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Do Away With Depression Forever

3 Incredibly Simple, Yet Surefire Time-Tested Hacks

Photo by Myung-Won Seo on Unsplash

I know what its like. I have been there.

Not once. Not Twice. But many times in the past.

You feel low and drowning and feel as if all negativity of the world is being beamed onto you from everything and everyone around. There is gloom and despair all around and everything around feels like Dementors sucking life out of you, slowly but steadily.

May be you had a breakup or somebody just said no to your proposal. Or you got fired or were rejected in an interview. There is no dearth of reasons but I believe it is always better to focus on solution than keep brooding over the problem.

And there is no need to worry because there is hope.

Actually, A LOT OF HOPE!

And I can say with authority and experience.

Here are 3 incredibly simple yet surefire time-tested hacks. Worked for me and I am sure will work for you too.

I - Start Doubting It At The First Place

Let us get little into tendencies of the mind and its usual-funny-mysterious nature.

When someone close to you says “I love you”, you might think “Really?”. And when someone says “I hate you”, you believe them at first instant and might say “I knew it from the first day”.

Same goes for trust and praise. Some friend of yours tells you about some other friend talking bad about you and you will believe without even asking that friend of yours. But if someone tells you “that particular person” was praising you, your mind will start doubting it and even try to smell something fishy.

It is such a wonder and funny to see how this mind is. People doubt their happiness and ask “Am I really happy?” , “How can I be so happy?”, “ There must be something wrong with me or my life?”. Such are the questions mind puts when it feels positive but same mind never doubts its depression and ask “Am I really depressed?”.

This is your mind for you, in plain simple language.

Next time this word “Depression” comes in your mind, doubt it and start smiling. Or even laughing uncontrollably (just see you are in a place you can afford to do that). Attempt to smile even if its fake. They say “Fake it till you make it” so why not try it with happiness.

I am sure in few minutes you will see the mind change. And then you observe one thing. The same mind crying depression-depression will be happy and feel so positive. See how mysterious it is!

Also our mind has this attention-seeking nature and sometimes it shows it is so miserable-depressed-lonely-sad just to get attention of other. And later it becomes a habit. I am not saying it is always a case but do check on this nature of mind.

Mind doubts all that is positive and believes all that is negative, in most cases. We need to be aware, vigilant and make consistent effort to turn this way of thinking and start thinking other way round.

II — Make Meditation A Part Of Your Life

We eat food for the body and drink water to keep it hydrated. But do we care for our Soul or the Self? Meditation is Food For The Soul and when you do not give it that, it is bound to get hungry-restless-unstable-sad-grumpy.

Meditation is the journey from movement to stillness, from sound to silence. The need to meditate is present in every human being because it is a natural tendency of human life to look for a joy that doesn’t diminish, a love that doesn’t distort or turn into negative emotions. — Sri Sri Ravishankar

I learned a form of meditation in June of 2013 and ever since had been at it. It makes me wonder how I survived so many years without it and also regret on why I did not learn it before. Practice it for some time and soon depression will be a lost memory, a thing of the past.

It will become hard for you to even remember of a time you were depressed.

I have never been so happy, energetic, positive and my enthusiasm is always at peak levels. And if for some reason it goes down, I get it back again after next sitting of meditation. If you still doubt important of meditation, give Is Meditation Important? a read.

If you want a trail run and go by your experience, try one here. Or any other form of meditation that you find online but these are the ones I personally have done a lot of times and are really profound.

It is good to do twice but once a day is a good for a start.

III — Do Some Service Regularly

Have you ever wondered what is root cause of all these psychological mess.

It is this madness that makes your whole life revolve around I,I and Me,Me. Keep crying about your life, your career, your finance or your-_______ and other similar things and I can guarantee you will fall into depression in next 10 minutes.

Let me tell you a story. I read it few years ago and it sticks with me even today.

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash
A lady in US was undergoing depression for some time. She had everything she needed for a good life but still was suffering from depression. She came across a NGO which was looking for donations for providing prosthetic limbs to a kid injured in Iraq war. The lady thought of helping them out. She send the money and the kid soon had a prosthetic leg. She was send the photo and she experienced joy, happiness and purpose she never felt in life before. She started sponsoring more such prosthetic limbs and also started working on collecting more donations to help more kids. If I remember correctly, after sometime she was in Iraq working with NGO and serving kids herself.
She was interviewed by some media after some time.
When asked about the depression, she said “I have no idea where it went.”

The point here is that you are not here just for yourself. Your existence on this planet as human being is not just for seeking your own happiness, joy and prosperity. But to see that you are of use and help to others too.

There is so much misery out there and you even you are aware of and you just crying about your own petty things simple adds to it and does not help. May be you can start helping others get out of their miseries and get so lost that you forget about your own.

In last 5 years of being volunteer with Art Of Living whenever I was involved in some form of service activities, my life has always been at much higher level — in terms of joy, happiness, success, prosperity, positive energy. In-spite of being regular in spiritual practices like yoga, pranayama , meditation and reading and listening to knowledge, the times when I was in service of others were the blessed times of all.

And good thing is you can help with so many things.

You have so much to give but question is are you? Even this article I am writing is form of service for me. I am sure it will help some of you and even those who will read in coming days, weeks, months and years.

You need no special skill or expertise for that. I regularly help people with careers as it is my favourite domain or if they are stuck in some of life’s problems, I just jump in.

Just go out of your four-walled life and ask people “What can I do for you?” and in few minutes you will see your whole energy changing and a gush of positive energy filling your mind and entire system. Isn’t is enough of proof on why you are here on this planet? Isn’t that is a state we all looking for?

Meditation and wisdom are important and required as they give much needed foundation and inspiration to all good we do. Meditation gives you that inner peace required to be dynamic in outer world and wisdom helps you manage your own mind.

But everything boils down to how much unconditional love you are spreading and service you are doing.


As I Conclude

Above three hacks never fail and I make sure I never miss even one of them. It had worked for me for years now and for many others I know personally.

I welcome you to try them and let me know in comments how implementing it all was. If you need more help with it, feel free to reach out. I am always there for you!

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Do Away With Depression Forever


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