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Why Do I Still Hurt? A Prayer to Heal Painful Memories

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.–Psalms 147:3

I was trying to organize old photos stashed in cardboard boxes when I came across pictures that disturbed me. In fact, they brought up memories of disappointment, Hurt, and anger.

I realized I had painful memories that needed to be healed.

These emotions indicated unresolved feelings about situations in my past I had not yet dealt with.

Life has a way of repeating itself until we resolve root problems.

We all have situations in our childhood and past that affect the way we live our lives today. We can be living our beautiful right-now life, when whammo, we come across something that triggers old feelings, anxieties, and faulty coping mechanisms.

We may not have been aware of the pain in our soul before this moment. But now it has flared up to haunt us.

Maybe old photos will trigger you. Or for some, just the thought of going to a high school reunion or seeing old friends and family may be enough to trigger anxiousness, hurt, disappointment, or even anger.

There is something about the memory that triggers a negative emotion which is not peace, love, or joy.

This is good!

Good, you say?

How Is This Good?

It is good because your feelings act as a thermometer to your soul health.

This flare-up of negative emotions may even be a shock to you. However, this is a good thing, because those memories, if not resolved, will continue to haunt your life–even when you think you have run far from them.

When you experience pain in your physical body, you know there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

If you experience pain in your soul (mind, will, emotions), it also reveals a wound that needs to be addressed.

Many people go through their lives emotionally crippled from years of soul wounds, not realizing their joy in everyday living has been lost somewhere along the way.

It is time to begin the healing process when you recognize the negative emotion and know it needs to be healed.

How Can My Hurt Get Healed?

How? First, we alone cannot heal ourselves. All healing of every kind comes from The Healer, the living Jesus Christ. He is the only one who can heal painful memories.

The good news is He is Spirit, and He is everywhere present and wants us to be healed.

Getting free from past pain is possible right now!

The most important part is learning to be open and honest with ourselves and God.

We may have spent many years covering over painful thorns in our soul, and now some of them have become infected and painful.

It is time to let Jesus remove the thorns. He was pierced by thorns on the cross for your healing. Let Him heal your hurt now.

First, read the prayer I pray for you and let its words sink into your heart, then pray the suggested prayer from your heart.

My Prayer for You to Heal Painful Memories

Dear Jesus, I ask that you surround this reader’s heart with your love, hold it dear to your heart and begin to heal painful memories and all their hurts — even the hurts that are deeply hidden.

I ask for your blood to cover all their sins and pain. Let fresh, living water cover their souls and wash them clean. I ask You to heal their innermost being.

I pray you will give them the courage and grace to face themselves honestly and openly. As they hear this prayer in their heart, let them be quickened anew to a fresh healing experience and awakened to more curiosity of You. Amen.

Now, here are suggested prayer steps for you:

1. Examine the pain.

When you can find a few moments to be comfortable and quiet, reflect on the memory and events surrounding it. Can you name what emotion is triggered? What kind of hurt do you feel?

Express your pain, hurt, frustrations, and negative emotions to Jesus.

Tell Him how you feel. He truly cares and understands. Doing this will help you release your emotions to the one who wants to carry them. You do not have to carry your hurt yourself, give your hurt to Him.

Then ask the living Jesus Christ of Nazareth to come into this memory to bring His truth.

At this point, Jesus will begin to reveal things to you about the hurt you feel.

Ask Jesus if you could have made a wrong judgment, or misunderstood something, or maybe you believed a lie about something — especially if you were a child.

Stay aware of any thoughts that come to your mind.

Or you could have just been treated unfairly and wrongly. This happens too. You will need to choose to forgive the person/s involved and yourself.

2. Forgive and ask forgiveness.

Ask Jesus to help you forgive those who have hurt and disappointed you.

This may be a simple thing for you, dear reader, or it could take some time to work through difficult issues.

Whatever your situation, it is good to begin this journey with honesty in your heart. Do not dismay, honesty before God is the first step.

Forgiveness can be a process, but it begins with a decision to forgive. Make that decision now.

When you can honestly repent of any wrong part you may have played in the situation and forgive others involved, you will feel free in that area immediately.

3. Ask for Healing.

Now, ask Jesus to bring His healing power and heal your painful memory.

Ask Jesus to take care of anything that is hindering your healing.

Remain aware of your emotions and even listen or watch as Jesus brings His healing.

Some people (in their mind) may picture Jesus coming into the memory; some may hear Him speaking words of love and healing to their heart, and some people may sense His presence in sweet peace. Allow ample time to receive His healing and truth.

You may want to write down any special revelations you get in a journal.

4. Check to see if there is peace.

When this time comes to an end, think back over the incident, look at the memory. Do you have more peace?

If yes, you are done for now and can enjoy your day in peace.

If not, more prayer may be necessary, or you may need to go through the steps again.

Ask Jesus to bring revelation and peace; He will.

If the hurt was particularly deep, it may be helpful to work through the memory with a trusted friend, counselor, or minister.

This is a very powerful strategy that allows Jesus to minister healing to our emotions.

I have used this strategy many times and find Jesus’ healing to be very real!

I have also walked many others through this same process with enormous success.

Keeping our hearts healed and free from offense, hurt, and pain allows us to love others easily and enjoy our everyday life in peace, love, & joy!

Save this article or print it out to help you remember the prayer steps and get healing in your soul wounds to live your most glorious and abundantly peaceful life ever!

Some Bible References: 1 Peter 2:24; Isaiah 53:5; Matthew 8:17; Exodus 15:26

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Why Do I Still Hurt? A Prayer to Heal Painful Memories


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