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Create a whole new life with this one concept

All realities exist in this present moment.

That’s right. Creation is taking place right now. Your Dominant Thoughts, feelings and speech is creating what you will experience in the “future”. You have the power to re-create your past or to create something totally new. Something you truly desire. Either way it’s not going to happen tomorrow; it’s happening right now.

You ever wonder why you experience the same things or type of people over and over? How years can go by and your life is still stuck in this same cycle? That these same experiences just seem to keep haunting you although you desire something else? Welp, keep reading and you’ll find out why.

Our thoughts and feelings are way more powerful than we’ve been taught to believe. Thanks to western society, it has failed us in this aspect. We’re mostly taught about our external Reality, the things we can physically touch, taste, see and smell. We’re taught how to acquire physical things. But we haven’t been taught how to nurture our internal processes or the immense amount of creative energy we possess through our thoughts and feelings.

As a matter of fact that’s how all creation takes place. We think that our reality perpetuates our beliefs but really it’s the other way around. Everything was once pure energy, a thought, an idea, a feeling; and then it manifested into something tangible. What was a bed before it was a bed? An idea. How do you know when you’re hungry? Through feeling. How did you come up with that idea? Through a thought. You catch my drift? Once you understand this principle you’re one step ahead of the game.

So, in knowing this you can start to see how our thoughts and feelings shape our reality. We’re thinking and feeling all day everyday and this is how you’re always creating in the now moment. Everything comes through as a thought or feeling first, and then some sort of action is taken. This is the full manifestation process of your current reality.

Everything comes through as a thought or feeling first, and then some sort of action is taken.”

As I mentioned earlier, you’re reality is created by your dominant thoughts and feelings. So let’s create a scenario of how we can continuously bring our past into our present or how we can create a new and better future. Money is a big subject so let’s go there.

You desire more money but you’ve always lived paycheck to paycheck. The bills were coming in faster than the money. You feel nervous and anxious every time you check your bank account…..but you desire more money. So your dominant thoughts are focused upon lack and how you never have enough and thinking of money gives you anxiety and makes you feel stressed. Because in essence you create through your thoughts and feelings, this is the dominant signal you’re sending out to the universe. And because the universe loves you so much and answers all prayers, this is what you keep getting back. This is the beauty and the curse of the universe. It sees no right or wrong, good or bad. It only operates off of energy and vibration. So when you feel that the universe is blessing you or punishing you; it’s not. It’s simply responding to your vibration.

Many may discredit this super power. People will make comments such as “Really? Just change my thoughts and it’ll change my reality? Can’t be that simple.” But have you ever really tried to change your thoughts. And I don’t mean just for the moment, I mean changing it and keeping up with that new thought until it produces a shift in your life? Shits not so easy. But it’s not our fault. Our culture has taught us that we must be forceful and controlling of our external circumstances instead of making the shift within our self FIRST.

Take myself for example. It took me a long time to grasp this but once I did the fog was lifted and it made perfect sense. It just took a moment (well…alot of moments) of me really sitting with myself and examining my life and what I was experiencing. I pondered all of my thoughts and beliefs around money, relationships, business and a ton of other things and I saw the common thread. I had not so good thoughts and feelings about these things hence the reason why I wasn’t creating anything new in my life. Just the same ole same ole. And I was tired of the same ole same ole. I had new desires born inside of me and I was ready to experience those things. That’s when I started the journey of rewiring my subconscious mind by consciously reprogramming my thoughts to fit the reality I wanted.

And just let me note that this takes alot of conscious effort. There will be times when you backslide which is normal because you’ve probably been being this old version of you for many many years, so it’s going to take some time to get use to the new you with these bomb ass thoughts and feelings ;). This is when self-awareness will become your best friend. You will need to be aware of your thoughts so you can stop them once they start going down that slippery slope of doom and replace it with your new and improved thought. The quicker you can stop the thought the better.

So you may be saying “but I really really want more money” or “I really want to find true love” or “I really want the job of my dreams”. But unless you align yourself with that energetically, meaning through your thoughts and feelings, it’s going to be a long time coming before you get it. And I’m not saying this to dampen your spirit. I’m saying this to empower you to dig deep within yourself to discover your core thoughts about any particular subject.

I’ll give you a little assignment. Find some free time to be able to just sit with you, your thoughts and your desires; no distractions. Really pay attention to how your thoughts are connected to what you are experiencing in your life. Pick one thing that you would really love to see change in your life. Write it down on a piece of paper or laptop or whatever. Then write down how you truly feel and think about that thing. This is kind of the hard part because many people don’t like to tell the truth of how they really feel but it is a must if you want to shift your reality and more importantly your inner self. So if you want to start a business write that down. And if you truly feel what’s holding you back is the thought that I’m not good enough or if I do I fear it won’t be successful; then write that down too.

This exercise will give you a clear view of what your dominant thoughts and feelings are. Once you are aware of this you can then create new thoughts that align with what you desire. Now here’s another tricky part, the new thoughts you create must produce a FEELING in you. So for instance if you create a new thought that says “I have more than enough money to start my business” and you feel nothing or that thought still makes you feel a bit anxious because of your current financial status; than maybe a better thought would be “The universe will provide everything I need for this business” of “The universe will guide me to the right people to help me build my business.” A thought more along those lines may make feel at ease and comfortable. That’s what you want.

By practicing these new thoughts and feelings in the now moment, you’ll begin to shift your reality. You have to give yourself enough time to build up this new momentum, so don’t kick yourself if you don’t see immediate results. Another golden nugget; don’t speak on these things as you’ve done in the past. Either don’t talk about it to others until you feel comfortable or if you do, speak on it from your new place of being. Speak on it with enthusiasm, excitement and assurance; not from a place of fear, doubt or worry.

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Create a whole new life with this one concept


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