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Heroin Hurricane. A Category 5

The Heroin Epidemic has affected my life and the lives of my loved ones.I’ve seen the damage. I’ve felt the damage. I am willing to open up my soul; I want to Show My Vulnerability & Honesty. First To My Past Hell. Then To My Present Life.

My Present Day.

Today I Live The Life of Redemption. I’m including personal insight. I will continue to do so, as long as there is a chance that even just one life’s saved.

Here is a story of who I am. How I became who I am today. Remains of Opiate & Opioid addiction.

Heroin Addiction Is An Imprisonment. Worse Then The Worst Of Prisons Heroin Addiction’s VERY Diverse. It does not discriminate.

HEROIN addiction attacks Everybody.

All classes. All age groups. Late teens. To late 60’s. Very rich people. Homeless people. Manual laborers. Doctors. Lawyers. Hollywood Stars.

It Quickly became An EMERGENCY CRISIS in America.

The Destruction

It’s destroying families, marriages, parent-children relationships, and friendships.

It’s destroying the working world. Addicts steal from their jobs. Their work quality is useless. They waste company resources on sick time.

The only chance for an addict to go to work, is if we have at least that days supply of Heroin already established.

To establish heroin in hand, You must first establish cash in your hand.

The Death

I’ve seen overdose death.

I have read about strangers overdosing. I have seen endless number of deaths that touched me closely…personally.

I can’t even tell you how many times I was probably close to death. I’m sure it’s literally hundreds of times.

My Life. In the morning, I didn’t wake up. I instead came to.” Many mornings (or afternoons) I’d still wearing yesterday’s clothes. Fully clothed in bed. Room lights still on, TV blasting. Dozen of missed calls, & messages. Didn’t know what day it was. Not knowing if am or pm. 14, 16, 18 hours were just lost.

I’d have a work shift of 8am to 4pm. Wouldn’t call out until 11am, 12noon.

Total embarrassment

Everyday, many of my action were acting as Self Inflicted Wound To My Dignity.

Yet I still continued pretending that there nothing was wrong. I actually convinced myself that nobody knows. Delusional enough to actually think that I was hiding it well. Telling myself things like “It’s no big deal to call out of work 5 hours after shift starts, right?” Was also living a life with a fake flu. 3 to 4 days a week like clockwork.

AND STILL….I thought everything looked normal.

Living a life that was; The True Definition of INSANITY.

Chance For The Miracle

It’s by nothing other then a pure miracle & grace of God that people are able to have a conversation with me today.

A miracle that I’m capable to get out of bed.

Let alone go on a quest to Help people. Educate people. Do something constructive.

For me to get involved in a positive way; that’s the BIGGEST Miracle yet.

I’m proof that there is can be a future after Heroin Imprisonment.

That life of hell is not even a life. Its nothing more then a bare existence. The existence torture that CAN BE HALTED.

God Only gives us 2 options for stopping Heroin Addiction- Choices are either

1.Going into Sobriety.

2.Or By An Overdose Death.

There’s No other options. To Escape Heroin Addiction, you’re gonna get either one or the other.

Which one are you picking?

My Hope

I hope that my experience touches you. I will always have the courage that’s necessary to open my soul. Expose my fears. Expose my strengths & weaknesses. Bring attention to all my honesty. Try to save someone. Save 100, or 50. Or even just 5, even if just 1.

If just one can be saved, then that one, can someday be the ONE that gives back by saving one more. Goals to help. Whether 1 person, or 100.

Help a lost heroin addict.

The guy who’ll steal. His Mother & Grandmothers jewelry. Guy who Burglarizes a house. Girl who sells herself for $5,on the street. Risking her life, in fear. Customers in prostitution, In My Mind, I don’t call them “Johns.” Instead Those “Men” are only one of four things=

1. Rapists,

2. Abusers,

3. Victimizers

4. Exploiters

Life After Addiction is Possible. Will you be one who chooses Life? A Life After Addiction?

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Heroin Hurricane. A Category 5


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