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Habit Transitioning – A Foolproof System

Day 23 of my 30 day, 300+ word, 3 main points writing challenge

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I have been trialling a system I personally developed to help me Transition from a not-so-great habit to a much better habit.

The system enables early “baby steps” to be taken. The end goal is easily broken down into smaller pieces that expand as your ability to adjust to your desired change gets stronger.

The system is easy to remember, can be applied to almost anything, and is forgiving in it’s nature.

No hard-core cold turkey required. Instead a steady and doable process to move from A to B.

I call the system my 5–10–15–30 system.

If you think you may have this worked out already, you need to read on to discover the subtleties on why this is foolproof.

Examples of “transition goals” I have personally applied this method to;

  • Waking up 1 hr earlier each morning
  • Meditation – starting it and making it a daily habit
  • Weight loss – moving from slightly overweight to where I should be
  • Eliminating sugar in my coffee

The 5–10–15–30 system


Aim for 5 days straight of doing (or quitting) your “thing”. Start on Monday, end on Friday.

If you are like me, my weekends lack the same routine and rigour I have on weekdays. So start on Monday to give you the best chance of sticking to your first 5 days.

5 days is not a long time so this is your first mini-milestone.

(For a super-soft entry point, if 5 days in a row just seems too daunting to start your change, modify the system to include a 2–3–5 at the beginning)

Now celebrate your achievement, it is now the weekend. Feel free to enjoy the next two days away from your transition plan.


Ensure you give yourself a break over the first weekend. Don’t be all “Team Extreme” on me here and go hard-core. This is why most people end up giving up their transition goal (aka quitting).

They are relying on their willpower to push through the change / adaptation barrier and willpower diminishes with time. This is not a sustainable strategy.

Start again on the following Monday, and this time you will aim for 2 weeks in a row. Specifically Monday-Friday, then the subsequent Monday-Friday. Whilst this equates to 10 days, those of you who are sharp of mind will note my “trick”.

By achieving the “10” mini milestone, you have actually achieved 15 weekdays in succession.

Next step, “15”


This is not what you think.

This is not 3 sets of weekdays in a row, this is now 15 days straight. This is where you tackle your first weekend. In truth, you tackle two weekends in a row.

Hopefully by now you have started to form a habit, but you still have some way to go before you can claim you have made it.

You now have a track record behind you to push through your first weekend. So onwards you go. Start once again on Monday. 15 days straight…


The logic here, and personal experience is that if you make this milestone, you are well on your way to forming your habit. Seize the moment and keep the momentum going.


This stage is basically KEEP GOING!

Celebrate your 15 straight day milestone but immediately continue to 30. You now know you can push through to 15 days in a row (including 2 weekends), so you are just doing it all again.

What you may not know is that if you hit 30 days straight, then research has shown that you have a greater than 75% likelihood of continuing the habit.

With this carrot in front of you, and with the groundwork already laid from the previous stages, it’s a no-brainer to “push on” to 30.

So that is the basic structure of the 5–10–15–30 transition plan.

Now for the best bit

The principle will work for anything with a small amount of imagination.

5–10–15–30 could work for…

  • Days required to give up alcohol, quit certain foods, quit Netflix, whatever
  • % body weight reduction – start with 5%, then 10% and so on. Obviously I am NOT advocating 10%, 15% or 30% is applicable to everyone as it depends on what your starting point is. But the principle applies.
  • Weight loss or gain – 5 pounds (or kilos), 10 pounds (or kilos) etc
  • Minutes I spend exercising each day

How about addressing your work-life balance;

  • Minutes I spend at work after (say) 5pm – do the reverse. Start with 30mins, then transition to 20mins, then 10, then 5, then 0. Home time, family time, community time, friends time, me time. Anything other than work time.
  • Minutes I spend reading with my kids; 5–10–15–30

Other variants

Start easier. Add a 2–3 at the front of the sequence ie: 2–3–5–10–15–20. Start with 2 days in a row (wk1), then 3 days in a row (wk2) then 5 days in a row (wk3). You get the picture.

Different numbers. Try this combination instead; 2–4–8–16–32


This transition process is simple to remember, simple to implement and it is adaptable. But most importantly it is achievable as I can personally attest.

So I invite you to give it a try and let me know how it went.

Good luck!

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Habit Transitioning – A Foolproof System


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