to be top at that time. The sense of satisfaction and to be respected by the teachers, I had read a lot, use different techniques to get .

It continues until my Bachelors. Due to some other reason, I lost interest to become top and start focus on reading self-help and business books. I have read a lot of books about our thoughts.

Negative thoughts are like a slow poison which kills us every day. We can’t focus on one thing properly. 99% of Negative Thoughts never happen in our life. They are just mental blocks to hold you back every time you have to do beyond your comfort zone.

By learning how mind works, we can allow only positive thoughts which reap positive in our life.

To feed the positive into your mind:

a) Use the app “My affirmations”, add your own affirmations, memorize them frequently.

b) Punish yourself when you get negative thoughts. Mind only holds positive or negative thoughts, not both. With positive feeding, you can see the full potential of your mind.

c) Show your gratitude every day. Spend five minutes to feel grateful for your life, health, job, business and loved ones you have.

d) Use Headspace to start meditating.

With just practice of 30 days, I have started reaping the benefits. I’m very happy about it.


Instead of spending your time, invest it. Your success can be achieved. It takes some price which you have it already. If you’re ready to pay the price, success can never be denied.

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How to stop wasting time on “get rich quick” schemes to become successful


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