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Pillar Of Community & Society’s Underdog

A Parent of one of my most best friends sent me a message, with some questions and comments. She choose to reach out to me, because the answers & feedback she was looking for were topics easiest answered by someone in Sobriety.

She was giving me Accolades, also looking for my feedback and opinions on some matters that concerned her.

Her concern was the Opioid Epidemic. She had a lot Concern & Passion for finding ways to Battle America’s Opioid/Opiate Epidemic. I was trying my best to present my opinions on the Crisis. Some questions were tough to answer. She wanted to know Hypothetically what I would say to the teenager out there somewhere that’s going to use Heroin for the first time tonight. What I’d say to teenagers facing incredibly strong peer pressure for drugs.

Made me start thinking that I bet Today’s Peer Pressure; with Its Different Environments & Settings are growing with Extraordinary Complex Changes; the caliber of which have never been seen before.

Difficulty in Situations, & Scenarios, along with more “Unknowns” then ever imagined, all add to The Mystique & Risks of Peer Pressure in this year 2018.

Allure of A Reputation that’s said to be one thats Impossible to turn down turn away, or say NO. Peer Pressure’s Evolution Of 2018 in an Evolution of Biblical Proportions.

Totally new & different. Something Never before seen.

For Me any complexity just adds fuel to the Peer Pressure fire, and my notion that my chances of relating to today’s kids & their Peer Pressure all the more doubtful. Today’s Type of Peer Pressure, never existed before. With all the hundreds, maybe thousands of levels of 21st Century Peer Pressure Cerebral Architecture; With all its intricate layers and worlds, that a type of Multi Layering, Multi Leveling Peer Pressure that Never existed until now.

In 2018, I’m most likely just another typical 40 something year old Bachelor. It’s as close to Impossible as it gets.

In my response to that Mother, I said I think they’d have better odds if they had a strong Moral Faith. Plus a Higher Power that’s present in their daily lives. That’s if anyone their age is even serious or engaging with a Higher Power on a daily, sometimes even hourly basis.

Unfortunately, that just isn’t the “In” thing right now with teenagers.

Finally, the parent, was expressing love; Forgiving, for the pain, sadness & worry that I put her son through. I wished would had quoted her exactly.

Like I said, she one of the Moms of one of my best friends from my oldest, longest circle of Serious Friendships.

Always a Sincere, A Soft Spoken Lady; Always warm, & kind to us guys.

Her questions, of how, why, when, etc etc, seem to me, literally impossible to even come up with a simple answer. But I will just say, that she brought up one of the most powerful points. That fork in the road is the most significant event we will ever experience. Its the event horizon. The Point Of No Return.

I almost feel bad cause its so difficult to give her, or anyone like her a nice simple, answer.

Trying to explain the Savage Life we lived as Addicts, to a Civilized, Law Abiding, Most Respectable Citizen/Mom is a difficult to do. People like her, are just born, and bred with such A Very Strong Moral Fiber.

Well it’s just like the quote I just said- “Civilized, Law Abiding, Respectable Citizens/Moms.”

“Moral Fiber” is Something They’re born with, & made of. The Most Moral, Respected, Trusted, Reliable, Citizens, in their Towns/Cities. Everybody knows them in their respected Places of Residence.

They’re Active.

They’re On Planning Boards, School Board of Education. Zoning Boards, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts. Neighborhood Watch Groups.

They’re known Personally by people like The Pastor, Mayor. Police Chief, Fire Chief. Superintendent of School.

These are the people who are the Unofficial Community “Go To” people for everybody., Every Community project. Every dilemma. Every problem. Giving infinite time back to the Community. Never expecting or taking anything in return.

For someone like that, for them to know that there are stories like Mine. Going on in their Towns, Right NowIt must be so Heart Breaking to them. More to them then perhaps most others.

Shocking & Heartbreaking.

They grew up loving the Law. Respecting it. Following it. Not breaking ANY Law.

That means ALL. From Serious Offenses, all the way down to Parking Tickets. The entire Spectrum of the Law is regarded with an equal amount of Respect and Obedience. That includes purchasing or being in Possession of a Narcotics. Speeding, missing/expired Dog License. Etc. Etc.

For me to have the Respect from one of these people….at first it’s almost seems;

Embarrassing. Humiliating. Awkward. Difficult.

For my whole adult life, its always felt awkward & been hard, when trying to be receptive & not feel Self Conscious or Awkward when receiving compliments & respect from a people I feel have higher Morals & more success then Me. Showing more of those Moral Characteristics again.

Respecting Me is just another example of them Showing their Moral Characteristics. Their Sincerity Shines Like usual. Shining through like it never stopped. Qualities & Morals in these type of Incredible Citizens, come at me in warm, engaging, ways right away.

When I see sincerity in their interest in Me, I see reasons The Respected Citizens Is just so Respected.

Reason= They treat everyone as their equal. They don’t feel they’re better then anyone.Respectable

Also with me as an example, I can see, clear as Crystal that they “don’t go around passing judgement; they’re forgiving.” They care about what I have to say.

I’m respected for my struggle for 2 reasons.

1.Respected for having gone through a struggle.

2.I’m also respected for overcoming a struggle.

They look at a Recovering Addict like me, trying to help other suffering Addicts, as that I’m “Doing The Right Thing, Giving Back, & Making Proper Amends.” They probably think I’m Admirable. No way. I could never hold a candle to these Pillars of the Community. I’m honored & flattered when people like that, get behind an Underdog like Me.



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Pillar Of Community & Society’s Underdog


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