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7 Lessons Learned From Creating A Magical Life

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My words of the year for 2018 are ‘Magic and Alchemy’ and everything is shifting for me since choosing into this.

What does that even mean, I hear you say?

I was born into a working class family in down to earth middle England. My Dad was an Engineer, my Mum was a stay at home Mum and then went back to work doing office administration work. My Grandad, Uncle and eldest brother were/are Painters and Decorators.

Get the picture? I wasn’t born into the world of magic and the occult.

And yet……

My soul was always drawn to it. I read books on Magic and the Occult from an early age.

I was captivated by the creative, the fantastical and magical.

The Astrological world fascinated me before I even knew what ‘real’ Astrology (beyond the Sun sign) was.

I feel as if I was born to it.

Yet, I followed the path I knew pretty much, at first. Office work, Nannying, a ‘regular’ degree in college.

Yet these passions, obsessions and interests were always there.



‘Look over here’ they would say.

The friend I made in my Nanny days who did my first Astrology reading and gave me books so that I could learn Astrology myself.

The classes I almost fell into that taught me healing with hands and Chakra balancing.

The other friends I made while living as a Nanny in CT back in the late 1980’s who took me to Sweat Lodges. Native run Seat Lodges that is, not appropriated white man’s Lodges.


Taking Mushrooms and LSD that expanded and opening my perceptions.

This was all just ‘fun’ for me for the longest time.

Not real life.

Real life is offices, careers, colleges isn’t it?

No longer.

Now I live an increasingly magical life.

But what do I mean by that?

  1. I follow the energy in everything. That doesn’t mean the planets and energies rule me. It means I deeply accept the natural cycles and rhythms of the Cosmic energies and plan accordingly. If, for example, Neptune is strong in my chart as it is now, I know that it’s not a time for linear activities. It’s a time for connection to spirit and creativity. I also know that it’s a time where I am a psychic and energetic sponge so too much time on Social Media or in crowds is draining. It’s a time to retreat.
  2. I have such deep acceptance of who I am and how I work. I don’t beat myself up for my humanness any more — or rarely.
  3. I know that setting strong intentions alongside taking aligned action works. Things happen and strong desires come if you stay in the magic. I’m not speaking to the simplicity of The Secret, it takes more consciousness and action than just wishing for a red bike and it appearing.
  4. I know that EVERYTHING is connected.
  5. I know that the old ways, the so called primitive ways, have a lot to teach us. Does that mean I ignore science. No, not at all. Though I will say that the latest Science is catching on to what we already knew ;)
  6. I have even deeper acceptance of others. The whole game of victimhood and blame has virtually disappeared from my life. Yes, virtually, I am human. Even if I dislike a person or their actions and don’t choose to be around them, that doesn’t mean I feel rage, anger or have feelings of revenge towards them. I’m not, however, a doormat. I do have strong energetic boundaries. I just won’t hold onto the resentments if you cross them. Or at least, not as long.
  7. All of this brings a greater sense of inner peace and compassion for others. It’s quite possible to be compassionate without letting others kick you around like a football. I even have compassion for our current President, that doesn’t mean I like him.

How do you create a magical life? Well follow my writing and Facebook page for ideas but awareness of and allowing yourself to feel into the circles and cycles of nature and the Cosmos is a great place to start.

Oh and Mushrooms and acid are optional. I don’t do them now but, man, they were mind blowing! I also feel as if I live in Harry Potter world much of the time and it’s nicer than Muggle world.

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7 Lessons Learned From Creating A Magical Life


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