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Is Workplace Gender Equity A Lost Cause?

Day 22 of 30 day, 300+ word, 3 main points writing challenge

A few weeks ago we all triumphantly recognised and celebrated International Women’s Day (IWD2018).

The day is a focal point for women’s rights and has become a platform for challenging norms and for creating change.

In some countries the day is recognised as a public holiday, in other countries it is customary for men to give gifts of appreciation to important women in their lives. In others it is a day of protests.

In my country (Australia) we do none of the above, but there are many events held on the day to raise the profile of the continuing need for Gender Equity, and of the disturbing rate of violence against women.

On IWD2018 day I posted a short call out to all males in the workplace to “step up”. You can read that article here…

Are You Guilty Of Gender Equity Apathy?

Well, a few more weeks have passed by and the stats for that particular article are as follows:

1,358 views, 23 likes, 2 comments, 1 share

The number of views is actually quite good given the number of first degree connections I have on LinkedIn.

But I must confess I remain mildly surprised with the lack of active support I received to my LinkedIn post on the issue. It is the number of likes, comments and shares that had me intrigued.

The post stats showed a small 1.7% conversion ratio of views to some other form of action. Now I am no way a LinkedIn influencer, nor even close to being one, but I would have thought that more people may have been compelled to like or share.

Or perhaps I am being too precious or egotistical, expecting my article to resonate with the audience? Should I cast judgement on those that viewed the post but did not react?

Some have suggested to me that on that particular day there was a plethora of people posting positive support messages about IWD2018 ie: there was a lot of “noise” on LinkedIn on that day.

It was also suggested to me that getting on the once-a-year bandwagon about IWD2018 was seen as being non-genuine. Ouch.

Another theory offered to me is that LinkedIn users are more discretionary when it comes to liking or sharing articles on this platform. People are less prone to sticking their neck out on certain subjects given the full visibility of ones profile and how our LinkedIn profiles can influence future opportunities.

Much of my LinkedIn network consists of middle aged professional males often in leadership positions. I am one myself.

And notably (but sadly), when I talk to many of this group about the issue of gender equity in the workplace I hear the following themes in these conversations:

  • A belief that there has been a subtle but noticeable shift towards reverse gender discrimination in the workplace but nobody is brave enough to talk about it in public.
  • That it is “not as bad as people are making it out to be”.
  • That the opportunities have always been there for women, but in many cases men and women just naturally gravitate to certain roles.
  • Conversely, there are roles that women naturally do not gravitate towards so why try and fit a square peg into a round hole?
  • There is a growing concern that men are now being passed over for positions based on their gender. Oh the irony.

My observation is that there is a tendency is to be defensive of the subject rather than receptive. And therein lies a deeper issue.

Until we can all have an open conversation on the matter without people getting defensive, being offended, or being too afraid to speak up, Workplace Gender Equity will remain the domain of a vocal minority.

So as I reflect on the responses to my original article I wonder which of the following two categories apply to the 1,358 people that viewed it. Did they feel…

1/ apathy towards the article, not the subject


2/ apathy toward the subject, not the article

If it is the latter then we still collectively have a road to travel. Which of the above two categories do you believe was applicable?

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Is Workplace Gender Equity A Lost Cause?


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